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Team Information

Meliora Esports is an international esports organization based in Greece that was founded in December 2017.

The StarCraft II division was created on December 16, 2017.[1]

After releasing all the players of the StarCraft II division during the summer of 2018 and after a couple of months of silence, on October 17, 2018 it was announced that the team would be on hiatus to return in the second half of 2019.[2]


Player Roster[edit]


Former Players[edit]

ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea p Hurricane Nam Ki Woong
coColombia z eGGz Sebastián Latorre Scythe Esports
mxMexico z JimRising Jaime Arturo Duran Silencio Predators Esports
usaUSA z PandaBearMe Isaac Fox ZZZZZ
seSweden z SortOf Rickard Bergman Cascade


ID Name Position
Greece VampAurora Dionysis Bogdanos CEO & Founder


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