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Minor Tournaments/Team Events

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Premier Tournaments offer an outstanding prize pool, are frequently played out offline, and feature the best players from all over the world. They are commonly held by well-established franchises and are considered especially prestigious amongst the community.

Legacy of the Void Tournaments


Mar 1Mar 92021 BJ Destruction Match Season 1$7,1115South Korea Online TBD TBD
Feb 12TBDNA Apprentice Team League$7007United States Online TBD TBD
Jan 21Jan 21Alpha X vs. Good Game Gaming$3602South Korea Online Good Game Gaming Alpha X


Dec 20Dec 20Solar Supreme Starleague$1,8204South Korea Online Team Creator Team ByuN
Dec 2Dec 16SC2 Royal #6: Team Edition$2,90021Europe Online Team Liquid Cascade
Oct 25, 2020Feb 19, 2021Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 17$00 Online Team eXoN Alpha X
Oct 13Oct 20Snoxtar Team League #2$1564Poland Online Łysi Narodowcy Żołnierze Chrystusa
Oct 5, 2020Jan 11, 2021Death League$12518Brazil Online E os 89 mil Michele DarkSide!
Sep 27Sep 27KOVA StarCraft Team League #2$2852Finland Online Team Zhuge Team Mixu
Sep 26Sep 27Snoxtar Team League$1064Poland Online Zeloci nie płaczą Chłopaki z baraków
Sep 10Nov 26Starry Arena$1,9507Taiwan Online 黃巾賊 輝三七九打抗
Aug 15Aug 15KOVA StarCraft Team League #1$1652Finland Online Team Mixu Team Zhuge
Aug 8Aug 16Southeast Asia League$1004Asia Online Singapore Team Vietnam
Aug 4Sep 24Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 6$39115Russia Online Passion Mercs Houkago Tea Team
Jul 31Jul 31Alpha X vs. Team eXoN Showdown$1402North America Online Alpha X Team eXoN
Jul 30Sep 11Hell, it's about time$1008Europe Online Houkago Tea Team Hasu Players
Jul 29Sep 16NA Team League Rumble 3$3506United States Online Team eXoN Alpha X
Jun 13Jun 192020 BJ Destruction Match Season 2$6,8505South Korea Online 3erg Big Brother Cure
May 25Sep 20Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 16$0 Online Archangel Gaming Harbingers
May 21May 21Archangel Gaming vs Team eXoN$1002South Korea Online Team eXoN Archangel Gaming
May 12Jun 17NA Team League Rumble 2$3005United States Online Alpha X Icebound Esports
Apr 29Apr 29Alpha X vs Team GP 2$1502South Korea Online Team GP Alpha X
Apr 18Apr 18City Fight StarCraft Edition$1094Germany Online 1. Berliner eSports Club e.V. Bremen eSports e.V.
Apr 18May 16The NA Apprentice: Spicy League 2$5258North America Online Single-Horny Ponies Team BearMe
Apr 13Apr 27UKSC2: Quaranteams$744United Kingdom Online Team Integrity Team TSI Improve
Apr 6Apr 6Alpha X vs Team GP$1502South Korea Online Alpha X Team GP
Mar 22May 3Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 5$40820Russia Online Cascade Alpha X
Mar 14Mar 28NA Team League Rumble$3004United States Online Alpha X Icebound Esports
Feb 19Feb 19Alpha X vs Brave Star Gaming$902South Korea Online Brave Star Gaming Alpha X
Feb 14Feb 14Alpha X vs IntoTheClan$2252South Korea Online IntoTheClan Alpha X
Feb 1Feb 1Dutch Danish Qlash$1752Europe Online Denmark Netherlands
Jan 1TBDVietnam Team League Season 7$200Vietnam Online TBD TBD


