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Micro tricks

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In addition to general micro practices such as kiting or focus fire, there are many situation-specific micro tricks which will give players an edge in the right circumstances. These tricks span a wide range of difficulty; some are useful for everyone, some may be only worth attempting for experienced players.


Moving drop from transport[edit]

  • 1. Select all drop ships
  • 2. Move past destination
  • 3. d
  • 4. Left Click on a dropship
  • 5. Repeat 3-4 until all dropships have been clicked

Worker Split[edit]

  • 1. Select all workers
  • 2. s to stop workers
  • 3. Rapidly press F1 and right click various locations in the base

If your keyboard has a fast key repeat and you press the smart commands key at the same time as the idle worker button, you do not need to right click.


Mineral Walk[edit]

All workers in Starcraft II avoid collision detection with both allied and enemy units when they are moving to and from resources. This is useful to allow workers to escape surrounds, get surrounds, or even escape an enemy base.


Worker Drills: Anti-Air Splitting with Static Defense[edit]

When air units harass your mineral line, pull the half of the workers being affected towards your static defense which functions as a zone defense.



Queen Inject style 1[edit]

  • All Queens hotkey
  • 1. Select all queens (hotkey)
  • 2. Backspace
  • 3. v
  • 4. Left click hatch
  • 5. Goto 2. and repeat as needed

Queen Inject style 2[edit]

  • Queens hotkey 4-9
  • 1. double tap 4
  • 2. v
  • 3. Left click hatch
  • 4. Goto 1. and repeat using hotkey 5, when you return here use hotkey 6 etc.

Queen Inject style 3[edit]

  • All Queens hotkey 0
  • 1. Select all queens (0)
  • 2. v
  • 3. Hold right shift
  • 4. Press backspace
  • 5. Click middle of screen
  • 6. Repeat steps 4-5 while holding right shift down

Queen Inject style 4[edit]

  • All Queens hotkey 5
  • Use camera position binds to bind each Queen base ( F2 to F4-5-6 )
  • 1. Select all queens 5
  • 2. Press Camera base position
  • 3. v
  • 4. Left click hatch
  • 5. Repeat 2.-4. until all bases are injected.

(you can also tap camera base positions during the game to keep track of your inject timings.)


Siege Tank Leapfrog 1[edit]

  • 1. Select Tank(s)
  • 2. Right click destination
  • 3. Shift-E
    • This can also be used for widow mines as they have the same hotkey for activate/deactivate

Siege Tank Leapfrog 2[edit]

  • 1. Select Tank(s)
  • 2. Hold Shift
  • 3. DRight click destinationE
  • 4. Release Shift

Widow Mine hold fire[edit]

Widow Mines generally attack the first target to come into range after a 1.5 second activation time. However, If widow mines receive a new attack command during their activation time, the timer will reset, and they will hold fire. This behavior can be used to prevent widow mine shots from being baited out by single units, allowing the Terran to take full advantage of the Widow Mine's splash damage.

This trick is often used in TvZ, for a Terran player going Bio-Mine against Zerg, and is used to target widow mines away from roaches onto clumps of Zerglings or especially Banelings.



Warp Lift (Warp prism elevator)[edit]

  • 1. Move Warp Prism just above a cliff (on high ground but right next to cliff)
  • 2. Warp Prism in phase mode
  • 3. Right click units to warp prism
  • 4. Select Warp Prism
  • 5. d click anywhere on the ground next to warp prism
  • 6. Back to 3. until all units are on high ground


Tip: Remember to warp in units from your gateway during the elevator to maximize your army size.

Warp Prism Immortal Micro[edit]

If your opponent has limited anti-air capabilities, players can greatly extend the survivability of Immortals by loading and unloading them from a warp prism in between attacks. The key is to drop the immortal on the ground as soon as it is ready to attack, and then lift it back into the warp prism before it can receive too much damage from the enemy. It is possible to use other units as well, but the short length of the immortal's attack animation and the relatively long cooldown between attacks (1.45 seconds) makes the immortal an ideal unit for warp prism micro.

The ideal situation for this micro trick is in around midgame PvZ, when the Protoss has 1-3 immortals, and the Zerg has not yet fielded Mutalisks or Hydralisks.