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[e][h]Terran MarineKing
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lee Jung-hoon
July 11, 1993 (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
MarineKingPrime, BoxerRPrime, BoxeR, EllenPage, Clare[Shield], Rex.IU, ZephyrPrime, 보라 (Bora), Ailee, 혜리 (Hyeri)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2010 - 2017
 2012 MLG Winter Arena  2012 MLG Winter Championship 
 × 2
2010-??-?? — 2013-10-11Prime
2014-02-13 — 2014-08-01Prime
2014-08-05 — 2016-05-13MVP
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Lee "MarineKing" Jung-hoon (born July 11, 1993) is a retired Korean Terran player who last played for MVP.

On February 13, 2014, it was officially announced that MarineKing would be returning to SC2 after switching to play League of Legends back in October 2013.[1] He is usually referred to as MKP in a colloquial manner as it is an acronym of his former handle MarineKingPrime. MarineKing is considered to be one of the most famous professionals of the StarCraft II scene. In his debut at GSL Open Season 2, he quickly rose to fame because of his spectacular micro-management of his marines. Since then, superb micro-management has been his trademark style of play.

Jung Hoon has also placed second in several big tournaments, and he has thus been given a reputation similar to that of the professional StarCraft: Brood War professional YellOw. Despite this reputation, he has won several major and minor tournaments, the most notable of which is the MLG Winter Championship.

In early 2012, MarineKing won two MLGs in a row, and is his biggest achievement in his professional career to date. It was at this time he also became known for very macro-oriented and greedy play, as often utilized variations of fast 3 Orbital Command builds.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Rise of "BoxeR" (October 2010 – January 2011)[edit]

Lee Jung Hoon first gained attention in the community for having the ID BoxeR (a tribute to his idol "The Emperor" BoxeR) and for being one of the players at the very top on the Korean ladder. To differentiate the two players, fans and casters from the foreign scene started referring to Lee Jung Hoon as FoxeR (a portmanteau for fake BoxeR).

In MarineKing's first big offline tournament, the 2010 Sony Ericsson Starcraft II Open Season 2 (GSL 2), he demonstrated his superb micromanagement and heavily Marine-based play, defeating Banelings with only marines by stimming and splitting groups of Marines in multiple directions. He quickly distinguished himself as one of the top Terrans in the world by defeating FruitDealer, also known as Cool, in the round of 32. FruitDealer was the 2010 TG Sambo Intel Starcraft II Open Season 1 champion, so MarineKing's 2-0 victory came as a surprise to much of the community. MarineKing then went on to the round of 16 to face FruitDealer's team mate at the time SangHo, also known as BabyByeBye, where he secured another 2-0 victory. He next faced Kyrix, a player known for his aggressive Baneling style, in the round of 8. MarineKing showcased his excellent Marine micro throughout this series, winning 3-2 and cementing his popularity through his exciting style of play. In the round of 4, MarineKing defeated GSL 1 runner up HopeTorture, now known as RainBOw, winning 4-1. In the final, he was defeated by NesTea 4-3, making him the only player in that tournament to win a game against NesTea. His usage of the 2-Rax strategy throughout the tournament popularized the now notorious build.

In the GOM TV All-Stars Invitational Tournament that was held during the break between the second and third seasons of the GSL, MarineKing again came in 2nd, this time losing to his fierce rival Kyrix in the finals. After the tournament, MarineKing qualified for the Season 3 of the GSL. He dispatched Zerg players Monster and Leenock in the early rounds, but fell in the round of 8 to MC, a former team mate on his Brood War team, MBCGame. After season 3 concluded GOMTV featured "Gisado's Challenge", a king of the hill show match between the three races. As part of the Terran team, MarineKing scored an all-kill against Protoss. He defeated the 5 member lineup that had players such as TricKsteR (also known as Tester), HongUn, and Genius.[2]

On December 7, 2010, Blizzard released a top 200 list of the Korean server.[3] The number one player on their ranking was 베스킨라빈스, the Korean translation for Baskin Robbins. This account was allegedly MarineKing's smurf account which had a win ratio of 73.7% with less than 350 games played.

