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StarCraft 2 Memes

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This is a page documenting a basic history of various StarCraft 2 memes that have come up, where they originate from, and their general meaning.

NASL Sound Guy[edit]

This meme originated from the live event broadcasts on the North American Star League where the production for the league constantly had audio issues with their broadcasts. The audio issues became so common that people began to complain about the "NASL sound guy" constantly messing up. This eventually became the warcry for twitch chat anytime any production had sound or audio issues.


Back in the early days of the GSL, there was a special segment where viewers could submit questions for Artosis to ask various pro players. The GOMTV forums made you pick a nickname to submit your questions under and a lot of viewers would pick names that tried to get Artosis to crack up. The most notable name was Poopfeast420 who not only had a great name but also submitted a large number of questions Artosis really liked.

Elephant in the Room[edit]

Back in 2010 and 2011, most of the Korean pro players that were seeing the most success and winning GSL finals were actually b teamers back in Brood War. There was a looming fear that once the bonjwas of StarCraft Brood War migrated over to StarCraft 2, that they would quickly begin to dominate in StarCraft 2 much like they did in Brood War due to their talent carrying over. This was delved into in a article on TL where they explained the history of this sentiment in greater detail.

The Naniwa Probe Rush[edit]

On December 11th of 2011, NaNiwa was considered arguably the best non korean player in the StarCraft 2 scene and he faced off against one of the best Korean players known by NesTea in the 2011 GSL Blizzard Cup. The match had no impact on who would qualify for the next stage of the tournament but was still being played out, much to NaNiwa's discontent. Instead of playing the game out seriously, NaNiwa immediately attack moved his probes across the map as soon as the game began to "forfeit" the match. This was met with a large amount of controversy as seen here.

The highlights of the game in question can be found here.

Decorah Eagles[edit]

During MLG Dallas in April of 2011, the stream was having repeated issues and constantly going down. The reddit user Krasso posted a thread that saw a large number of upvotes and spawned the meme suggesting that people watch a stable livestream instead. The suggested stream was of an eagle's nest that was clocking in at over 111,000 viewers and remaining stable, unlike the MLG stream.

Extended Series(MLG)[edit]

USAUSAUSA Chants[edit]

At one of the early StarCraft 2 events, possibly and MLG or Lone Star Clash, when a European player such as Stephano did well in a match, the audience started chanting "USA-USA-USA" ironically. It's not known who originally started the chant but the chant was even more common carried on to chant USA whenever a non Korean was facing against a Korean. One example can be found from Stephano beating Polt at Lone Star Clash.

"Chill get out"[edit]

In the TSL 3 match of NaNiwa vs Thorzain, Chill was one of the commentators for the match but began lagging. Naniwa quickly demanded that "chill get out" since he was lagging for a second. Chill stopped lagging for a bit in the match but about 6 minutes later Chill began lagging again and Naniwa became more upset as he began capitalizing "CHILL GET OUT". This caught on with the community and quickly became a meme for any time someone lagged in a game.

Emil lagging[edit]

Emil is a commentator and tournament organizer from Poland. In the early days of StarCraft he had a bad internet connection and was often lagging, nowadays even when he is not lagging other casters often joke it is him.

HuK top 3 control[edit]

HuK famously implied that he had "top 3 control" in an interview he did MLG Orlando 2011. His bravado helped the meme catch on and it became well known to everyone that HuK had top 3 control, referring to his ability to micro his units.

Day[9] Trumpets[edit]

Day[9] had a famous pre-show segment on his Day[9] Daily where he discussed a song he was listening to. The video explains it better than anyone else could.

IdrA gg's[edit]

IdrA was one of the most well known and respected StarCraft players but had a tendency to tap out of important matches when he was not behind and sometimes even ahead in the game. In some of the most extreme circumstances, he left games that many considered already won.

HuK vs IdrA at MLG Dallas 2011 was one of the first major instances of it in StarCraft 2. HuK was drastically far behind in the game and decided to hallucinate a large number of Voidrays. Instead of directly fighting the army, Idra saw the army and just immediately left the game, not realizing the were Hallucinations and that he had effectively already won the game.