Dec 28, 2019Jan 22, 20202020 BJ Destruction Match Season 1$6,8506South Korea Online/Offline 노저그GG 조지병렬도욱
Nov 26, 2019May 19, 2020WardiTV Team League Season 9$4,10012World Online Team Liquid Fantastic Five
Nov 8, 2019Jan 2, 2020Russian StarCraft 2 League: Season 4$48217Russia Online Mkers Team STARCOM
Oct 28, 2019Mar 31, 2020Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 15$063 Online Mkers Hasu Players
Oct 16Nov 172019 BJ Destruction Match Season 3$6,8686South Korea Online/Offline '진'에효 부산사나2
Sep 18TBDVietnam Team League Season 6$2008Vietnam Online HongKong Allstars Heroes of God
Sep 7Oct 24Nations Tournament CIS 1$1,0176Russia Online CIS Ukraine
Sep 2Dec 1Alpha X Civil War$6006United States Online Team SippyCup Iron Curtain
Jul 25Sep 26Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 3$46718Russia Online ePunks
Jul 7Jul 7Alpha X HK Open Clash of Continents$1502World Online Team EU Team NA
Jul 6Jul 6Momentum Cup Season 2 EU vs NA$1.808 Online Team NA Team EU
Jul 5Aug 31ANZ Proleague Season 4$1,6838Australia Melbourne SEA Outcasts Legacy Esports
Jul 2Aug 25Oceanic Pond League Season 1$3486 Online Born Gosu Alpha X
Jun 3Sep 22Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 14$072 Online Mkers 3D!Clan
May 12Jun 82019 BJ Destruction Match Season 2$7,0915South Korea Online/Offline Team Classic Team herO
May 11May 25Alpha SC2 Team League AfreecaTV Cup$3008 Online Mkers Alpha X
May 4Jun 22The NA Apprentice: Spicy League 1$158.345North America Online Slam In' Jam' Team JRG
Mar 21Apr 72019 BJ Destruction Match Season 1$7,0915South Korea Online/Offline Pizza Maru Sexy Guy Gisado
Mar 5Apr 17Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 2$470Russia Online 3D!Clan REGENERATE
Jan 4Apr 28Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 13$084 Online Mkers 3D!Clan


Dec 14, 2018Jan 19, 2019Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 1$45216Russia Online 3D!Clan
Dec 7Dec 28AfreecaTV Blazing Series : Asia$5006 Online IntoThe Clan Power of the Asian Game Silver
Dec 3Dec 21BJ Destruction Match Season 2$04South Korea Online/Offline OUR GOAL IS 2ND PLACE FLY JINAIR
Nov 6, 2018Feb 16, 2019Road To Masters 2018$60015Costa Rica Online Try Again Next Gaming
Oct 17Oct 31BJ Destruction Match Season 1$7,1055South Korea Online/Offline 어징어빵 십정동의 수호신
Oct 13Oct 13PsiX Team Wars Edition #1$504 Online Psionic Aftermath Black Night
Sep 21Oct 19QCL: Power Overwhelming Pro Teamleague$3,4987South Korea Online Selendis and Bugs INnoVation One Man Team
Aug 12Nov 18Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 12$0131 Online Iron Chain Iron Chain Academy
Jul 26Nov 10NW Proliga - Prolog$1855Poland Online Life is Life PSI PSI PSI
Jul 1Jul 1PsiX HK Open Race Wars$3003World Online Team Protoss Team Zerg
Jun 30Jul 8Spicy League: Civil War$2008 Online Team Minnesota Team Pennsylvania
May 27Jun 17Clan Wars Cup$85.178South America Online Next Gaming New Angels
May 1, 2018Jun 5, 2019OSC Team Championship 2018$3,00012World Online Rise Esports OSC Elite
Apr 23Jul 27Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 11$099 Online Exeed Esports ECV eSports
Feb 18Oct 13WardiTV Team League S8 Open$40025 Online 3D!Clan Rise Esports
Jan 19Mar 31Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 10$20082 Online Cascade IsIMBA
Jan 8Apr 11Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 13$47542Russia Online Cascade IsIMBA
Jan 4Feb 4Iron Chain invitational: Titans War$15018Europe Online Cascade 3D!Clan


Dec 17, 2017Jan 22, 2018Blazing Series : Dream$1,50014 Online Neo Dopen
Dec 12TBDLive Report Team League$504World Online TBD TBD
Oct 14Dec 2SEA Open Team League 2017 Season 2$3008South East Asia Online BearMe 1F Pro Gaming
Sep 16TBDLive Report Team League$504World Online TBD TBD
Sep 1, 2017Jan 14, 2018Afreeca World Team League$2,00093 Online ROOT Gaming Sloth E-Sports Club
Aug 11Nov 15Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 12$48039Russia Online IsIMBA Houkago Tea Team
Jul 7Dec 15Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 9$092 Online IsIMBA Prophecy E-sports
Apr 1Jun 18Latin Sur Series$8014 Online TBD TBD
Feb 22Jun 1Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 8$089 Online IsIMBA Cascade
Feb 20Jun 7Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 11$50846Russia Online IsIMBA Cascade
Jan 2Mar 19SEA Open Team League 2017 Season 1$30012Vietnam online Devious metaDucks ESR


