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[e][h]MicroGamerZ eSports
Team Information
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2014-11-30 - Team disbands
2014-08-13 - sC retires
2014-08-04 - Galaxy & Noblesse leave
2014-07-24 - Mamuri joins


MicroGamerz was a well-known Brood War team that has been re-established in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm on the 1st of February 2014 with a new roster.[1] The team was based on the North American Server, however was host to several international players including players from South Korea, Germany, Sweden and the Americas. The team disbanded on November 2014.


  • January 17th, Satz rejoins Active Roster.
  • January 19th, Believe joins MicroGamerZ.
  • January 21st, Satz leaves MicroGamerZ.
  • January 23rd, KaWiKaAkirA joins MicroGamerZ.
  • January 31st, Believe, Skipper, and Aidan are released from MicroGamerZ.
  • February 18th, The new roster of MicroGamerZ is announced, with KaWiKaAkirA, Mysticism, Snakehips, Noblesse, LeGeND, Skipper, Kyo, Hexia and PiLiPiLi as well as a Reserve Roster constituting of Haffey, Days and JunO.[1]
  • March 17th, Mamuri, together with team manager FosTA join from LYGF.[2]
  • March 19th, Former Prime player, Remember joins.[3]
  • March 23rd, Mamuri leaves MicroGamerZ.
  • March 29th, Kelazhur joins MicroGamerZ.[4]
  • April 6th, Skipper was released due to excessive inactivity.[5]
  • April 8th, Haffey was released due to unfulfilled contract obligations.[6]
  • April 24th, Remember was released due to excessive inactivity.[7]
  • May 1st, Hexia Moves down to inactive roster as he begins his Military Service.[8]
  • May 4th, StuN rejoins MicroGamerZ.[9]
  • June 1st, Days leaves to join Kaos Latin Gamers.[10]
  • June, 4th, MotoK joins MicroGamerZ.[11]
  • June 5th, PiLiPiLi leaves to join Redbloods.[12]
  • June 12th, KawikaAkria contract expires and explores free agency options.[13]
  • June 13th, Micro GamerZ receives a one year sponsorship from Gaming Jerseys LTD.[14]
  • July 08th, sC joins MicroGamerZ.[15]
  • July 19th, Believe rejoins MicroGamerZ.
  • July 20th, StuN leaves MicroGamerZ.
  • July 24th, Mamuri rejoins MicroGamerZ.
  • August 4th, Galaxy and Noblesse leave MicroGamerZ.[16]
  • August 6th, Tree joins MicroGamerZ.[17]
  • August 13th, sC leaves the team and retires from StarCraft II to play Heroes of the Storm.[18]
  • August 20th, PenguiN and Galaxy Join MicroGamerZ. [19]
  • August 25th, Believe leaves the team.
  • September 30th. Juno and MicroGamerZ part ways.
  • October 5th, Kelazhur leaves MicroGamerZ.
  • October 8th, FosTA steps down as Vice President Of Operations. [20]
  • October 8th, Warbattle is promoted to Vice President Of Operations.
  • October 16th, West Coast Chill becomes a new sponsor for MicroGamerZ
  • October 16th, PenguiN leaves MicroGamerZ
  • October 20th, Spanishiwa joins MicroGamerZ [21]
  • November 5th, Warbattle parts ways with MicroGamerZ [22]
  • November 10th, MicroGamerZ announce that they will disband at the end of the month.[23]
  • November 13th, Mysticism leaves MicroGamerZ. [24]
  • November 30th, MicroGamerZ disbands.
  • September 25th, MicroGamerZ is re-established.[Citation needed]
  • November 4th, Satz moves down to Reserve Roster.
  • November 18th, Android moves down to Reserve Roster.
  • December 16th, Aidan joins MicroGamerZ.

Former Player Roster[edit]

ID Name 2011 2012 2013 2014 New Team
Pro Roster
KRSouth Korea T MotoK () Chun Hee Su - - - - ZZZZZ
KRSouth Korea T Spear Kim Hyun Mok -  25 - 32nd 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 - - DuSt Gaming
USUSA z Snakehips Hussain Altamimi - - - - ZZZZZ
usUSA z Spanishiwa Michael Yabut D2Ro32 2011_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Providence 41 - 48th 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Winter/Championship E8Ro48 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship - Deadly Gaming
Academy Roster
ukUnited Kingdom p TeebuL Haseeb Ishaq - - - - Integrity Gaming
USAUSA p LoraX Justin Farzadkish - - - - ZZZZZ
usaUSA p Jimmy James Monroe - - - - ZZZZZ
CACanada z DIRESTRAIT Brian McWilliams - - - - Integrity Gaming
BRBrazil z Duolonn João Avila - - - - Integrity Gaming
GermanyGermany z HyPeR Simon Tanner - - - - Infinity Gaming
USAUSA z MandyMoore Trevor Flynn - - - - Miraculous Gaming

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea z Mamuri Lim Jae Hyun DuSt Gaming
krSouth Korea z Galaxy Yoo Young Joon Team Gravity
BRBrazil t Kelazhur Diego Schwimer Pro Dolly
KRSouth Korea t sC Kim Seung-Chul ZZZZZ Retirement
KRSouth Korea P StuN Seung Hyun Kim StarTale
krSouth Korea t Noblesse Chae Do Joon Invasion eSport
caCanada p Believe John Lagousakos GdA-Team
krSouth Korea z PenguiN Nam Yoon Seok SK Telecom T1

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
2014-7-05 1st Top Dog League Season 3 MicroGamerZ 3 : 0 iF Gaming $25
2014-06-29 1st StarCraft 2 Community Team League MicroGamerZ 4 : 1 Miraculous Gaming $400
2014-03-04 1st Top Dog League Season 2 MicroGamerZ 3 : 0 Team Gravity $100
2013-12-14 1st Thunderdog eSports Christmas Cash Team Tournament MicroGamerZ 3 : 1 Armata Gaming $100
2013-11-02 1st Thunderdog eSports Aragos Memorial MicroGamerZ 3 : 0 ZZZZZ SAGAcity $100
2013-10-18 1st Showmatch MicroGamerZ 5 : 1 Clarity Gaming $100



ID Name Position
USA Achaius Matthew Wuliger Chief Executive Officer
USA Karma Spencer Dees Academy Manager
USA ThisBlakeley Blakeley Young Marketing Director