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Margaery's Immortal Chargelot All-In (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Margaery's Immortal Chargelot All-In
Strategy Information
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This build was created by the German player FrisK (aka. Margaery), who was able to earn an upset win over Lambo whilst using it on the ladder. The build was then picked up by professional Protoss players on the European server such as Harstem — who did much to popularise the build with his highly sensationalised YouTube guide detailing the strategy — and it subsequently saw extensive tournament use.

The build revolves around a very fast and very greedy Immortal/Chargelot timing-attack. By opening with an Assimilator before a Gateway, delaying scouting considerably, and pulling all workers off of Assimilators prior to attacking, it is possible to attack at approximately five minutes with two Immortals, a handful of Gateway units, and constant Chargelot reinforcement from seven Gateways.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Margaery's Immortal Chargelot All-In (vs. Zerg)
  1. Place this in location for a wall-off at your natural expansion.
  2. Chrono Boost the Adept.
  3. Chrono Boost the Stalker.
  4. Rally to the Overlord scouting position so that your Stalker can shoot it down.
  5. You should have 32 Probes at this point. Stop Probe production as no more are needed.
  6. Only Chrono Boost this once your Immortals are complete.
  7. Chrono Boost the Immortal.
  8. You should have approximately 100 Gas banked for the second Immortal at this point. Pull your Probes off the Assimilators and send them to the natural to mine Minerals instead. You don't need any more Gas as you'll only be reinforcing with Chargelots.
  9. Chrono Boost the Immortal. You are purposefully supply blocked on 46/46 after starting this Immortal. This is part of the build so do not panic!


  • The power of this build comes at the cost of high susceptibility to cheese builds, as neither scouting nor Gateway production occur fast enough to stop them. Keep this in mind if planning to use this build on the ladder.
  • Your Chargelots are largely expendable, but the Warp Prism and the Immortals must be kept alive for as long as possible. Use Warp Prism juggling to keep the Immortals from being surrounded by Zerglings, or being target-fired by ranged units, and ensure that the Warp Prism itself isn't targeted down by Queens or Ravagers.
  • Chargelots can be difficult to keep under control, but try to keep your units together as much as possible for the best chance of success. If your Chargelots separate into smaller packs then they are more easily picked off by Roaches and other ranged units.
  • If your all-in isn't successful in killing the Zerg, you can try to transition out of this all-in by building the Assimilators at your natural expansion, putting Probes back into the Assimilators in your main base, and attempting to establish a third base using your remaining forces. However, unless you dealt significant damage to the Zerg during your attack, a transition out of this build will be very difficult to achieve.

Replays & VODs[edit]

Netherlands Protoss Harstem Harstem's original YouTube guide that popularised the build order.
Russia Zerg Vanya
Date: 2019-04-28
Patch: 4.7.1 VOD

Further Strategies[edit]