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Monthly Tournaments

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Minor Tournaments offer a smaller prize pool and less prestige than Major Tournaments but still draw a high level of competition.


Jan 30Jan 30Black Ice Monthly Open #6$250North America OnlineTBDTBD
Jan 26Jan 26OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: January 2021$5008South Korea OnlineTBDTBD
Jan 10Jan 10LaughingFalcon Invitational #3$2004South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Trap
Jan 9Jan 9Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #8$16841Brazil OnlineBrazil  ErikBrazil  nanO
Jan 8Jan 8Alpha Scrims 18$2004South Korea OnlineTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  ByuN
Jan 4Jan 4The Cauldron: Hex$00 OnlineUnited States  ShlongMcGeePhilippines  ShWall
Jan 4Jan 4The Cauldron Finals: The Cauldron Crown$00 OnlineTBDTBD


Dec 30Dec 30Alpha X MVP Cup #19$27016 OnlineUnited States  AstreaCanada  MaSa
Dec 29Dec 31ITaX Trovo Rumble #2$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Dream
Dec 29Dec 29OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: December 2020$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Zest
Dec 27Dec 27King of CIS: December 2020$30316CIS OnlineRussia  GeNieS
Dec 20Dec 20Nordic StarCraft League, Season Finals$40016Europe OnlineSweden  SortOfDenmark  MaxPax
Dec 19Dec 19Black Ice Monthly Open #5$258North America OnlineSouth Korea  SpearRussia  Bee
Dec 18Dec 18LaughingFalcon Invitational #2$2204South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Rogue
Dec 13Dec 13HOST Open #5$560Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nanO
Dec 7TBDAlpha X Apprentice Season 5$25012World OnlineTBDTBD
Dec 6Dec 6Platinum Heroes VII$150 OnlinePoland  mikoUnited States  Poaq
Dec 6Dec 20Alpha X Junior Championships Season 12$668World OnlineGermany  GhostiUkraine  SlyCrab
Dec 5Dec 6Snox Off Race Invitational #7$9316Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Rodzyn
Dec 4Dec 4Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #15$34.6014Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  SlayersMvP
Nov 29Nov 29King of CIS: November 2020$29516CIS OnlineRussia  MilkiCowUkraine  Bly
Nov 27Nov 29ITaX Trovo Rumble #1$5006South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Zest
Nov 24Nov 24OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: November 2020$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Creator
Nov 22Nov 22Diamond Heroes VII$1500 OnlinePoland  KoniooUnited States  Wizzer
Nov 21Nov 21Black Ice Monthly Open #4$256North America OnlinePoland  ZiomekIreland  Eiger
Nov 21Nov 21Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #7$7549Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  MasTeR
Nov 21Nov 21Nordic StarCraft League, November 2020$5016Europe OnlineSweden  NamsharFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Nov 21Nov 28Alpha X Junior Championships Season 11$508World OnlineFrance  ArrogfireGermany  Ghosti
Nov 15Nov 15FreeStar Cup 2020 November$04Norway OnlineNorway  CreamCakeNorway  FifthRom
Nov 12Nov 12aX IndyK Showdown #2$1004World OnlineNetherlands  uThermalDenmark  MaxPax
Oct 31Oct 31Black Ice Monthly Open #3$25North America OnlinePoland  ZiomekUnited States  Ruiyichi
Oct 31Oct 31FreeStar Cup 2020 October$09Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  FifthRom
Oct 29Oct 31Snox Off Race Invitational #6$9116Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Mazi
Oct 27Oct 27OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: October 2020$5007South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  Creator
Oct 25Oct 25King of CIS: October 2020$36016CIS OnlineRussia  MindelVKRussia  GeNieS
Oct 24Oct 24LaughingFalcon Invitational #1$2004South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Zest
Oct 24Oct 24Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #14$44.9017Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  Whispers
Oct 17Oct 17Turkish Open Cup - September 2020$50Turkey OnlineTurkey  MustiTurkey  Mellon
Oct 17Oct 17Nordic StarCraft League, October 2020$508Europe OnlineSweden  SortOfFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Oct 17Oct 24Alpha X Junior Championships Season 10$508World OnlineFrance  ArrogfireGermany  Ghosti
Oct 15Oct 15aX IndyK Showdown #1$1004World OnlinePoland  souLPoland  Gerald
Oct 10Oct 10Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #6$7225Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordPeru  perhark
Sep 27Sep 27HOST Open #4$3719Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nanO
Sep 26Sep 26King of CIS: September 2020$35416CIS OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  Brat_OK
Sep 22Sep 22OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: September 2020$5007South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Solar
Sep 20Sep 20FreeStar Cup 2020 September$09Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  CreamCake