In 2011 GSL January, MarineKing beat Jinro and RainBOw in the round of 16 to progress to the quarterfinals. There, he swept NaDa in an interesting series where the first game almost became a stalemate. After defeating Jinro again in the semifinals, he lost 4-0 to Mvp in the finals, finishing second overall. While playing in 2011 GSL January, MarineKing also participated in the Gainward SC2 Tournament, held on January 9, 2011. He finished third after losing to the eventual winner Mvp 1-3. In the second season of the ZOTAC Team Invitational, also held in January, MarineKing performed well. Winning three games against SlayerS and reverse all-killing oGs.

First Round Finishes (February — December 2011)[edit]

MarineKing's next major tournament was GSL March 2011, where he was surprisingly eliminated in the round of 32 group stage. Although he defeated his rival Kyrix, he dropped sets to both InCa and sC, thus risking elimination from Code S in the Up & Down matches. He managed to retain his position in Code S by defeating Leenock 2-0.

MarineKing then participated in the 2011 GSL World Championship as part of the South Korean squad. He proceeded through the early rounds smoothly and overcame a 0-2 deficit to MC in the round of 4 to advance to the finals. There, he once again faced off against Mvp, where he took another second place trophy with a 2-4 finish.

Next, during GSL May 2011, MarineKing once again fell to the Up & Down matches after losing to NaDa and Alicia but winning against Zenio. In the Up & Down matches he secured his position in Code S by defeating MMA. MarineKing then played in the GSL Super Tournament, where he narrowly lost to MMA in the semifinals 2-3. His trials continued in 2011 GSL July, where he fell yet again to the Up & Down matches by losing 0-2 in the round of 32 to LosirA and Alicia. In the Up & Down matches, he won against FruitDealer but lost against Ryung, Happy, and Dream. This 1-3 record knocked him down to Code A.

Thus, in GSL August 2011, MarineKing participated in Code A. He beat Hack, YugiOh, jjakji and Leenock to secure a spot in the finals against GanZi. Once again, MarineKing placed second, losing 4-3 to GanZi. However, his second place finish also secured him a spot in the August Up & Down matches. MarineKing tied for second in his group with JYP and TricKsteR with a score of 2-2, but then managed to beat them both in the tiebreaker playoff, making it back into Code S.

It initially looked like MarineKing's first major tournament outside of Korea would be IEM Global Challenge Cologne, as announced on August 10, 2011.[4] However, it was then clarified on August 12 that MarineKing would not be participating; he was replaced by MC.[5]

In GSL October 2011, MarineKing narrowly managed to hang onto his Code S spot, placing third in his round of 32 group with a score of 1-2. He beat Puzzle but lost to Ryung and Bomber. During this time, MarineKing also participated in the Arena of Legends tournament as one of the Terran invitees. He defeated both TricKsteR and LosirA in the group stages to secure a spot in the semifinals. Then, he defeated MMA to advance to the finals, where he faced off against DongRaeGu. He managed to win the tournament through heavy aggression, defeating DongRaeGu 4-1. This was the first GOM event that MarineKing won.

Through monetary aid from the Reddit community, MarineKing's first major tournament ended up being MLG Orlando, held from October 14 to 16.[6] MarineKing managed to make it through the Open Bracket, winning all his matches to make it into Pool Play. There, he lost to the eventual last place player in his group, Drewbie, but won the rest of his matches, therefore placing first in his group. He ended up losing in the upper bracket of the Championship Bracket against HuK 0-2, and then lost again to MC afterwards 1-2, ending with a 5th place finish.

Shortly after MLG Orlando concluded, MarineKing traveled to France to participate in the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 tournament, as part of a new partnership between ESWC and the GSL.[7] MarineKing ended up taking third place, losing 0-2 to Stephano in the semifinals but beating Grubby 3-1 in the third place match.

In GSL November, MarineKing placed third yet again in his round of 32 group, defeating the previous season's Code A Champion Curious but losing to Mvp and aLive. Because of GSL format changes, MarineKing fell to the round of 32 of Code A due to his performance.

After his performance in Code S, MarineKing participated in the IPL 4 Pacific Qualifiers. To start off the tournament, MarineKing was placed in Group B. After advancing through his group with a score of 3-0, MarineKing advanced in to the playoffs. In the playoffs, MarineKing was able to defeat SaSe, Whale, and Sen in order to advance in to the finals. In the finals, MarineKing faced Moon. After MarineKing defeated Moon by a score of 2-0, MarineKing qualified for the IGN ProLeague Season 4.

Back in Code A, MarineKing faced off against, and defeated, Zenio and BoxeR advancing once again to the GSL Code S.

