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[e][h]Zerg MeomaikA
Player Information
Trần Hồng Phúc
Romanized Name:
Tran Hong Phuc
January 12, 1994 (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
<Flames>MeomaikA, <Q9>MeomaikA, MememaikA, TurnM, HeoQuaDuong, AsusVietnam, ObeyOrCheese, ZergKhan
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2023:
EPT OC rank:
Years active:
2016 - Present
Years active (caster):
2015-08-?? — 2016-03-??
2016-04-?? — 2016-11-09
2016-10-11 — 2016-12-15
2016-11-09 — 2017-01-12
2016-12-22 — 2018-03-01
2018-03-01 — 2018-03-20
2018-07-12 — 2018-10-19
2019-02-21 — 2020-04-01
2020-03-24 — 2020-05-15
2020-05-17 — 2020-05-22
2021-01-25 — 2021-07-08
2021-07-08 — 2021-08-20
2021-09-03 — Present
Recent Matches
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South Korea Terran HonMonO
2023-01-28 00:00:10UTC  
MeomaikA Zerg Vietnam
Germany Protoss ForJumy
2023-01-27 14:00:00UTC  
MeomaikA Zerg Vietnam
United States Protoss Astrea
2023-01-26 00:00:13UTC  
MeomaikA Zerg Vietnam
United States Protoss PiLiPiLi
2023-01-26 00:00:11UTC  
MeomaikA Zerg Vietnam
United States Terran Eurystheus
2023-01-26 00:00:06UTC  

Tran "MeomaikA" Phuc (born January 12, 1994) is a Vietnamese Zerg player who is currently playing for Juggernauts.

Brood War[edit]

  • Meomaika was a well-known player at both Q9 and BroodWar for his micro skill. He was top 2 WCG 2008 HCMC when he was 15 years old and one of the top Zergs in Vietnam at Brood War.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

  • MeomaikA started to play Starcraft II in August 2015 and improved at a devilish pace, getting promoted into the Master League.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

Evil Zerg[edit]

  • MeomaikA became one of the core players of Evil Zerg.

Vietnam Team League Season 1[edit]

  • The road to the final of VTL season 1 was rough for the pure-Zerg team, as they made poor results at the beginning, however at the end of the Round Robin, they managed to get into the Playoff and won the 2nd-3rd tie-breaker against Band of Brothers with the score of 4-1.
  • In the playoff, the team beat HoG with 2-0 score, thanked to MeomaikA for eliminating one of the toughest Zerg players of that time, Uply, and advanced to the Grand Final.
  • At the Grand Final, MeomaikA won the ACE match against ThuocLao and Evil Zerg became the champion.

Band of Brothers[edit]

Vietnam Team League Season 2[edit]

  • MeomaikA had a better result at season 2, only lost one match against ConChimNon. However in the playoff, they fell against the mighty Heroes of God.

Vietnam Starcraft 2 Star League Season 3[edit]

  • At the season 1 and 2, MeomaikA earned the 2nd place and he wanted the best result from the tournament.
  • The road to final of MeomaikA was very smooth from the first match to the quarterfinal, won one of the toughest Winner Bracket semi-finalists, sOsFanboy.
  • In the Winner Bracket Final and Grand Final, he won with the score of 4-2 and 4-0 against the most powerful Terran player of Thailand, StriKE.

Vietnam Starcraft Kings July[edit]

  • At the end of July 2016, MeomaikA joined VSK as 13th challenger and he won four matches before losing to StriKE.

Vietnam Starcraft Kings August[edit]

  • MeomaikA later joined VSK as 15th challenger and he won six matches, became the King.

The New Beginning of Starcraft 2 Vietnam[edit]

  • At the showmatch, MeomaikA was known as one of the promising players as he beat Seither 2-1 and PengWin 2-1.
  • September 2016, MeomaikA became the first player promoted into Grandmaster Korea in VietNam.

BanhBeo Bi-Weekly Cup #1[edit]

  • MeomaikA ended the Swiss format group stage with rank 8, advanced to the playoff.
  • In the playoff, MeomaikA won Paandaa with a score of 2-0. And then in the final, MeomaikA defeated Ezpz, the strongest T player of Vicious Killers with a score of 3-1 and became a champion.

DuSt Gaming[edit]

  • October 11th 2016, MeomaikA proudly joined DuSt Gaming
  • December 15th 2016, MeomaikA left DuSt Gaming.

SC2 ONLINE Community Open 25[edit]

  • October 22nd 2016, MeomaikA defeated puCK with a score of 2-1 and earned 40$ bounty.

Team Flames[edit]

  • November 9th 2016, MeomaikA left Band of Brothers and later joined Team Flames

Vietnam Single Tournament Week 4 2v2[edit]

  • MeomaikA signed up with WinDraE and joined as a team named Meo va cuc ta (MeomaikA and the feeder), and won the tournament with cheesy playstyle without a single lose.

BanhBeo Bi-Weekly Cup #2[edit]

  • MeomaikA was defeated by StriKE in the Winner Quarterfinal.
  • In the Loser Bracket, he played like a monster, defeating JusticeSimon, Uply and even the one who forced him to play in Loser Bracket, StriKE.
  • In the Grand Final, MeomaikA defeated ThuocLao, an unstoppable long time legend (he advanced through the Winner Bracket without a single lose), with a score of 3-0, and became a champion.

BanhBeo Bi-Weekly Cup #3[edit]

  • December 10th 2016, MeomaikA signed up for BanhBeo Bi-Weekly Cup #3 and played perfectly. He didn't drop a single game, beat a lot of very strong players, including GogojOey and Wally.
  • On the next day, he beat Wally in the Grand Final with a score of 3-0, became the first player achieving Champion of three consecutive seasons of BanhBeo Bi-Weekly.

