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[e][h] MightyKiwi
Player Information
David Gore
January 31, 1995 (1995-01-31) (age 25)
Alternate IDs:
MightyKiwi, MK, Yura
Fuck David, Dabid, Cheesykiwi
Total Earnings:
EPT Pro Tour rank:
2013-01-24 - 2013-10-18
2013-10-18 - 2014-06-15
2014-06-15 - 2015-11-17
2015-11-17 - 2020-01-10


David "MightyKiwi" Gore is a Zerg player from New Zealand who is currently teamless.

He rose up from the Iris Academy in early 2013 to become one of the best NZ players. Since joining the main team, MightyKiwi has been to America to train in the ROOT house, where he became known as "Fuck David", thanks to joining the ROOT academy, SEED. He previously played for Vox Eminor as their first SC2 player. He has been known to favour cheesy strategies, namely 10 pool baneling, earning himself the nickname "Cheesykiwi".

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

MightyKiwi has been a strong competitor in SEA tournaments, currently residing at rank 10 on the OSC [1] rankings, despite his period of inactivity due to his stay in America. Despite his strong showings, he is yet unable to pass NZ champion Petraeus and has remained as many peoples #2 NZ player.

David participated in several online and LAN tournaments, most recently he attended ACL Sydney, where he had to participate in the open bracket due to a lack of points in the acl seeding system. Despite this he manage to make it to group stages, where he would place third his his group, not advancing to championship bracket


In A2Major tournaments
2017-08-263rd2017 WCS Montreal - Oceania, SEA Qualifier1 : 2 Seither$1,135
2017-06-244th2017 WCS Valencia - Oceania, SEA Qualifier0 : 2 Seither$832
2017-05-214th2017 WCS Jönköping - Oceania, SEA Qualifier1 : 2 Probe$763
2017-04-024th2017 WCS Austin - Oceania, SEA Qualifier0 : 2 Azure$763
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2014-09-141stSEA Rising Star Tournament Series2 : 1 Blysk$200
2014-05-102ndSEA Rising Star Invitational 1ZZZZZ1 : 2 Blysk$60
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Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2018-12-131stANZ Proleague Season 33 : 0$180.67
2018-04-111stANZ Proleague Season 23 : 2$280
2017-12-191stANZ Proleague Season 13 : 1$280
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