MarineKing went to MLG Providence 2011, where he attempted to fight his way through the open bracket. He made an early exit in the Upper Bracket against MVP's sC, but fought through the Loser's Bracket against HasHe, LuckyFool, CatZ, DarkCell and finally sC again (taking a 4-3 revenge win) to place into the Championship Bracket. There he defeated viOLet, State, Rain, and SjoW before losing to Mvp, taking a respectable 13th place finish.

On December 1, 2011, MarineKing participated in the KSL Daily Week 1 Day 4. MarineKing started off from the quarterfinals. MarineKing took down Lucky and Avenge in order to advance to the finals. In the finals, MarineKing defeated Sage by a score of 2-1 and grabbed first place.

On December 5, 2011, MarineKing participated in the KSL Daily Week 2 Day 1. MarineKing started off from the quarterfinals. MarineKing took down Life and Monster in order to advance to the finals. In the finals, MarineKing defeated Choya by a score of 2-1 and grabbed first place.

MarineKing also represented South Korea in the World Cyber Games 2011 Grand Finals. He placed second in the Korean qualifiers, losing to Mvp in the finals but still qualifying for the Grand Finals in Busan. There, he placed second in his round of 56 group, losing to DarKFoRcE and beating the five other players in his group. This performance was sufficient to send him to the round of 16, where he beat mOOnGLaDe 2-1. He then lost in the round of 8 to Kas 0-2.

Korean Mediocrity, Overseas Success (January 2012 – February 2013)[edit]

In early 2012, MarineKing participated in HomeStory Cup IV. In the first group stage, he placed first in his group with a score of 2-1, losing only to Delphi. In the following group round, he dominated his group and placed first with a score of 3-0, beating MC, Stephano and Socke without dropping a single game. However, in the playoff bracket, he fell in the first round to fellow South Korean viOLet with a score of 2-3.

Due to placing second at both GSL January 2011 and the GSL World Championship 2011, MarineKing was invited to participate in the Arena of Legends: The King of Kongs tournament. He was placed in Group A, where he finished second overall after beating GSL August 2011 runner-up TOP 2-0 and GSL November 2011 runner-up Leenock 2-1 but losing to GSL July 2011 runner-up LosirA 0-2. This second place finish was sufficient to qualify for the playoffs, where he had to face GSL Blizzard Cup 2011 runner-up DongRaeGu. He lost 1-3, ending his tournament run in the semifinals.

From January 7 to January 15, MarineKing participated in the 2012 KSL Grand Opening. MarineKing started the tournament off from the Round of 32. MarineKing defeated Life, finale, LosirA, and Monster, in order to advance in to the finals. In the finals, MarineKing faced True. After defeating True by a score of 4-2, MarineKing grabbed first place.

MarineKing returned to Code S in the 2012 GSL Season 1. In the round of 32, he emerged first in his group after beating both Happy and aLive 2-0. In the round of 16, he started out with a 2-0 win against Genius, but then lost both games against DongRaeGu. In the final match of the group against Genius, he narrowly lost 2-1 to fall down to Code A for the remainder of the season. Falling from Code S Ro.16 he was placed into the 3rd round of Code A. Here he defeated Killer 2-1, securing a Code S seat for Season 2 and forcing Killer into Season 2's Up and Down matches.

MarineKing wins MLG Winter Arena 2012.

MarineKing earned a spot in MLG Winter Arena 2012 through the South Korean qualifier. He advanced into the finals without dropping a single set, defeating LosirA, NaNiwa, viOLet, PartinG and HuK. In the finals he beat DongRaeGu 4-2 to win the event.

MarineKing's win at the Winter Arena secured him a seed in the MLG Winter Championship, where he would go 5-0 and place first in his group. This earned him an 8th round seed in the championship bracket where he would go on to defeat PartinG and DongRaeGu placing first and winning the 2012 Winter Championship and the $25,000 first place prize. Throughout the tournament, he won 17 games and lost only 4, including 2 to then current GSL champion DongRaeGu.

Having been a favourite, following his MLG success and his rival DongRaeGu's early exit, upon entering the 2012 GSL Season 2 MarineKing advanced to the round of 16 with a score of 2-0, defeating July and Zenio.

Before performing in the round of 16, MarineKing would participate in the MLG Spring Arena 1 in which he was seeded due to his results at MLG Winter Championship. Here he would place first in the 8man pool play, securing him a direct spot into the semifinals, where he would face Heart whom he would defeat 3-1 to face DongRaeGu in the Grand finals, however this time around he lost 4-3 to DongRaeGu.