The second major incident happened in the next premier event where MMA faced off versus IdrA at MLG Columbus 2011. In the game, MMA accidentally kills his own Command Center in a game he was already behind in. He promptly takes most of his army and tries to launch one final attack but IdrA successfully begins to defend it. During the defense, IdrA had put a large chunk of his workers on a gas geyser and didn't realize this. He concluded that a drop had killed most of his workers and forfeited the game despite winning the main engagement and having a superior economy, much to everyone's surprise.

Whitera's special tactics[edit]

During the State of the Game podcast in 2011. iNcontroL told a story of WhiteRa explaining his special tactics. Which consisted of two base, twelve gateway, zealot, dragoon all in. This story was picked up and used widely, to describe unusual play. [1]

Ultralisk Drop Harass[edit]

In 2011 CatZ played a match against Destiny, which got to the super late game. At the end of the game, CatZ loaded a single ultralisk into an overlord for harassment while being down to no bases. While taunting that the ultralisk could be in any of the overlords. [2]

Artosis Pylon[edit]

An Artosis Pylon is a single Pylon responsible for powering multiple structures in a Protoss base. It is a vulnerability because an opponent could significantly disrupt the Protoss player's production, tech advancement, and/or base defenses by destroying that one Pylon. Artosis tried several times to rename the Artosis Pylon to INcontroL Pylon. During the 2012 MLG Spring Championship, Tasteless remarked that a pair of pylons would be a Tastosis Pylon, with the back-up pylon being the Tasteless Pylon. [3]

iNControL face Talent Announcements[edit]

Look at de Souply[edit]

Yoan "ToD" Merlo a Protoss player and caster from France, is widely known for his shout out to look at the supply during his casts to emphasize huge supply differences. Due to him being french he pronounces it a tad strange, making it often sound like "Look at de Souply", sometimes even "Luca de Souply" or as a fictious name, "Luka D. Souply".

Tod can't play when it's hot[edit]

Previous to being a Starcraft 2 player and commentator, ToD was a Warcraft 3 player. While playing a tournament at the TakeTV house, he refused to play a match because "it's freakin hot". In the relaxed atmosphere of TakeTV, this quickly became a running joke between attendees, and TaKe even joked later he bought an AC unit for HomeStory Cup just so ToD would come and play.

Artosis Curse[edit]

The Artosis Curse is a commonly referenced joke regarding Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski's predictions cursing his chosen player, preventing them from achieving victory.

Follow @liquidret[edit]

When the Swedish player NaNiwa was advancing through brackets in 2012 GSL, a fellow European player Ret tweeted that casters should be promoting NaNiwa's Twitter, not their own, as casters often do when sending off the broadcast or introducing themselves. In turn, the casters (Tastosis) begun to deadpan that viewers "also follow Ret @LiquidRet on Twitter", which went on to persist as a meme for some time whenever Starcraft personalities promoted their social media accounts.

I don't know Kev[edit]

A phrase introduced in 2012 by MrBitter as a counterpoint to his casting partner's Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi (together BitterdaM) pronouncements about the state of the current game, especially when the situation seemed very dire for one of the players. It was picked up by other casters as a way to generically convey their skepticism about their partner caster's conclusions, or even when commenting on a player's choice of strategy or decision-making. The phrase morphed into "I dunno Kev" and eventually "Idunnokev", where it achieved meme status.

NesTea: Creator of the Universe[edit]

The earliest available mention about the creation of our universe by NesTea goes back to April 8, 2012, when it was casually mentioned during IGN ProLeague Season 4 Winners' Finals in the infobox.

Tasteless Lost His Passion[edit]

Tasteless started his casting career with Brood War, where he frequently displayed in-depth knowledge of the game. When he begun casting SC2, fans quickly noticed his casting was lackluster, compared to his SC:BW casting or his co-caster Artosis. One of the causes for this speculated by the community was that he was not very enthusiastic about SC2 and did not play it much, thus his casting quality suffered, and often said "he lost his passion".

