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[e][h] MoMaN
Player Information
Emmanuel Marquez
December 27, 1982 (age 40)
Alternate IDs:
ROGMoMaN, brain, Pigeon
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2010 - 2014
2016 - 2017
Years active (caster):
2010-06-13 — 2010-12-23
2010-12-23 — 2011-07-31
2011-08-01 — 2011-11-01
2012-01-06 — 2017-09-??
Recent Matches
MoMaN Zerg France
Poland Protoss ArT
2020-06-21 17:00:00UTC  
MoMaN Zerg France
United States Terran Jenasin
2020-03-15 21:55:45UTC  
MoMaN Zerg France
France Protoss ToD
2017-01-21 20:50:00UTC  
MoMaN Zerg France
Russia Terran Brat_OK
2016-07-20 00:00:25UTC  
MoMaN Zerg France
France Protoss DnS
2016-03-26 00:01:45UTC  

Emmanuel "MoMaN" Marquez (born December 27, 1982) is a French coach.


MoMaN has played several games competitively in the past, starting with Duke Nukem and followed by Quake 2, Counter-Strike 1.5/1.6, StarCraft: Brood War, and now StarCraft II. He has played on the French national team for each of these games, as well as for the Spanish national team for Brood War. Currently, he is also the coach for the Team LDLC Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.


MoMaN started to play to Starcraft II during the beta, and competed in many weekly tournaments, making a habit of playing in US online events, because they took place at night, after work. He joined Millenium on 2010-05-03.[1]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

On December 2010, MoMaN left Millenium, and joined the young team Cyber Nation, which offered him to become the first fully-professional French Starcraft II player (even if the major part of his job is to animate the cyber café).[2]

Despite keeping a low profile after release and only participating in weekly tournaments and French offline events, he decided to make a more relaxed application for NASL than most other players.[3] MoMaN was placed in Division B, becoming the only French player in the tournament. After an encouraging victory 2-0 against qxc for his first match, he gradually came down in the rankings of his group. MoMaN still managed to win his last confrontations against iNcontroL, White-Ra and July (who was already qualified for the main bracket at this time). He ended up sixth of his group, failing to get a spot in the qualifier bracket. He is confirmed to return for the second season of the NASL.

On July 31, MoMaN announced in a long interview that he was leaving Cyber Nation. He explained that his wages were too high comparing to his performances, therefore leaving Cyber Nation's staff and him to decide to part ways.[4] He joined Virus Gaming a few days later.[5]

MoMaN competed in French Master Series Finals 2010 - 2011, where he took the fourth place, therefore failing to qualify for Electronic Sports World Cup 2011. He tried again to qualify for this event by participating in the European online qualifiers, but was unable again of reaching a qualifying place. He was eventually invited to the tournament at the last minute in order to replace Seiplo who couldn't attend. However, he wasn't able to pull a notable performance, being eliminated in group stage.

On January 6, 2012, MoMaN joined Team and signed a personal sponsorship contract with Republic of Gamers, hence switching his ID to "ROGMoMaN".[6][7]


  • He was a high-level tennis, handball and judo practitioner, but had to drop it because of knees issue, which led him to eSports.[Citation needed]
  • He played Zerg in Brood War, and was a member of the French National 2v2 Team alongside Chobo.[Citation needed]
  • He describes himself as a former clan hopping player, having played for almost every major French team during his long career. Furthermore, he still sometimes plays Counter-Strike for various teams.[Citation needed]
  • His nickname "MoMaN" comes from a running joke of his teammates who gave him the nickname. When he played overnight in LANs and cyber café, his mother often called to ask where he was, and he invariably answered "allô, moman" ("Yes, mommy" in French) to all her calls, resulting in the laughter of his comrades.[Citation needed]
  • He has dual citizenship, being French and Spanish. This particularity allowed him to compete twice in ESWC 2011 qualifiers.[Citation needed]


In A2Major Tournaments
2010-10-114thESL Pro Series France IXMilleniumMillenium0 : 3$349.45
In A3Minor Tournaments
2012-12-022ndhf.lan #4Team LDLC.comTeam LDLC.com0 : 3$243.02
2012-01-212ndLDLC Winter Trophy 2v23 : 4$388.11
2010-11-012ndAzerty Party 2010MilleniumMillenium0 : 4$208.46
2010-10-102ndPxL-Lan #28MilleniumMillenium1 : 2$139.76
In A4Basic Tournaments
2011-12-211stPlayhem EU Daily 97– : –$45
2011-10-011stSennheiser Cup Season 2 Cup 5Virus GamingVirus Gaming3 : 1$66.94
2011-07-261stCraftCup Cup L76Cyber NationCyber Nation2 : 1$20
2011-05-301stGo4SC2 NA Cup 60Cyber NationCyber Nation3 : 1$50
2011-05-031stGo4SC2 NA Monthly Finals Cup 7Cyber NationCyber Nation3 : 1$200
2011-04-101stGo4SC2 NA Cup 46Cyber NationCyber Nation3 : 0$50
2011-03-201stGo4SC2 NA Cup 40Cyber NationCyber Nation3 : 2$50
2011-01-111stCraftCup Cup L29Cyber NationCyber Nation2 : 0$20
2010-11-091stCraftCup Cup L12MilleniumMillenium2 : 1$20
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 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Zerg66 - 12634.4 %56 - 10933.9 %81 - 8648.5 %8 - -1114.3 %211 - 32039.7 %

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