Back in the GSL MarineKing defeated TaeJa with a score of 2-0 before falling to PartinG 2-1 putting him to the groups play off game against TaeJa, on this occasion TaeJa triumphed sending MarineKing to Code A in the tournament many assumed would be his crowning GSL appearance.

As the MLG Spring Arena 2 came around he skipped the arena, but because he placed in the top 4 of the first arena of the spring season, he was already seeded into pool play at the MLG Spring Championship. He would go on to dominate his pool play, going 10-2, losing only 1 map to Dream and Grubby respectively. Placing first in his group he was seeded into the semifnals of the winner's bracket, where he faced Stephano whom he beat 2-1, to advance onto the winner's finals to face DongRaeGu, however once again he would fall, this time 0-2, to face Alicia in the loser's finals, where he would once again lose 0-2, ending his tournament run at a 3rd place finish.

On June 18, 2012, MarineKing was invited to participate in the IPL Fight Club. His first opponent was TaeJa whom he defeated by a score of 5-1.

On June 23, MarineKing participated in the IPL 5 Korean Regional Qualifiers. MarineKing defeated Puzzle, Curious, Symbol, and HyuN in order to advance in to the finals. In the finals, MarineKing faced San. After defeating San by a score of 2-0, MarineKing qualified for the IGN ProLeague Season 5.

Next GSL season MarineKing would advance 2-1 from the Ro32, losing to Symbol but winning vs YugiOh and PartinG.

Before his Ro16 matches, MarineKing faced his next opponent for the IPL Fight Club, CoCa. He lost to CoCa by a score of 3-5 and allowed CoCa to overthrow him.

On June 25, 2012, MarineKing faced his next opponent for the IPL Fight Club, JYP. MarineKing defeated JYP by a score of 5-2 and remained at the top of the throne.

MarineKing would also participate in the 2012 OSL Non-KeSPA Preliminaries. MarineKing received a BYE in round one and then took down 심준보, Dream, Alicia, and faced Bomber in the finals. After taking down Bomber by a score of 2:1, MarineKing advanced in to the 2012 OSL Non-KeSPA Dual Tournament.

In the Ro16 of the GSL, MarineKing landed in the "group of death" with MC, Squirtle and Symbol, this time losing 0-2 and dropping down to Code A.

MarineKing skipped the MLG Summer Arena, therefore not receiving any seeds and had to play from the open bracket at the MLG Summer Championship, where he made it to the finals of his bracket, but lost in an upset 0-2 to American Terran player TriMaster, and therefor he dropped to the lower bracket, where he defeated DeMusliM, giX, EifeR and Killer 2-0, before being stopped by Revival in a close 1-2 loss.

MarineKing participated in the 2012 OSL Non-KeSPA Dual Tournament. Here he took down YugiOh in game one, and then advanced in to the winners bracket to face NesTea. After taking down NesTea, MarineKing advanced in to the 2012 SC2 OSL Season 1 with a total score of 2-0.

In GSL 2012 Season 4, the season which many people said was the hardest season of GSL yet, MarineKing made it through the Ro32 by defeating Jaedong and MC 2-1, and losing a close series to Curious 2-1. In the Ro16, MarineKing got matched up in a group with Mvp, JYP, and Curious, this time however he would start out by 2-0'ing Curious, followed by losing to Mvp 2-0, and ended up defeating JYP 2-0 to advance onto the Ro8, where he lost to Life 1-3.

In the Ro16 of the OSL, MarineKing's first opponent was the KeSPA player Rain, whom he lost to, however the second player he faced was the defending champion JangBi, whom he defeated, but it all came down to a final match between MarineKing and DongRaeGu to decide who would advance onto the Ro8, however it was DongRaeGu who won the match, eliminating MarineKing in the Ro16.

In the 2012 GSL Season 5, MarineKing defeated sOs and Sniper in the Round of 32 to advance first in his group. He subsequently defeated Hack and HyuN 2-1 each to reach the Round of 8, where he lost 3-1 to Ryung.

MarineKing was invited to participate in the Iron Squid - Chapter II from November 28, 2012, to January 26, 2013. In his round-robin group, he was lost 0-2 to Scarlett, but defeated TaeJa and Brown to advance second in the group. He proceeded to defeat HerO 3-1 and MC 3-0 to reach the live finals in Paris, France. After easily defeating his Protoss opponents, he lost 1-3 to Life in the semifinals and 0-3 to NesTea in the third place match, which left him with a 1-8 score against Zerg players in the tournament.