Sep 11Sep 11Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #13$40.6515Cuba OnlineCuba  VyseCuba  SlayersMvP
Sep 6Sep 6Banshee Cup September 2020$509 OnlineUnited States  MelodyUnited Kingdom  Countess
Sep 5Sep 5Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #5$7534Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nanO
Sep 5Sep 6Snox Off Race Invitational #5$16016Poland OnlinePoland  AristoriPoland  Ziomek
Aug 31Aug 31Alpha Scrims 17$1204 OnlineSouth Korea  ZounTaiwan  Nice
Aug 30Aug 30King of CIS: August 2020$37016CIS OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  Couguar
Aug 30Aug 30Nordic StarCraft League, August 2020$5010Europe OnlineFinland  PuPuFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Aug 29Oct 3Masters Cup 144$60020 OnlineRussia  SKillousDenmark  MaxPax
Aug 29Aug 29Les BIGS du Québec IV$355Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  SacDeFromage
Aug 29Aug 29Turkish Open Cup - August 2020$5016Turkey OnlineTurkey  AreffTurkey  devilcik
Aug 25Aug 25OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: August 2020$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Hurricane
Aug 23Aug 23FreeStar Cup 2020 August$06Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  CreamCake
Aug 23Aug 23NA Ladder Heroes July 2020$1,00012 OnlineUnited States  EpicUnited States  PiLiPiLi
Aug 17Aug 17Blazing Series: Reality September 2020$2338Taiwan OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyTaiwan  Nice
Aug 16Aug 16HOST Open #3$4129Brazil OnlineBrazil  MimeronVexBrazil  Sleepy
Aug 15Aug 15Alpha Scrims 16$1204 OnlineSouth Korea  RagnaroKTaiwan  Nice
Aug 15Aug 15EU Ladder Heroes July 2020$1,00011 OnlinePoland  ElazerGermany  ShoWTimE
Aug 12Aug 12Justiça por Aiur #4$2825Brazil OnlineBrazil  SilasBrazil  COSMOS
Aug 8Aug 8Le Gros Tournoi #4$6011Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  SacDeFromage
Aug 8Aug 30Alpha X Junior Championships Season 9$508World OnlineRussia  ExostrikerFrance  Arrogfire
Aug 2Aug 2Diamond Heroes VI$135.1336 OnlineUnited States  NigelSingapore  ToonDragon
Aug 2Aug 2Moscow Cybersport Series 2020 - Season 1: Month #3$40516Russia OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Rail
Aug 1Aug 1Platinum Heroes VI$137.7334 OnlineFrance  DyesubNorway  emezer5
Jul 31Jul 31Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #12$35.3014Cuba OnlineCuba  PocholoCuba  HEAVYMETAL
Jul 28Jul 28OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: July 2020$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Creator
Jul 27Jul 27Blazing Series: Reality August 2020$23311Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  HasTaiwan  Nice
Jul 26Jul 26King of CIS: July 2020$38316CIS OnlineUkraine  Kas
Jul 25Jul 25Alpha X MVP Cup #18$27017 OnlineUnited States  FutureTaiwan  Nice
Jul 25Jul 25Les BIGS du Québec III$1008Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  DIRESTRAIT
Jul 25Jul 25The Cauldron: Boiling Over$28.200 OnlineUnited States  RainforestUnited States  Budget
Jul 23Jul 23HOST Open #2$3936Brazil OnlineBrazil  ErikBrazil  AlisoN
Jul 20Jul 20The Cauldron: Cayenne$270 OnlineUnited States  WizzerUnited States  SmartAsianGuy
Jul 19Jul 26Alpha X Junior Championships Season 8$607World OnlineGermany  GhostiFrance  Arrogfire
Jul 11Jul 11Le Gros Tournoi #3$16615Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  Jig
Jul 6Jul 6Blazing Series: Reality July 2020$2338Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  NiceTaiwan  Has
Jul 3Jul 3Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #4$8557Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  YanXII
Jul 1Aug 25Costa Rica Super Tournaments #3$10016Costa Rica OnlineCosta Rica TBDCosta Rica TBD
Jun 30Jun 30OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: June 2020$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Dream
Jun 28Jun 28King of CIS: June 2020$32416CIS OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Bee
Jun 28Jun 28Moscow Cybersport Series 2020 - Season 1: Month #2$28816Russia OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Bee
Jun 27Jun 27Alpha X MVP Cup #17$27026 OnlineCanada  MaSaUnited States  Vindicta
Jun 27Jun 27Les BIGS du Québec II$757Canada OnlineCanada  SottorksCanada  Jig
Jun 27Jun 27The Cauldron: Melted Cheese$43.760 OnlineSouth Korea  UrixopUnited States  Rainforest
Jun 27Jun 27The Cauldron: The First Cauldron$350 OnlineUnited States  SmartAsianGuyUnited States  FANN
Jun 27Jun 27Nordic StarCraft League, June 2020$65.708Europe OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Jun 26Jun 26Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #11$33.5312Cuba OnlineCuba  PocholoCuba  Whisper
Jun 22Jun 23Snox Off Race Invitational #4$7516Poland OnlinePoland  PAPIPoland  Stachurski
Jun 21Jun 21FreeStar Cup 2020 June$06Norway OnlineNorway  CreamCakeNorway  StekepaNNe
Jun 20Jun 28Alpha X Junior Championships Season 7$1008World OnlineFrance  ArrogfireRussia  Exostriker
