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[e][h]Meet Your Makers
Team Information
Yassine "YassinE" Jaada
Alexander "dYkEEE" van Dyk
Recent Player Trades:
2013-04-02 - Lambo, Starbuck join

Meet Your Makers, often abbreviated to MYM, is a professional gaming organisation based in Germany. Its StarCraft II division has disbanded in April 2013.


The team was founded in 2001 as a Danish company, and enjoyed wide success through various eSport titles including Counter-Strike 1.6, Warcraft III, Defence of the Ancients (DotA) and FIFA amongst others.

The organisation went bankrupt in 2009, but later that same year, it was acquired by new German management, and continues to operate to date, with divisions in StarCraft II, DotA 2, League of Legends and FIFA.

The StarCraft II section was founded on April the 27th 2010, by recruiting Artosis, GARIMTO, DeMusliM, and Raven.[1] By August 2011, the entire team had departed, with the exception of XlorD and the division seemed dormant.

In April 2012, MYM announced a partnership with MVP, whereby MYM would bring the players of the top Korean team to foreign events to compete as MYM.MVP. In September 2012, MYM started the MYM StarCraft Academy team, consisting of various European talents.



  • April 27, MyM StarCraft II Division is formed[2]
  • April 27, Artosis, GARIMTO, DeMusliM, and Raven join the MyM StarCraft II division[3]
  • July 3, DeMusliM leaves the MyM StarCraft II division[4]
  • August 7, NaNiwa and ClouD join MyM StarCraft II division [5]
  • October 29, As a direct consequence of NaNiwa's inability to continue his participation in the German EPS, mYm announced their decision to release NaNiwa from their StarCraft II squad. The announcement confirmed GARIMTO's departure to oGs and gave an indication that Raven may no longer be part of their team as only Artosis and ClouD was listed in their official lineup.[6]



  • April 19, Meet Your Makers partner with MVP. All MVP and Meet Your Makers members will play under the tag MYM.MVP.[18]
  • June 11, XlorD announces that he will leave MYM in order to look for a new team.[19]
  • September 21, MYM announces a new Academy team with five new players: Foofighter, NarutO, kAra, Naugrim, teNu and ShAyErS.[20]
  • November 20, teNu leaves MYM to join Derailed.[21]


Player Roster[edit]

Academy Roster at time of Dissolution[edit]

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 New Team
deGermany z Ares Manuel Kress - - - - Downfall Esports
ltLithuania p Arew Vytautas Graičiūnas - - - -
krSouth Korea t Dragon Jeon Yong Soo 33 - 64th GOMTV Global StarCraft II League - 33 - 48th DreamHack - Clarity Gaming
plPoland p KroLu Michał Królewski - - - - Cascade
deGermany z Lambo Julian Brosig - - - - Downfall Esports
deGermany Z Leslie Manuel Kress - - - - Downfall Esports
krSouth Korea Z PhoeNix Jeon Young Sik 17 - 32nd GOMTV Global StarCraft II League 49 - 64th DreamHack Winter 2011 17 - 24th ASUS ROG Winter 2012 - Downfall Esports
siSlovenia z Starbuck Matic Dejak - - - - Vega Squadron

Former Members[edit]

ID Name New Team
frFrance z ShAyErS Alexis Hamon BuyKey e-Sports
esSpain Z IeZael Javier Parra
deGermany p kAra Thomas Ciolak
rsSerbia t Foofighter Vasilje Kekovic Starcraft Freaks
deGermany t NarutO Silvano Bovo
deGermany t teNu Rene Duwe Derailed
seSweden z Naugrim Mattias Ottosson Retired
deGermany Z XlorD Daniel Spenst XMG
dkDenmark Z Dahli Benjamin Bredal
dkDenmark T Pythonas Jonas Bredal
itItaly T ClouD Carlo Giannacco Team ALTERNATE
seSweden p SaSe Kim Hammar Quantic Gaming
usUSA p Artosis Dan Stemkoski Sixjax Gaming
ukUnited Kingdom T DeMusliM Benjamin Baker mTw
krSouth Korea p GARIMTO Kim Dong Soo Retired/Unknown
seSweden p NaNiwa Johan Lucchesi Power Gaming
deGermany z Mondragon Christopher Semke Team Acer
plPoland z ParanOid Rafal Kontowicz Team Acer
plPoland T Raven Maciej Polak


ID Name Position
France YassinE Yassine Jaada Manager
Germany dYkEEE Alexander Van Dyk Manager

Highlight Videos[edit]



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