In the 2013 GSL Season 1, MarineKing topped his Round of 32 group after defeating RorO and KeeN. He dropped out last in his Round of 16 group after losing to Soulkey and Symbol 1-2 each. In Code A, he lost to YoDa to fall to the Up and Down matches in the following season.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Decline and Retirement (March – October 2013)[edit]

MarineKing defeated GuMiho 3-1 in the 2013 MLG Winter Showdowns to qualify for the 2013 MLG Winter Championship on March 15–17, 2013, where he immediately fell 0-3 to jjakji in the Round of 32.

In the 2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL, MarineKing had a perfect 3-0 score in his Up and Down group, defeating Stephano, Lure, and Trust. He was unable to advance past the Round of 32 in Premier League, however, losing to sOs and Curious to fall to the first round of Challenger League. He defeated Protoss players San and Jangbi, but lost in the final round to Life.

After a double-tiebreaker in the 2013 WCS Korea Season 2 Up and Down Matches, MarineKing narrowly fell to Challenger League behind Hurricane and First. He again reached the last round, defeating mamuri and Shine, but losing to Bbyong. In his final GSL match, MarineKing lost 0-2 to ZerO in the 2013 WCS Korea Season 3 Challenger League Round of 48.

Return and subsequent departure from Prime (February 2014 - August 2014)[edit]

On February 13, 2014, MarineKing officially announced that he would return to StarCraft II from League of Legends to compete with Prime in Round 2 of the 2014 Proleague.[8] He immediately made his StarCraft II Proleague debut (he had competed in Proleague in Brood War for MBCGame Hero as Clare) in Week 1 against MVP and made his presence felt, defeating Dream on Outboxer in the opening set to help Prime defeat MVP and equal its win total from all of Round 1. After the match, coach Gerrard remarked that MarineKing remains Prime's ace.

Though he was unable to advance from GSL Code B for Season 2, he showed signs of a return to his former self in Proleague, going 4-4 over the course of season 2 after also beating TRUE, soO and RorO. With the departure of Jila, he also assumed the Prime captaincy ahead of Round 3. Unfortunately, his inaugural season of Proleague as Prime's captain was a dismal failure for the team who went 1-6 in matches and only taking 6 maps in the whole round. MarineKing's own performance reflected this, going 2-4 in maps, only beating Sora and Shine.

The final round of Proleague began with what seemed to be an upturn in Prime's luck under his captaincy, beating both SK Telecom T1 and MVP with MarineKing personally beating FanTaSy, hyvaa and DongRaeGu in the ace match against MVP. While this good fortune did not continue throughout the rest of the season for Prime who did not win another match and finished the table second from bottom, MarineKing performed strongly all season finishing joint 9th alongside his former teammate Maru in the individual player rankings for Round 4.

Success in individual tournaments continued to evade MarineKing who failed to qualify for GSL Season 3, coming 3rd in his qualifier group, losing to aLive in the final match. He then made an excellent run in the wildcard bracket for the final spot in Code A only to lose in the final match again, this time against Avenge. The same poor performance was repeated in online competition, losing 1-2 to HyuN in the first round of the Dragon Invitational Tournament#3 and falling early on against Terminator in the Korean Qualifier for IEM Season IX - Shenzhen.

However, the real heartbreak for MarineKing fans came on August 1, 2014, when Prime announced that he would be leaving the team to pursue individual success in the couple of years before he must begun his inevitable military service. Coach Gerrard had this to say on MarineKing's departure:[9]

For about 4 years, he did his best for the team, he trusted the team and i'm so thankful to him. PRIME could exist thanks to MarineKing. I wish we could do his new challenge together, but there was no way to hold him back as he sacrificed so much for the team, for such a long time. I hope he can reach new heights with the new change, i will always support MarineKing and PRIME will try hard to be worthy of making him come back.
Gerrard ()

MVP, a new comeback? (September 2014 – Present)[edit]

At the end of 2014, MarineKing qualified for the HOT6 CUP, surprising everyone. He then managed to 4-0 his group, defeating Protoss players herO and Stats easily, then smashed PartinG 3:0 in the Ro8, showcasing his new safe play style. At the finals event, he defeated Zest in a very close series, advancing to the finals of a Korean tournament for the first time since 2011. Going into the finals, MarineKing had a 10-2 record in TvP matches in the HOT6 CUP. Unfortunately, in the finals he fell 4-1 to sOs, who employed a lot of early game pokes and rushes, which MarineKing was unable to hold as he started to choke and his micro betrayed him.

