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Mass Recall (Wings of Liberty)

[e][h]Mass Recall
Spell Information
Energy Cost:
2 s

Mass Recall is a spell cast by the Protoss Mothership and Nexus. Very similar to the ability of the Arbiter from StarCraft 1, Mass Recall teleports a group of friendly Protoss units within a 6.5 radius of a targeted area directly to the Mothership or Nexus position. Such a teleportation can occur from across the map, allowing the Protoss player to instantly change their army's position. Units that teleport to the Mothership also gain the advantage of its Cloaking Field.


In competitive play Mass Recall is used to teleport the Protoss army into a position that is to the advantage of the Protoss player. Oftentimes this means performing a Mass Recall into one of the bases of the opponent, ideally the main, in order to cause the greatest amount of chaos and damage at a single time. A play like this will oftentimes cause the opponent to retreat an attacking army, or make a major error, adding to the damage of the attack. It is possible that the Mass Recall could be used to pull the Protoss army back to their base in order to defend. Placing a Mothership at a distant expansion gives the player the option of using Mass Recall to call on their army to fully defend that expansion at any given time.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Because the Protoss have a difficulty at times in repelling an air attack, a Mothership can more easily establish a position to cast a good Mass Recall against its opponent. When recalling, it is in the interest of the caster to teleport Observers with the Protoss army, so that upon arrival in the enemy base, the casting army can quickly dispel of enemy detectors, such as the Observer, so that Cloaking Field is more effective in aiding the Recall.

Vs. Terran[edit]

The Arbiter's role in SC1 was oftentimes to break a turtling Terran, and the Mothership of SC2 fills a similar role. Because of its large health and shield supplies, and heavy firepower, a Mothership is capable of breaking through the lines of a turtled Terran so that the Protoss can make a critical blow. On many maps this can easily be stopped by the Terran though, as the Ghost can cast EMP, robbing the Mothership of its energy pool and leaving it essentially dead in the water. That is why the Mothership must often be accompanied with some sort of diverting force if it intends to cast a successful Mass Recall in a Terran base.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

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In Combination with Other Spells[edit]

  • Should the Mothership have the energy pool, after a Mass Recall into an enemy base the Mothership can cast Vortex on any enemy units that attempt at defending, allowing even more time for the Recall to do its damage.
  • Because the Mothership is so slow, it takes a long time to get in a good position to cast Mass Recall, and thus is susceptible to attack. A small force of Phoenixes can use Graviton Beam to disable some of the units that may try to stop the incoming Mothership.
  • Due to the nature of Mass Recall, oftentimes the Protoss army is put in a very advantageous position when they materialize, especially because of the bonus of the Cloaking Field. Because of that, High Templar will be prepared for Psionic Storm, and the Sentry can use Guardian Shield and some well placed Force Fields to defend the Protoss from the returning opposing forces.
  • Should the Player successfully Mass Recall into the opponents main base they can easily use Force Field to endlessly block the opponent from entering his main base to fight the player, and proceed to completely destroy the opponents main.


  • Affects friendly units only.
  • Units that teleport will also be cloaked when they arrive at the Mothership.
  • Units that are warping in are not affected by Mass Recall.