Dec 11, 2016May 10, 2017DuSt League Season 4$45016 Online ROOT Gaming PSISTORM Gaming
Nov 26, 2016Mar 26, 2018WardiTV Team League Season 7$2,00093 Online Team expert Team Liquid
Sep 26, 2016Feb 5, 2017Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 7$076 Online IsIMBA ECVisualize
Jul 7Sep 8Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 6$10073 Online Cascade IsIMBA
Jun 12Sep 3DuSt League Season 3$55026 Online Team Gravity Rival Gaming
May 25Oct 9Road To Masters 2016 Season 1$6008Costa Rica Online Ørdo Equitum Rebirth eSports
May 24TBDPvP: Civil War$1,0006 Online TBD TBD
May 22May 22World Wide City Battle #1$223.8613Germany online HamburgWins St. Pöltner Bauernbuama
May 11Aug 5Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 10$49,20041Russia Online True eSport EURONICS Gaming
Apr 8Jun 2Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 5$25070 Online Cascade True eSport
Jan 17Apr 3DuSt League Season 2$50021 Online PSISTORM Gaming Flipsid3 Tactics
Jan 8Sep 1SC2Improve Team League Season 6$085 Online Millenium Team Liquid


Dec 5, 2015Feb 25, 2016Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 4$10040 Online True eSport HD Game
Nov 16, 2015Apr 8, 2016Road To Masters 2015 Season 2$2009Costa Rica Online Try Again Ørdo Equitum

Heart of the Swarm Tournaments




Dec 14Dec 14Thunderdog eSports Christmas Cash Team Tournament$10019United States online MicroGamerZ Armata Gaming
Nov 25, 2013Feb 8, 2014RaidCall ESL Euro Series Winter 2013$6,817.8816 Online mYinsanity mousesports
Nov 8Nov 8The Gathering 2013 Team Battle$1,201.294United Kingdom Online/Offline NewRoSoft Fnatic
Nov 4, 2013Mar 30, 2014SC2Improve Team League$343.7656 Online mYinsanity Cascade
Nov 2Nov 2Thunderdog eSports Extra-Life "Aragos" Memorial Tournament 2013$1008United States online MicroGamerZ SAGAcity
Sep 23Nov 24The Ascension$40016 online Love Your Girlfriend NrG
Sep 3Oct 28Cascade1xbet Clan League Season 5$2,00016 Online Empire-Ence Millenium
Jul 27Sep 27Union of Americas Star League Season 2$33022 Team Gravity Xtraterrestrials
Jul 22Oct 4RaidCall ESL Euro Series Summer 2013$6,778.5116 Online mousesports Natus Vincere
May 20Jul 142da Liga de Clanes SC2MX.COM$5008 Online Renegades of Hell LatinGamers
May 7May 7Razer Russia vs Ukraine$1,0002 Online Russia Ukraine
May 1Jul 1UASL Season 1$1508 Chronic Facture Xtraterrestrials
May 1Jun 11Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 1$163.5726Russia Online Vega Squadron 7x Team
Apr 22Jul 13Norwegian Clan League 2013$329.0812Norway Online Aposis Gaming Team GamersLeague
Apr 1Jun 1Oh My God League$022 Online Team Property FXO.NA
Apr 1Jun 21RaidCall EMS Spring 2013$5,00016 Online Team Empire mousesports
Apr 1Aug 3Under Rated Team League Season 2$045 Denial eSports Team .SCA
Mar 23Mar 312012-2013 Proleague The Special$08South Korea offline Taekbaeng Leessang CJ Stars
Feb 16Feb 252013 Global Starcraft II Team League Preseason$2,759.198South Korea Offline Incredible Miracle AZUBU