Terrible Terrible Damage[edit]

"Terrible, terrible damage" is a phrase frequently used by Dustin Browder (former lead Designer of StarCraft 2). At BlizzCon 2009, it was used as Browder’s nickname, because he used the phrase so much, while describing the action in his commentating of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demonstration matches during the game's development. The StarCraft community members have since then adopted the phrase, using it to describe their reaction to anything that is mind-blowing, hilarious, shocking or downright insulting. It went on to become another of Blizzard's in-jokes, and the phrase is the cheat code for god mode in StarCraft II.

Dustin Browder Destructible Rocks[edit]

Lilbow practicing for LotV/Warcraft 4[edit]

Lilbow was a popular French player during the HotS Starcraft expansion, and gathered a lot of momentum through WCS 2015, ultimately placing into the Global Finals as the only non-Korean. Struggling during the concurrent transition to LotV, he was spotted playing other games instead of practicing his Starcraft builds and strategies. Notably, he was frequently playing Warcraft 3, which spawned the meme that he was preparing for the upcoming Warcraft 4 release (itself a meme at the time). He was easily swept 3:0 by the Korean player Life in Ro16. Lilbow later went on to become an Overwatch player for Team Gigantti.

Bunker Build Time[edit]

In the original Wings of Liberty Starcraft 2 release, the Terran structure Bunker was frequently adjusted in patches, especially having its build time modified slightly. Patches, aside from bugs, addressed primarily game balance, so it became a running joke that Blizzard was balancing the Terran race by way of Bunker build times, to the point it became a meme. Even today, players will often quip that Bunker build time should be changed to buff or nerf Terran to indicate their frustration with actions (or lack of action) from Blizzard.

Technology just isn't there yet[edit]

One of the many reasons given by Blizzard developers and community managers for certain features working the way they do or being missing is that "the technology isn't there yet". Through purposeful or accidental misquoting, the phrase became associated with the often demanded LAN multiplayer, even though it was given in response to a question about "lan (low) latency" gameplay. Famously, TotalBiscuit remarked "the technology just isn't there yet" in reference to LAN play, after Apollo lagged out as observer from ASUS ROG 2012 Winter Finals game 5. It has now become the meme response to any issue in the game.

In late 2012, Blizzard introduced special tournament servers, which facilitated LAN-style play for Starcraft 2.

David Kim[edit]

dont cheese me plz[edit]

On December 1st, 2017 Reddit user MiloTheSlayer posted a screenshot of two proxy gateways being warped in while the opposing player makes the request, "dont cheese me plz". On December 2nd, 2017 the meme was born when the screenshot was modified by GauntletSC2 caster EleMenTfiNi to resemble a face with the warping in gateways as eyes, which was a common illustration during GauntletSC2 casts. After seeing the proxy gates as a face, it was impossible to unsee and over the following months the meme had infiltrated everything from The MaNa Stare to The Night King from Game of Thrones. The popularity of this meme continued to rise with the StarCraft community team joining in on the fun and even in game portraits donning the gateway eyes.

Rotti in the club[edit]

PiG: Roaaaaaches[edit]

Nate's box[edit]

Shirtless rotti[edit]

Rotti build(s)[edit]

Over the years Rotterdam was famous for his SkyToss dedication and builds around it. Most notable example of Rotti (proxy Tempest) build on pro scene might be SSL 2015 Finals. This high-tier recognition made Rotterdam very happy.

Port Aleksander "boats"[edit]

Upon hearing that one of the maps being played in any series is Port Aleksander, Artosis will immediately say the phrase, "Get Your Boats Ready" or some similar variation.

Tasteless New Gettysburg(?) Bridge[edit]


When behind dark shrine[edit]

This refers to the Protoss fallback strategy of surprising an opponent who is ahead with the unexpected arrival of Dark Templar which are produced with Dark Shrine. Also meta-memed as "when ahead Dark Shrine" and "always Dark Shrine", alluding to the ability of Dark Templar to instantly end a game.

Multiple Subjects (2019)[edit]

In early 2019, a reddit thread appeared thanking Tasteless for making StarCraft 2 "accessible." The downside of this was that he also compared Tasteless to Artosis and their education, calling Artosis,"not that bright". He then references that Tasteless went to college and studied multiple subjects whereas Artosis was just playing Brood War. Later, on the 42nd episode of The Pylon Show, INcontroL discussed how he personally commented on the matter with his post, "Jesus christ, the internet am I right?" and was then given a response of, "Forget the information crap, but the rest of his comment is really well written and thoughtful. Especially the fighting over dominance part. I sometimes wish the other casters took Tasteless' book on this."

