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maralekos Replay Liga, Saison #1

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Group Stage[edit]

League 1[edit]

League 1
Germany  Dronehard0-00-0
Germany  FrisK0-00-0
Germany  MariK0-00-0
Germany  Rhoust0-00-0
Germany  TralaBoB0-00-0
Germany  vmgNarra0-00-0

League 2[edit]

League 2
Germany  Aelith0-00-0
Taiwan  Faith0-00-0
Germany  Nopret0-00-0
Germany  saVer0-00-0
Germany  SharKRippeR0-00-0
Germany  VeNTuRe0-00-0

League 3[edit]

League 3
1.Germany  Shakyor3-27-6
Germany  Mechanics0-00-0
Germany  BaumesBaum0-00-0
Germany  DERASTAT0-00-0
Germany  Aerocool0-00-0
6.Germany  Havior0-11-2

League 4[edit]

League 4
Austria  ava0-00-0
Germany  BiSa0-00-0
Germany  Kuhmelker0-00-0
Germany  Meddle0-00-0
Germany  Pulsar0-00-0

League 5[edit]

League 5
1.Switzerland  Hullimulli1-02-0
1.Germany  Mayne1-02-0
Germany  Nighthawk0-00-0
4.Germany  DayTeezy0-10-2
4.Germany  Herold0-10-2

League 6[edit]

League 6
Germany  ChrisTwo0-00-0
Germany  Güffel0-00-0
Germany  Joicody0-00-0
Germany  JustlDead0-00-0
Germany  Würmchen0-00-0

League 7[edit]

League 7
Germany  Bitspyde0-00-0
Germany  Blechfaust0-00-0
Germany  Darsoitu0-00-0
Germany  Gamertoc0-00-0
Germany  LadyAzylis0-00-0


Semifinals (Bo5)
Finals (Bo7)

Map Statistics[edit]

vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Deathaura LE1-------------1-
Jagannatha LE2-------------11
Lightshade LE31010.0%--------1-1
Oxide LE1--------------1
Pillars of Gold LE2------------2--
Romanticide LE31010.0%--------2--
Total Sum (Σ)122020.0%--------523

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