Wings of Liberty Tournaments


Feb 11Mar 19Cascade1xbet Clan League Season 4$2,00016 Online Team Empire FXO.CIS


Dec 10, 2012Mar 4, 2013ZGT Team League Season 1$20012 Online FXO.NAZZZZZ
Sep 30Nov 18NCL 2012$86.448Norway Online Aposis Gaming Team BX3
Sep Team ProLeague$1,00040 Weekly Online Team Zimbabwe LighT eSports
Aug 27Sep 30Indie Starcraft Team League$50010 Online Western Wolves Frost eSports
Aug 6Oct 24incredible Panic Team League Season 4$2,00012 Online Team Empire RoX
Jul 31Nov 18ESEA SC2 League Season 5$5,00032 Online It's Gosu eSports Monomaniac eSports
Jun 1Sep 6xGTL$6509Australia Online Gama Bears Team Nv
May 22Jul 1Indie Starcraft Team League$30010 Online Western Wolves My Intent
May 7Jul 21SC2Clans Premier League$10036 Online Monomaniac eSports Legit Gaming
Apr 19May 16Eclypsia Colosseum$2,544.458 Online Eclypsia mousesports
Apr 8Jul 12ESEA SC2 League Season 4$5,00020 Online Infinity Seven CheckSix Gaming
Mar 31Aug 8Vanguard Marsch 3$6,00012Russia Online Qnatek Cascade
Mar 27Apr 26Indie Starcraft Team League$1208 Online Team Nightmares Multitude Gaming
Mar 10Mar 10Pro Random Monobattles Tournament$1,0004 Online Team Liquid Evil Geniuses
Feb 22May 274PL Clan League Season 2$5,030.6116Germany Online RoX Team Acer
Feb 13Nov 20ESL Country Championship 2012$046 Online Poland Germany
Jan 16Jan 30Korean StarCraft II League 2012 January$1,3008South Korea Online Prime New Star HoSeo


Nov 26, 2011Jun 2, 2012High School Starleague Season 1$099 Online Bellerose High School Montgomery Blair High School
Nov 21, 2011Apr 8, 2012incredible Panic Team League Season 3$1,50010 Online FXO.CIS Team Empire
Oct 21Oct 24Medion Trophy PGW 2011$06France Offline mousesports Millenium
Oct 19, 2011Feb 13, 2012ESEA SC2 League Season 3$5,00020 Online It's Gosu eSports CheckSix Gaming
Sep 23Dec 24PL CLan League$4,017.7416 Online ESC Icybox Guild of Imbalance
Sep 10, 2011May 19, 2012Collegiate Starleague Season 5$0246United States University of North Texas University of Washington
Aug 13Nov 13GosuCoaching Premiere League Season 2$5,0008 Online Team Empire Evil Geniuses
Jul 30Aug 28SEA Nation Wars II$1,2008 Online China Taiwan
Jul 20Jul 20vVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #10$1002United States Online vVv Gaming Team Revoki
Jul 13Jul 13vVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #9$1002United States Online Prime vVv Gaming
Jul 6Aug 19After Hours Gaming League$5,0008United States Online Microsoft Zynga
Jul 6Jul 6vVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #8$1002United States Online vVv Gaming Relentless Heroes
Jun 29Jun 29vVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #7$1002United States Online Kiwiclones vVv Gaming
Jun 28Jul 30Russian-language Pro League 4$5,4008Ukraine Online RoX incredible Panic
Jun 21Jun 21vVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #6$1002United States Online Quantum Gaming vVv Gaming
Jun 15Jun 18NetEase Starcraft2 League 2011: Team Tournament$2,782.084China online TyLoo Catastrophic Cruel Memory
Jun 14Sep 25ESEA SC2 League Season 2$5,00020 Online CheckSix Gaming Evil Geniuses
May 24Sep 15incredible Panic Team League Season 2$1,00010 Online Guild of Imbalance Team Empire
May 6Oct 31Vanguard Marsch 2$6,00012Russia Online 3D!Clan NCM Clan
Apr 23Jul 22High School Starleague Season 0$071 Online Canyon Crest Academy/Torrey Pines High School Lynbrook High School
Apr 10Jun 19SC2CL Season 2$1,714.4312 Online Team Empire SFTO eSports
Apr 9TBD2011 Collegiate E-Sports Series Invitational April$5,00024United States Indiana University University of Cincinnati
Jan 18Mar 29Russian-language Pro League 3$1,0008Russia Online RoX Team Empire
Jan 9Jan 31Machinima Realm Invitational$2,5005 online Evil Geniuses ROOT Gaming
Jan 7May 14ESEA SC2 League Season 1$5,00036 Online compLexity Gaming Evil Geniuses


Nov 25, 2010Mar 23, 2011MSCL ENWL$024Europe Germany Italy
Nov 13, 2010Mar 30, 2011Vanguard Marsch$012Russia Online 7x Team 3D!Clan
Nov 1Dec 31SGL Season 1$2008 online ROOT Gaming Fnatic
Nov 1Dec 1SGL Season 2$8008 online ROOT Gaming All4ONE Gaming
Oct 22, 2010Apr 7, 2011Collegiate Starleague Season 4$0144United States University of British Columbia University of Waterloo
Sep 21Nov 20Russian-language Pro League 2$1,175.528Russia Online RoX incredible Panic
May 15Jun Asia-Europe Star League$1,316.0416World Online Asia Europe
Apr 3Apr 3Smuft's Team Battle Tournament$5004 Online Media Assembly Redialing