Marine Tank Banshee push (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h] Tank Marine Banshee push
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A simple 1-base push, using Marines, Siege Tanks and Banshees to attack, and kill, your opponent. SCVs are brought for buffering damage and building Bunkers.

This build has fallen out of style since mid-2011 or so because many modern Protoss builds naturally counter it. Since the Immortal range increase buff many 1/1/1 Siege Tank oriented Terran builds became much less viable. It still has some potential in a limited fashion but is very rarely seen at the pro level anymore.


Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • 10 - Supply Depot
  • 12 - Barracks
  • 13 - Refinery
  • 15 - Orbital
  • 16 - Depot
  • 18 - Factory
  • 20 - Refinery
  • @3 Marines - Reactor on Barracks
  • 22 - Depot
  • 23 - Starport, Tech Lab on Factory
  • @Tech Lab 100% - lift off and build a second Tech Lab, start a Siege Tank
  • @Starport 100% - lift off and land on the first Tech Lab, start a banshee
  • 29 - Depot
  • Bunker at ramp unless you scout an expansion
  • Continue Marine, Tank and Banshee production, harass with the Banshees but don't lose them
  • Start Siege Mode when you have 3 Tanks and push out with 3-4 Tanks, 4-5 Banshees, all your Marines and 8-10 SCVs



Not much scouting is necessary with this build as it's very versatile. Use your initial SCV to get an idea of what your opponent is doing. Later on you'll want to try and get a unit count as well as a look at the tech that Protoss has while harassing with Banshees.


The first part of the game will consist of Banshee harass. It's very important that these do not die - doing a lot of economic damage is *not* required with this build.

When pushing out you should send single SCVs along any potential attack paths so you can siege up in time. Make sure your air units do not fly ahead, or they may get sniped off by Stalkers. Once you reach his natural, start sieging up and building Bunkers. Be patient, try to set it up so that all of your units defend each other and try to position them so that there are few attack paths available for the Protoss. If possible, take out Pylons that allow the Protoss to warp in on the low ground so that you can force all of his reinforcements through the narrow choke to their main base.

You can try to use Banshees as a distraction to pull the Protoss army back into their main while you advance at the front, but this can be risky if your main army gets caught off guard and is forced to engage without the Banshees present.

As the engagement starts, you want to focus fire the enemy Stalkers with your Siege Tanks by holding down shift while right-clicking on them. You should have Bunkers at the front soaking up damage while the Marines that aren't in Bunkers should be a bit back so they fire at any Zealots that get to the Siege Tanks. If there are any Sentries using Guardian Shield, try to shoot them down with the Siege Tanks.

Controlling the Banshees at this point is the most important part - you ideally want none of them to die, so try and keep them out of or barely in range of any Stalkers. That way, even if the Protoss cleans up your ground forces, he should have little to no Stalkers left and your Banshees can clean up the remaining forces and potentially do a lot of economic damage as well. This will also allow you to reinforce more easily.


If Protoss is going Nexus first or a very quick 1 gate expand, you can get Siege Mode and push out earlier, otherwise the build stands.

If at any point you see a Stargate, stop producing Banshees and start producing Vikings instead.

When you harass with the first few Banshees you should be able to get a unit count on him. if your opponent has very few Sentries, build one Raven (the same applies if you see a Twilight Council not researching or a Dark Shrine).


Pro features[edit]

  • Good siege spots below the natural. (Shakuras Plateau, Ohana, Entombed Vally)
  • Small mains, easily sieged. (Antiga Shipyard)

Con features[edit]

  • Long rush distances.
  • Maps with small chokes at the natural easily force fielded. (Cloud Kingdom, Daybreak)