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Mista's 2 Base Colossus All-In (vs. Zerg)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]ProtossMista's 2 Base Colossus All-In
Strategy Information
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This opening is specifically designed to counter Stephano's popular mass Roach style that is commonly utilised against Protoss players who open with a Forge Fast Expansion. The build focuses on a 165-170 supply attack with a heavily upgraded, Colossus-based army. However, the build also applies pressure earlier in the game to obtain scouting information, and to try to force the Zerg player to build units instead of Drones.

The build can be categorised as an all-in as you will have no intention of taking a third base.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Note: It is possible to use any FFE opening and to then transition into this style of play. This is an example only.

Basic Build
  1. Chrono boost Probes 3 times when complete.
  2. Chrono boost 3 times.
  3. Chrono boost 3 times.
  4. Initial units from the Robotics Facility: Warp Prism, Observer, Immortal.
  5. Get Blink, +2 Attack and +1 Defence once these finish.
  • After getting to the point where you have the +2 Attack and +1 Defence upgrades researching, add a Robotics Bay so that you can start getting Colossi and Extended Thermal Lances. Then add additional Gateways up to a total of 8. You're going to be using mainly Gateway reinforcements during your attack.
  • If the Zerg scouts your Robotics Bay quickly, make only a single Colossus and then switch into Immortal production. Hide your Colossus count to try to trick the Zerg into over-making Corruptors as a response to non-existent Colossi.
  • Push at ~14.30 with 3-2 upgrades and ~165-170 supply.


  • Both the Warp Prism and the Observer should be used to scout the opponent.
  • If they do not go for a fast third base then be weary of two base Lair builds. If you suspect Mutalisks, it may be better to transition into a macro game as they will have the upper hand in a basetrade scenario.


  • Make 2 early Sentries and keep them until the push so that they can have 4 Forcefields each. Don't make any other Sentries.
  • Use the Warp Prism to harass and scout the opponent. Warp-in mostly Zealots for harassment, but do not take too many risks as you do not want to lose too many units attempting to harass your opponent. You simply want to force the Zerg to make units instead of Drones.
  • Patrol Stalkers around the edge of your base to prevent the Zerg player scouting what you are doing.
  • Engage only in choke points and other favourable positions; do not move your army through wide, open spaces.

Further Strategies[edit]