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In Starcraft: Brood War, custom made maps created mostly by professional Korean mapmakers played a role in developing the game which cannot be overestimated. How this is going to continue is difficult to determine. The automated matchmaking on may force a lower number of regularly used maps.

Maps are easily the most important feature of balance aside from the units themselves, perhaps even more important than the numbers behind the units. Brood War, the spiritual predecessor to StarCraft 2, was balanced primarily by map design, with games on Lost Temple being far different than those on Big Game Hunters. Playstyles will have to vary depending on the structure of the map. This can seem to be a very obvious, abstract thing, but the goal of this article is to point out specifics, and what the synthesis of these specifics means for a given situation on a given map. The features themselves are not always what are important, but rather how the features fit together to affect the map.

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