After his impressive run in the HOT6 CUP, MarineKing qualified for the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 Code S, as well as for the newly established 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 Challenge. Then on May 8, 2015, he managed to get into quarterfinals of the 2015 DreamHack Open Tours in France, where he lost 3-0 to GuMiho.


  • He was the youngest GSL finalist until Leenock and jjakji reached the finals of GSL November.
  • He was knocked out by the eventual winner for six major tournaments nearly in a row (excluding GSL March 2011): GSL 2, GOM TV All-Stars 2010, GSL 3, Gainward 2011, 2011 GSL January, and 2011 GSL World Championship.
  • He made an appearance in the reality show "Hyungjoon Becomes A Progamer" back when he was still with MBCGame. He learned one of Kara's dance moves in Episode 7 alongside Hyungjoon and MC (then known as Flounder) and played against Hyungjoon in episode 9.[10]
  • His nickname "MarineKong" comes from his use of the Kong Dance as a ceremony at GSL All-Stars and MLG.
  • After his first Premier Tournament win at the 2012 MLG Winter Arena, he celebrated upon returning to Korea for his Code S group by handing out soybeans and soy milk to the GOMTV studio audience - including Tasteless and Artosis.[11]
  • He was active on TeamLiquid during his Starcraft 1 career as the MBC Protoss programer Clare, posting various progamer replays in iCCup Who is Who threads Season 12 Season 11 MarineKing's TL Profile
  • He ladders under the account 해병왕프라임, which has been ranked #1 on the overall ladder.[12]
  • He was the first player to be featured in GomTV's "GSL Players: Behind the Booth" special mini-documentary, taking place during the 2011 GSL World Championship [13]
  • He was the first player to win two MLG titles in a row and the second player after HuK to win two MLG titles overall.
  • Was featured in a front page CNN news article detailing his parent's initial reception to him becoming a pro gamer, and some experiences during the 2011 World Cyber Games.
  • He was the only player to advance to the Ro16 in all 5 of the 2012 GSL Code S Seasons.
  • MarineKing, alongside Mvp, NesTea, MC and Leenock, is one of the players who played in the first GSL Wings of Liberty Code S and the last GSL Wings of Liberty Code S.
  • MarineKing was in Code S for 12 out of the 13 GSL Wings of Liberty seasons, missing only GSL August of 2011 where he eventually finished second in Code A. This feat is matched only by Mvp and NesTea.
  • MarineKing was the last player that was in the GSL in January of 2011, the first Code S season, to fall out of the GSL.
  • Has a modeling career as one of two spotlighted male models for the Prime Zzang (Online Shop) alongside coach Gerrard.
  • MarineKing once played a game with Mittens on, it was featured in the GSL show Off The Record during the second episode, he won the game.
  • Was listed on Greatest Players of All Time list on TL as 11th.

The ID[edit]

  • Lee Jung Hoon initially used the ID "BoxeR" in reverence of his idol. When Lim Yo-Hwan, the original BoxeR, returned to play, Lee Jung Hoon announced his intent to change his ID.
  • However, in a 10/2010 interview, Lim Yo-Hwan said this about the ID:
Q: The player who has the BoxeR ID has said he has permission to switch ID.
A: Objectively, he's a better player than me right now. Based on skills, he should continue to use the ID, haha.[14]
  • Lee Jung Hoon was popularly known in the foreigner audience as "FoxeR," or "Fake BoxeR" during this time period.
  • Many people expected him to change his nickname to OptimusPrime after the conclusion of GSL 2. However, he stated:
    OptimusPrime is only given to the greatest Prime member. I didn't win, so I should look for a next opportunity. I'm going to keep using the ID BoxeR for now.[15]

The ID OptimusPrime was eventually used by Polt after winning the 2011 GSL Super Tournament.


