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Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 12, 2, 6, 8
1.1, GOMTV, Dreamhack
Competition Span:
2010-02 – 2012-06


Metalopolis was one of the maps released with the StarCraft II beta, and is therefore one of the oldest maps in StarCraft II. The map has a similar design to the former StarCraft WCG Map Gaia. It was removed from the Ladder Map Pool in Season 3, however major tournaments continued to use it because it is considered a balanced map when spawning close positions is not possible. At the start of Leagues Season 4 Metalopolis returned with close positions removed, because of player feedback which insisted on more tournament-based maps[1]. It was then removed from the ladder at the beginning of the Leagues Season 8[2].

Metalopolis re-entered the Ladder Map Pool (HotS) from 2014-11-10 to 2014-12-18 as part of the "Dream Pool". See "Season 4 Ladder Map Pool: Winners Revealed" for additional information.

Official Map Description[edit]

Your base is easily defended but nearby resources are harder to protect. Watch Towers observe the main paths across the map. Additional resources are challenging to hold in the middle of the map.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Smoke provides a hidden area in the corner of each base.
  • High-Yield expansions are hard to take and protect.
  • The small platforms on which the Xel'Naga Towers are positioned can be used to reveal the adjacent High-Yield expansions and also allow Siege Tanks (in Siege Mode), and Colossi (with Extended Thermal Lance) to attack them or harass the workers. Ghosts can launch a Tactical Nuke on them from either of those locations.


Symmetrical distances are not shown to improve clarity


MLG Metalopolis[edit]

  • No close spawn positions
  • Neutral supply depot at ramp


  • Cross position enforced
  • Rocks at gold base

Ladder Season 4[edit]

  • No close spawn positions

Protoss Wall-ins[edit]

2 o'clock


vs. vs. vs. Mirrors

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