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Team Information
Italy Gabriele "Doc" Castillo
Italy Federico "Raven" Tarchi
Romania Iustin "Snowden" Neaga
Poland Aleksander "Sandro" Pisarek
Poland Rafal "raul" M.
Italy Francesco "Purpose" Reniero
Team Captain:
Italy Hicham "Day"
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Mkers, previously known as Iron Chain, was born in Italy in 2013 out of a passion for gaming with the intention of creating a proper eSports organization which can earn its spot in the European Starcraft 2 scene.

Mkers main goal is to create a competitive environment for players from different skill levels so they can see their potential fully grow, develop and eventually compete in prestigious Starcraft 2 tournaments and make their eSports dream come true. As an esports team Mkers is competing in the following Team Leagues: the Alpha Team League, Koprulu League, the Russian Team League and WardiTV Team League S8.

In February 2019, Iron Chain merged with Mkers. [1]


As Mkers [edit]

  • February 12, Iron Chain merge with Mkers. [2]
  • February 12, ShoWTimE joins the team. [3]

As Iron Chain [edit]

Player Rosters[edit]


ID Name 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
ltLithuania p Krr Kristijonas Barisas - - - Premier League 25 - 32nd 2014 WCS Season 2 Europe - - 37 - 44th IEM Season XI - World Championship Challenger League 13 - 16th 2018 WCS Leipzig - Europe Qualifier 61 - 76th IEM Season XIII - Katowice
plPoland Z Nerchio Artur Bloch 2nd IGN ProLeague Season 2 1st HomeStory Cup/5 2012 DreamHack Open/Bucharest Premier League 7 - 8th 2013 WCS Season 3 Europe Premier League 9 - 12th 2014 WCS Season 1 Europe 5 - 8th DreamHack ROCCAT LotV Championship HomeStory Cup XII 1st 2016_DreamHack_Open/Valencia 2nd 2017_WCS_Austin 5 - 8th 2018 WCS Leipzig2018 WCS Austin2018 WCS Valencia 25 - 32nd 2019 WCS Winter Europe
frFrance p PtitDrogo Théo Freydière - - - 33 - 48th 2014 DreamHack Open: Stockholm 5 - 8th HomeStory Cup XIHomeStory Cup XII 1st 2016_DreamHack_Open/Leipzig 5 - 8th 2017_WCS_Jönköping 17 - 24th 2018 WCS Valencia 4th 2019 WCS Winter Europe
deGermany p ShoWTimE Tobias Sieber - - Premier League 13 - 16th 2013 WCS Season 3 Europe 9 - 16th 2014 DreamHack Open: Summer Premier League 3 - 4th 2015 WCS Season 1 1st 2016 WCS Spring Circuit Championship 4th World Electronic Sports Games 2016 2nd 2018 WCS Leipzig 7th 2019 WCS Winter Europe
plPoland t souL Piotr Walukiewicz - - - - Challenger League 32 - 62nd World Championship Series 9 - 12th HomeStory Cup XIII 9 - 16th 2017 WCS Montreal 25 - 28th IEM Season XII - World Championship 17 - 24th 2019 WCS Winter Europe


ID Name 2019
deGermany t ACID Martin Schill -
fiFinland p Alluton Aleksi Saarainen -
frFrance z BsK Jérémy Duez -
IrIran t DeMiGoD Shahriar Shaki 33 - 40th World Electronic Sports Games 2018
swedenSweden p FightingFrog -
hungaryHungary z Freeman Levente Frim -
germanyGermany p FrisK Maurice Peter -
plPoland p Krystianer Krystian Szczęsny -
bulgariaBulgaria z msrm Mihail Mihaylov 41 - 48th World Electronic Sports Games 2018
deGermany p Spaz Marvin Tiele -
fiFinland p TheMusZero Iiro Kumpulainen -
fiFinland t WoodedMicrob Richard Häyrinen -
deGermany t ZertoN Nico -


ID Name New Team
frFrance p ShaDoWn Thomas Labrousse Destruction Gaming
plPoland t Ziggy Szymon Filipek ZZZZZ
bgBulgaria t ArchangeL Bojidar Ganchev Wolf's Lair E-Sports
skSlovakia t BlueCheese Radovan Viselka ZZZZZ
frFrance z Rotab Jean-Baptiste Doubez ZZZZZ
ruRussia z Basset Sergey Anisimov Team Blacer
uaUkraine t Awers Alexey Chistiakov Team Blacer
plPoland z Damrud Damian Rudnicki Exeed Esports
uaUkraine z Minato Vitaliy Ponomarenko
bgBulgaria z Nitix Peycho Ivanov Wolf's Lair E-Sports
ruRussia p Nerazim Nikita Belkin Black Night
ruRussia p SKillous Nikita Gurevich Infinity Gaming
uaUkraine p Hellraiser Bogdan Kozar Wolf's Lair E-Sports
roRomania p Light Dereli Dan Adrian Psionic Aftermath
nlNetherlands p Marsman Vlad Popescu Team Blacer
krSouth Korea t control Won Jun Young Black Night
frFrance p CripSeil Clément Pagnier
plPoland p BluE Michal Polewaczyk 1stCav
deGermany p GunGFuBanDa Fabian Mayer Wolf's Pack
noNorway p Poseidon Kjell Lunden
seSweden p SatO Emil Söderlind Infinite Edge
ruRussia t Creed Andrey Romanov
ruRussia p CoolTea Denis Markov 3D!Clan
plPoland p Indy Igor Kaczmarek


ID Name Position
itItaly z Daytona Hicham Owner
itItaly z Doc Gabriele Castillo Vice Owner
itItaly random Purpose Francesco Reniero Support Manager
nlNetherlands t RejiVatioN Fabian Huguenin Liquipedia
roRomania t Snowden Iustin Neaga Manager Professional, Social Media
plPoland p Sandro Aleksander Pisarek Semi Pro Team Manager
plPoland z raul Rafal M. Academy Team Manager
deGermany z Belgrom Sven Vogt Caster, Streamer
deGermany z 5k1p Florian Kohn Caster, Streamer
deGermany p Morindil Dan Hermanns Caster, Streamer, Graphics
itItaly t Raven Federico Tarchi Mental Coach, Manager