VTL Allstars 2016[edit]

  • Despite of his position in VTL, his road to the final was rough at the start when he met JusticeSimon in Round of 8. However, he emerged victorious with a score of 3-2.
  • In Semifinal and Grandfinal, he used his weird builds in ZvZ matchup against hunterxx and Uply, defeated them 4-1. MeomaikA became champion of VTL Allstars 2016.


  • Along with TIME and Clem, he is the only player to have won both of the EPT Regional Challengers of the ESL Pro Tour 2022/23.
  • Meomaika is known as the F2-abusing player.
  • His favorite composition is Hydralisks with Zerglings.
  • He has the weight of 100 kilograms.
  • StriKE mentioned MeomaikA as his favorite opponent to play against.
  • Became OSC's Rising Stars of the month in February 2017.
  • Has various weird build orders in all matchups.
  • Is nicknamed 'Zerg Has' for his brand of cheesy play.
  • Got Bronze Medal in 2019 SEA Games


In A2Major Tournaments
2022-10-021stDH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta: OceaniaJuggernautsJuggernauts4 : 0$4,500
2022-05-221stDH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: OceaniaJuggernautsJuggernauts4 : 1$4,500
2021-08-012ndDH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: OceaniaLitecoin GamingLitecoin Gaming1 : 4$2,400
2020-08-303rdDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Oceania / Rest of Asia0 : 3$1,600
2019-11-031stWESG 2019 - SEA QualifierVietnamGameTVVietnamGameTV3 : 1$3,750
2018-12-152ndWESG 2018 - SEA Qualifier2 : 3$2,250
2018-12-063rdANZ Proleague Season 3
Vietnamese All Stars
2–2Grp S.$26.27
2018-08-124th2018 WCS Montreal - Oceania, SEA QualifierDark Society GamingDark Society Gaming0 : 2$730
2018-06-173rd2018 WCS Valencia - Oceania, SEA Qualifier0 : 2$1,179
2018-03-111stOSC Team Championship: Season
1F Pro Gaming
– : –$250
2017-12-134thANZ Proleague Season 1
1F Pro Gaming
1–3Grp S.$33.33
In A3Minor Tournaments
2023-01-181stAlpha X SDC Team Rumble 3JuggernautsJuggernauts4 : 1Alpha XAlpha X$60
2022-07-302ndLTK Invitational Team LeagueJuggernautsJuggernauts0 : 4ROOT GamingROOT Gaming$37.50
2022-07-062ndOSC King of the Hill Weekly #101JuggernautsJuggernauts0 : 1$15
2021-06-182ndBlazingSeries: Reality S6Intensity eSportsIntensity eSports0 : 4$433.34
2021-04-022ndBlazingSeries: Reality S5Intensity eSportsIntensity eSports2 : 4$420.38
2021-03-071st - 2ndThe SomeDrunkCanadian Showmatch Series #2Intensity eSportsIntensity eSports5 : 5$50
2020-11-221stESL Vietnam StarCraft 2 November3 : 0$172.36
2020-08-162ndSoutheast Asia LeagueTeam VietnamTeam Vietnam3 : 4SingaporeSingapore$0
2019-08-222ndWardiTV Summer Championship 2019: Asia & SEAVietnamGameTVVietnamGameTV0 : 3$50
2019-07-172ndCyberGamer StarCraft II 2019 Season 2: ChallengerVietnamGameTVVietnamGameTV0 : 3$210
2018-11-211stStarCraft Nation Race 20184 : 2$85
2018-08-181stCyberGamer StarCraft II Season 2Dark Society GamingDark Society Gaming3 : 1$300
2018-05-121stANZ Weekly #43 : 0$122.57
2018-05-062ndTopTierPractice Starcraft II League 2018 Season 10 : 3$100
2018-04-212ndANZ Weekly #21 : 3$22.58
2018-04-142ndANZ Weekly #12 : 3$49.46
2018-01-212ndSC2 ONLINE Community Open #801F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming1 : 3$25
2017-11-261stProbe Starcraft League: Online Cup #21F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming3 : 2$200
2017-10-231stOSC Melee #101F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming2 : 0$50
2017-10-152ndMasters Cup 1031F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming0 : 3$25
2017-09-162ndMasters Cup 1011F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming1 : 3$25
2017-07-171stVietnam Starcraft II Star League Season 51F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming4 : 1$57.20
2017-05-252ndOSC All Stars #341F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming1 : 3$25
2017-04-272ndOSC All Stars #301F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming2 : 3$25
2017-04-232ndMasters Cup 921F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming0 : 2$25
2017-04-202ndOSC All Stars #291F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming1 : 3$25
2017-02-022ndOSC All Stars #181F Pro Gaming1F Pro Gaming3 : 0$25
2016-12-251stVietnam Team League (VTL) Allstars 2016Team FlamesTeam Flames4 : 1$150
In A4Basic Tournaments
2021-02-141stDemi SEA Weekly #11Intensity eSportsIntensity eSports3 : 2$70
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss10 - 566.7 %2 - 0100 %2 - 433.3 %0 - 0-14 - 960.9 %
as Terran0 - 50 %5 - 271.4 %2 - 166.7 %0 - 0-7 - 846.7 %
as Zerg684 - 52856.4 %403 - 44547.5 %909 - 59660.4 %17 - 481 %2013 - 157356.1 %
as Random0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 20 %5 - 183.3 %5 - 362.5 %

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