2014-12-072ndPremier2014 Hot6ix Cup2014 Hot6ix Cup
1 : 4$7,275
2013-08-032ndMajorCPL Championship 2013
2 : 2$2,000
2013-04-121stMinor2013 MLG Winter Exhibition2013 MLG Winter Exhibition
3 : 0$1,000
2013-01-264thPremierIron Squid – Chapter IIIron Squid – Chapter II
0 : 3$2,500
2012-12-151stMajorNumericable M-House CupNumericable M-House Cup
3 : 2$3,954.39
2012-06-103rdPremier2012 MLG Spring Championship2012 MLG Spring Championship
0 : 2$9,000
2012-06-031stPremierKorean StarCraft II League 2012 Season 1Korean StarCraft II League 2012 Season 1
6 : 0
2012-04-222ndMajor2012 MLG Spring Arena 12012 MLG Spring Arena 1
3 : 4$3,000
2012-04-071stPremier2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
5 : 2
2012-03-251stPremier2012 MLG Winter Championship2012 MLG Winter Championship
5 : 2$25,000
2012-03-091stMajorIPL Team Arena Challenge 2IPL Team Arena Challenge 2
8 : 7
New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo
2012-02-261stPremier2012 MLG Winter Arena2012 MLG Winter Arena
4 : 2$10,000
2012-02-122ndMajorFXOpen Invitational Series #5FXOpen Invitational Series #5
0 : 4$1,250
2012-01-043rd - 4thMajorThe King of KongsThe King of Kongs
1 : 3$173.12
2011-10-233rdPremierElectronic Sports World Cup 2011Electronic Sports World Cup 2011
3 : 1$8,000
2011-10-082ndPremier2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
3 : 5
2011-10-021stMajorArena of Legends
4 : 1$1,693.48
2011-09-131stMinorGview Thailand Starcraft II Invitational
4 : 2$1,100
2011-08-292ndPremier2011 Global StarCraft II League August: Code A2011 Global StarCraft II League August: Code A
3 : 4$930
2011-08-112ndMinorIt's Gosu eSports Invitational #1
1 : 3$500
2011-08-071stMajorCPL Invitational 2011
3 : 0$5,000
2011-07-021stMon. (Min.)Champions Trophy Asia July
3 : 1$250
2011-07-021stMajorFXOpen Invitational Series #4FXOpen Invitational Series #4
4 : 1$2,000
2011-06-133rd - 4thPremierLG Cinema 3D Super TournamentLG Cinema 3D Super Tournament
2 : 3$9,300
2011-05-011stMinorFXOpen Invitational Series #3FXOpen Invitational Series #3
6 : 3$900
2011-04-092ndPremier2011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship Seoul2011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship Seoul
2 : 4$13,470
2011-01-292ndPremier2011 Sony Ericsson Global StarCraft II League January: Code S2011 Sony Ericsson Global StarCraft II League January: Code S
0 : 4$17,934
2011-01-093rdMajorGainward SC2 TournamentGainward SC2 Tournament
3 : 0$1,700
2010-11-212ndMajorGOM TV All-Stars Invitational 2010
0 : 2$3,500
2010-11-132ndPremier2010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 22010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 2
3 : 4$26,700
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2012-06-03 All-Kill2012 KSL Team League Season 1
2012-02-18 All-Kill2012 GSTL Season 1




DongRaeGu-MarineKing DongRaeGu and MarineKing developed a certain rivalry during the first half of 2012, as they faced each other on several occasions in the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit Winter and Spring seasons and won four of the five tournaments organised by the American organization during this period.

Before that, thay had met four times in individual leagues, with almost all of the encounters turning out to be a one-sided series: MarineKing overcame DongRaeGu 4-1 in the Arena of Legends 1 finals, and the Zerg player returned him the favour by beating him in the Arena of Legends: The King of Kongs semifinals, in the FXOpen Invitational Series #5 finals, and in the 2012 GSL Season 1 Code S round of 16, 3-1, 4-0 and 2-0 respectively.

When they met in the 2012 MLG Winter Arena grand finals, MarineKing and DongRaeGu had followed different paths in the tournament: the Terran player had made a flawless run in the winner's bracket, losing only two games in the process, while his Zerg counterpart had to make all the way from the loser's bracket since the second round. DongRaeGu nonetheless won a first best of three 2-1, hence extending the series, but MarineKing eventually sealed the deal, winning the next three games and claiming the title. When the MLG Winter Championship kicked-off a month later, DongRaeGu (who had recently become the reigning GSL champion) and MarineKing were regarded as the main favourites to win the tournament.[16] They both went undefeated in pool play, and eventually faced each other in the winner's final. MarineKing narrowly beat his opponent, but the Zerg player still made it to the grand finals, which started at 2-1 due to the rule of the extended series. DRG equalized, but MarineKing won three games in a row, and won the championship.

