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Mass Hellion into Double Armory Thor

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[e][h]Mass Hellion into Double Armory Thor
Strategy Information
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Using a standard Reactor Hellion Expand (vs. Zerg) but adding a second Factory for more Hellions to pressure the Zerg, with Infernal Pre-Igniter and +1 Vehicle Weapons return to the pre-Patch two shot of workers; and then working quickly to Factory (3) with two Tech Labs on Factory (2) (3) for Thors to counter Mutalisk.

This makes for a strong Mech opening vs. Zerg that continues to man-handle Zergling, Baneling and even Roach openings that make easier Drone murder and make Hellions until Command Center (2) has landed for enough access to Refinery (3) (4) for a strong Mech mid-game. Though Marauders may be needed to stop Roach-Rushes.


Mass-produce Hellions off of two Factories to pressure Hatchery-Tech units and make for more opportunities to attack Zerg's mineral lines. Making for a more secure low-ground expansion and time for Thor production to counter Mutalisks, probably into a Siege Tank push but more likely for double Armory upgrades to make for a stronger push timing while having the Hellions to push into the Zerg's base, and make the usual ability to mass large Zergling/Baneling forces null.

Basic Build Order[edit]

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  • Use Hellions to pressure Zerg into more Spine Crawlers and switch to Medivac-drop once they finish walling off the natural.
  • When the Third mining base shows up, push out with Siege Tanks and take your third base, keeping in mind Hellions need to patrol for Zergling Back-Stabs. And keep the watch towers.
  • Or on macro-focused maps, push out out 2-1 Armory upgrades for a stronger push, but the Zerg will have a stronger economy so the push needs to be more methodical.


  • Hellion + Banshee Opening. To force even more Queens and Spore Crawlers, using a quicker Siege Tank push with Marines (for speed) to then Siege break the Spore Crawlers and Banshees with cloak are part of a stronger game plan for abusing pre-Lair/Overseer tech.