Krystianer's Accident (2019)[edit]

On November 9th, 2019 an IndyK vs The World showmatch between Krystianer (rising star of the Polish scene) and Chance (a Korean player who managed to achieve rank 1 on the NA ladder not long before) took place. A day before the match, Krystianer had published a statement, showing extreme confidence and strong belief that he could win the duel without losing a map (despite Chance's notable achievement), thus indirectly proving (in his mind) a controversial claim of European players being more skillful than their North American counterparts. The match ended in a 3:4 loss for the Pole, which prompted him to post another tweet, this time trying to explain his loss, cover up his mistakes and depreciate the Korean player's victory, stating it was "just an accident".

Due to its perceived immaturity, the unfortunately worded tweet quickly caught widespread attention in the SC2 scene. Multiple players and celebrities used it as a template to jokingly report on results of their own matches on Twitter or Twitch chat. The most notable use of the format is uThermal's tweet coupled with Clem's response (based on Chance's tweet about his victory). Some Twitter users also posted variants and related memes (ArT, Nitix). Thanks to Harstem and RotterdaM, the Krystianer's Accident was even mentioned during the NationWars.

Tweet at rotterdam08[edit]

On the Pylon Show, if anyone has any dissenting opinions or problems with the show itself, INcontroL reminds everyone to promptly tweet @rotterdam08.

Patience's Blinks[edit]

At a HomeStory Cup XIV game, the Korean player Patience jumped a large group of Blink Stalkers up into his opponent's base, where they were promptly annihilated by an awaiting clump of Marauders. iNcontroL did not let the mistake pass and soundly roasted the decision. Although at the time Blink was reserved mostly for defensive mobility or to chase down fleeing units, such aggressive blinks later became staple of Protoss play in order to quickly snipe critical enemy units and trade cost-effectively or keep enemy tech units from spiraling too quickly. The first such successful uses were called the "Patience Blink".

So many banelings[edit]

Why no storm[edit]

Often times on stream INcontroL will choose either Psi Storm or Colossus in his games, and post game there's often someone in chat to ask why he went Colossus and not Storm or vice versa. It became such a recurring event that he mentioned it on the Pylon Show later.


Four Festor Hit Squad[edit]

A tactic developed by Destiny, which he referred to as "The most dangerous group of harassers known to Zerg kind".[4]

Destiny Cloud Fist Build[edit]

This is simply a fancy name for any sort of Rax_1Fact_1Port opening for Terran, first coined by Husky during his Wings of Liberty days.

Ohana Means Family[edit]

In Hawaiian, 'ohana means family. The phrase "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind — or forgotten." which originates from the Walt Disney Feature Animation film "Lilo & Stitch" became a meme in the StarCraft community after commentator MrBitter repeated it during HomeStory Cup V.

___ did not play well today[edit]

In IEM Katowice 2019, the top Terran pro gamers were doing very poorly, and every time a Terran was knocked out of the group stage or lost to Protoss or Zerg players, a thread on reddit popped up with a copy paste about how the Terran was probably jet lagged and wasn't playing up to their usual standard, and it had nothing to do with balance. Later, when TY eventually made it out of the group stage, a thread came up that stated that he did play well that day.

3rax/2rax never seen this build lose[edit]

On July 16th of 2018, Harstem made a tweet while WCS Challenger due to a large number of proxy 2/3 raxes being used against Zergs. The tweet started a copy pasta among other pro players, especially zergs and rapidly spread. The text of the tweet was "The winrate of 2rax/3rax vs zerg in tournaments has to be absolutely insane. I never see this strategy lose." This meme is often referenced now when a Terran player wins with proxy raxes.

Is It Tho?[edit]

Who the hell proxies a tank?[edit]

In 2013, Totalbiscuit released a video named "Who the hell proxies a tank" and he proceeds to discuss in a 6 minute discussion with a replay open on how his opponent, Aqme, had successfully beat him on Klontas Mire by proxying a factory, but instead of building hellions or mines, he went for an all in with a proxied siege tank.