Their rivalry continued in the MLG Spring Season, starting with the Spring Arena 1. In this 8-player invitational featuring a prize pool significantly lower than the usual MLG events, MKP and DRG took a contrasted start: while MarineKing dominated the pool play, losing only one match, DongRaeGu barely managed to qualify for the bracket. The two rivals nonetheless met again in the finals, and this time, DongRaeGu managed to take the upper hand on MarineKing, at the end of a tied series he won 4-3. The MLG Spring Arena 2 held a month later would be the only event of the 2012 MLG Winter and Spring Seasons that didn't feature MKP or DRG in finals, as the first wasn't attending the event and as the latter didn't even reach the top 8.[17] The last act of the MLG Spring season, the Spring Championship, saw MarineKing and DongRaeGu topping their respective pools and facing each other in the winner's finals once again. The Zerg player sent his opponent into the loser's finals, beating him 2-0. MarineKing was ultimately deprived of the opportunity of playing the grand finals as he was eliminated by Alicia. DongRaeGu eventually won the championship, equalizing with MKP as both of them had won one MLG Arena and one MLG Championship.



Mvp and MarineKing have one of the longest standing high level rivalries in professional StarCraft II. They have encountered each other seven times in major tournaments, including in two GSL finals. Most recently, the two were part of the same GSL Code S round of 16 group for the 2012 GSL Season 4. Mvp took the series they played, 2-0. Currently, Mvp is 18-4 against MarineKing.

The first time that MarineKing and Mvp encountered each other was during the 2011 Gainward StarCraft II tournament. The two played against each other in the best of 5 semifinals. After winning the first game, on Xel'Naga Caverns, MarineKing subsequently lost three games straight, losing the series. MarineKing won the third place match, while Mvp won the finals. As luck would have it, the next time they encountered in a major tournament was in the finals of 2011 Sony Ericsson GSL January: Code S. In this series, Mvp managed to defeat MarineKing without dropping a single game.

The two faced off again in the 2011 GSL World Championship, where Mvp won again, this time in a closer 4-2 series. This match established the rivalry between the two players, and the loss committed MarineKing to the Kong Line, as this was his third loss in the GSL finals. The next time the two would meet again would be in nearly 7 months, during the 2011 GSL November Code S groups for the round of 32. There, Mvp took the map in order to win first place in the group, and continue to the Ro16. MarineKing, however, lost his subsequent match to aLive and was sent to Code A, where he was able to fight his way back into Code S for the next season. Only 10 days later, the two met again, this time in the finals for the 2011 WCG Korea Qualifier. Here, after winning the first match, MarineKing again lost the series 1-2 to Mvp. Regardless of his loss, however, the two still both qualified for the WCG finals.

A week later, the two rematched, this time in the Championship Bracket of the 2011 MLG Providence Championship. Having both fought through the grueling open bracket, Mvp, who had not yet lost a match, was seeded into the Winner's bracket, while MKP, who had been sent to the lower bracket by sC, was seeded into the first round of the Loser's bracket. After losing to MC in the third round, he faced MarineKing, who had just defeated SjoW. In this series, Mvp demonstrated his dominance over MarineKing yet again, winning 2-0 and eliminating MarineKing from the tournament. Mvp advanced and fought his way to the Loser's Bracket finals, where he lost 0-2 to Leenock, earning third place.

The next time the two would meet would be in the 2012 GSL Season 4, in the round of 16 group stage. In the group Winner's match, Mvp won 2-0. However, unlike their group encounter in the 2011 GSL November groups, MarineKing managed to win the last match, and advanced out of the group to the round of 8, in second place. In a post game interview, MarineKing commented that he believed that he is capable of beating Mvp but encounters a psychological barrier when he plays against him[18].

Overall Mvp won all 6 matches between the two and is leading 18-4 in individual games.



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vs Protossvs Terranvs ZergTotal
as Terran331 - 17865 %271 - 17261.2 %336 - 23858.5 %938 - 58861.5 %
as Protoss0 - 0-1 - 0100 %0 - 0-1 - 0100 %
Σ331 - 17865 %272 - 17261.3 %336 - 23858.5 %939 - 58861.5 %

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