Marine Tank TvP

[e][h] Midgame Marine/Tank/Raven/Banshee (vs. Protoss)
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This is build opens with a gasless Fast Expand into a midgame push. This build relies heavily upon a lean, minimal defense until production picks up. This build and playstyle is strongest in the later portions of the midgame before the Protoss has fully developed both Colossus and storm techs. If the game goes late and the Protoss maxes out and completes both tech paths Marine/Tank-based armies have a much harder time fighting efficiently. Because you invest significant gas into tanks and Ravens you have less gas for the usual Viking/Ghost counters to Colossus and templar.


The goal of this build is to make a timing push against the Protoss abusing the range of Siege Tanks and PDD from the Raven, all before a significant number of Colossi are out. It utilizes a Fast Expand to get an economic advantage and to Tech very quickly, while holding with a minimum of units (Siege Tanks and Bunkers with Marines). The midgame push is used to break or contain the natural and possible outright win, but also securing a relatively fast third base for a strong biomech lategame.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • 10 - Supply Depot (1)
  • 12 - Barracks (1)
    • Marines non-stop
  • 16 - Orbital Command
  • 19 - Command Center

Food counts discontinued after here

  • Bunker at choke (usually at your natural)
  • Two Refineries
  • @100 Gas
    • Factory (5:15~)
  • @100% Factory
    • Techlab on Factory
      • Constant Siege Tanks
      • Siege Mode (finishes 8:00~)
    • Starport
    • Refinery (3)
  • @100% Starport
    • Techlab on Starport
      • Raven, then Banshee
    • Refinery (4)
    • Barracks (2)(3)(4) (7:15~)
      • One Techlab, Two Reactors
        • Combat Shield
      • Make only Marines
  • Push at 100 Raven energy
  • Expand


  • It is possible to bring SCVs for repair and to make Bunkers for a hard contain
  • The push should come when the Protoss has one or two Colossi


  • Check for signs of a 4-Gate (high Nexus energy, Chrono on Cybercore)
  • Check for the number of gas the Protoss takes (1 gas means 4-Gate or 1-Gate FE, two gas means Tech or 3-Gate pressure)
  • Try to poke the Protoss natural to see when they expand


When you push, engage as decisively as possible (at the front of the natural, Protoss attacks you) so that PDD can be set up in a good spot. The Banshee can be used to draw the Protoss army back so you can get into a strong position. On maps such as Tal'darim and Shakuras, it is possible to siege the natural. Follow-up with an expansion, and then Stim and a second Factory with a Techlab. Switch your Starport to one of the Barrack's Reactors to make Vikings/Medivacs, and place your Barracks on the Starport's Techlab, while adding a Techlab to your one naked Barracks. You should end up with this:

  • Two Factories with Techlabs
  • Starport with Reactor
  • Three Barracks, one Reactor, three Techlabs
  • 3rd base


  • If you scout a 4-Gate, retreat to your ramp and build two Bunkers. Pull SCVs for repair, get your Siege Tank out as soon as possible.
  • 3-Gate pressure: you will need multiple Bunkers at your natural. If you get contained up your ramp, you will have to wait until you have Siege Mode to get out.
  • 1-Gate expand: Protoss will be able to keep up with your tech and production, so it becomes necessary to either secure a fast third, or to damage the Protoss early with Banshees or drop play.


Pro features[edit]

  • High ground natural (Shakuras Plateau)
  • Easily siegable natural (Tal'Darim)

Con features[edit]

Long-rush distance (Tal'Darim, Shakuras) Wide/multiple routes into natural (Metal, Xel'naga Caverns)