Fantasy GG Timing[edit]

Jung "FanTaSy" Myung Hoon, a South Korean Terran is known for his late GG timings which led to the popular StarCraft way of saying "FanTaSy GG timing" when a player GGs way late than what he should have.

Hydra meme[edit]

Noregret Eating a Shoe[edit]

For HomeStory Cup XVIII at the tail end of 2018, NoRegreT, the owner of the foreigner team house in Korea, made a wager that Rogue would make it out of his group in first place, and if he didn't make it out, he would eat a shoe. As luck would have it, Rogue didn't even make it out of the 8 player group at all, but NoRegreT never followed through on his bet.

Full NA[edit]

To go "Full NA" is to perform an incredibly silly and completely preventable mistake. In Starcraft, the NA region ladder is perceived to be the weakest of Korea/EU/NA.

No GG? Puck you no GG[edit]

Serral It's Nice[edit]

The young Finnish player Serral is rather shy and soft-spoken, and not very verbose during his winner's interviews. Being a very good player, he is interviewed on-stage often. One of his responses was "hmm, it's nice", quickly picked up by the community.

TaeJa Clap[edit]

Whenever TaeJa would win a tournament during the highest point of his career, he would celebrate with a subdued but happy golf clap. This subsequently became known as the TaeJa Clap.

Raise Your Dongers[edit]

When Jaedong won a SC2 match, this was a popular victory phrase for both casters and Twitch chat alike.


When Protoss wins, viewers often post PROTOSSED instead of Protoss OP or Protoss IMBA on Twitch. Of course, when Terran or Zerg wins, viewers also post Terraned or Zerged.

Sup Son ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[edit]

SUP SON has gained popularity in the StarCraft II community after use from Team Dignitas member SeleCT, and is most commonly seen with an emoticon version of his victory pose: SUP SON ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Use of "sup son" has been seen used by StarCraft II casting personality Day[9] [5], and appears on signs held up by audience members during MLG competitions.

GGE Mini 19[edit]

Gemini is a member of the StarCraft community that produces various youtube videos and creates build order guides for Protoss player. His handle on many social media platforms however is "GGemini19" due to Gemini being a very common username on websites. On GSL's talk show, "The Bunker", Gemini asked multiple questions under the username "GGemini19" and Artosis misread it as "GG-E-Mini-19" rather than "G-Gemini 19." Gemini ended up making a video about it and pronunciation of his name became a meme.

$O$ 100k tournaments[edit]

In the IEM Season VIII - World Championship, only the champion would win the $100k tournament prize. sOs often plays well in tournaments which have huge prize pools. He also secured $100k winnings in the 2013 and 2015 WCS Global Finals.

Fusion Core Dance[edit]

When one pumps their arms mechanically up and down in the same fashion as a Fusion Core researching something, often after Battlecruisers win the game.

WCS Billy (2013)[edit]

During the Polt vs ByuL finals of WCS America Season 3 game 2 on Frost, there was a Marine that survived almost 12 minutes of in-game time before finally dying at 14:58 game time, an unprecedented longevity period for a tier 1 unit. This Marine accumulated 12 kills reaching the rank of Sergeant, and was christened "Billy the Marine". WCS Twitch subscribers of the time have perpetual access to the limited time emote "wcsBilly" immortalizing the event.

DAESuppy (2013)[edit]

Suppy has an emote.

"What an idiot" (2014)[edit]

During IEM Toronto, ReDeYe was in the midst of an on-stream conversation, when a spectator at the event approached the set. After being warned not to cross in front of the camera, he did so anyways, causing ReDeYe to comment "What an idiot." The fan took umbrage to his reaction and confronted the host, but was removed by event staff.

"Killing esports"[edit]

In the early days of Wings of Liberty, the passion surrounding the new StarCraft sequel was high. Tournaments were cropping up, discussions were happening on putting SC2 on TV like "normal sports," and Barcrafts were popping up. With all this passion surrounding esports driven by volunteers, an ironic usage of what was holding esports back developed. Anything and everything that represented a minor difficulty or lack of passion was pointed to as something that was literally killing esports.


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