Jun 13Jun 13Le Gros Tournoi #2$17721Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  Jig
Jun 12Jun 12HOST Open #1$2419Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nLghosT
Jun 6Jun 6Orbital Colossus War Monthly #3$3415France OnlineFrance  GaritosFrance  FireFoX
Jun 2Jun 2OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: May 2020$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Patience
Jun 1Jul 15OSC Elite SC2 Cup #3$12017 OnlineBrazil  KelazhurPoland  Gerald
Jun 1Jun 1Blazing Series: Reality June 2020$2330Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  YoGerTaiwan  Rex
May 31May 31King of CIS: May 2020$31916CIS OnlineUkraine  HellraiserGermany  Moja
May 30May 30Les BIGS du Québec$20011Canada OnlineCanada  JigCanada  DisK
May 30May 30Nordic StarCraft League, May 2020$509Europe OnlineFinland  ZhuGeLiangFinland  PuPu
May 30May 30Moscow Cybersport Series 2020 - Season 1: Month #1$21316Russia OnlineRussia  VanyaRussia  SKillous
May 29May 29WardiTV Korean Open: May$20014 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Zest
May 29May 29Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #3$9447Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  Zinho
May 29May 29Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #10$31.3414Cuba OnlineCuba  DariCuba  InMoLaTioNs
May 28May 29Method Mayhem Cup #1$50028 OnlineFrance  ClemPoland  souL
May 23May 23FreeStar Cup 2020 May$010Norway OnlineNorway  StekepaNNeNorway  zzUP
May 22May 23Snox Off Race Invitational #3$5012Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  PAPI
May 19Aug 10Alpha X Apprentice Season 4$7014World OnlineFinland  WoodedMicrobRussia  Exostriker
May 16May 29Alpha X Junior Championships Season 6$1008World OnlineFrance  ArrogfireBelarus  WannaBeByuN
May 9May 9Le Gros Tournoi #1$4728Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  Jig
May 9May 9Alpha X MVP Cup #16$40023 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Cuddlebear
May 5May 5Alpha Scrims 15$504 OnlineMexico  SinnerUnited States  starkiller
May 5May 5OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: April 2020$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  RagnaroK
May 2May 2Alpha Scrims 14$754 OnlineUnited States  AstreaSouth Korea  Zoun
May 1May 2Snox Off Race Invitational #2$6516Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Stachurski
Apr 27Apr 27Blazing Series: Reality May 2020$2330Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  NiceHong Kong  GogojOey
Apr 26Apr 26Diamond Heroes V$750 OnlineUnited States  garrettSingapore  ToonDragon
Apr 26Apr 26King of CIS: April 2020$21517CIS OnlineRussia  Vanya
Apr 25Apr 25Platinum Heroes V$7536 OnlineUnited States  PerfectionsUnited States  A Cute Snek
Apr 25Apr 25Orbital Colossus War Monthly #2$8627France OnlineFrance  FireFoXNetherlands  RotterdaM
Apr 25Apr 25Nordic StarCraft League, April 2020$6010Europe OnlineFinland  FuzerFinland  Mixu
Apr 24Apr 24Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #9$36.1514Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  Rider
Apr 18Apr 18FreeStar Cup 2020 April$08Norway OnlineNorway  StekepaNNeNorway  FifthRom
Apr 18Apr 26Alpha X Junior Championships Season 5$508World OnlineRussia  ExostrikerFrance  Arrogfire
Apr 17Apr 17Amantes de StarCraft 2 - 2nd edition$9051Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  Zinho
Apr 16Apr 16Alpha Scrims 13$694 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Vindicta
Apr 9Apr 10Snox Off Race Invitational #1$508Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  PAPI
Apr 7Apr 7OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: March 2020$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
Apr 6Apr 6Blazing Series: Reality April 2020$23310Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  RexHong Kong  GogojOey
Apr 4Apr 4Alpha Scrims 12$504 OnlineChina  AsunaRussia  Exostriker
Mar 29Mar 29Orbital Colossus War Monthly #1$3823France OnlineFrance  TwineFrance  Garitos
Mar 28Mar 28Alpha X MVP Cup #15$27022 OnlineCanada  MaSaUnited States  Vindicta
Mar 28Mar 28FreeStar Cup 2020 March$011Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  zzUP
Mar 28Mar 28King of CIS: March 2020$17815CIS OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Bee
Mar 21Mar 21Nordic StarCraft League, March 2020$5012Europe OnlineFinland  ZhuGeLiangFinland  WoodedMicrob
Mar 20Mar 20Amantes de StarCraft 2$6742Brazil OnlineBrazil  ErikBrazil  Zinho
Mar 14Mar 28Alpha X Junior Championships Season 4$508World OnlineRussia  YoungYakovGermany  Ghosti
Mar 12Mar 12Alpha Scrims 11$754 OnlineUnited States  VindictaUnited States  Cuddlebear
Mar 11May 28OSC Elite SC2 Cup #2$12036 OnlineSouth Korea  ImpactPoland  MaNa
Mar 10Mar 10OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: February 2020$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Zest
Mar 7Mar 7Alpha X MVP Cup #14$28033 OnlinePoland  ArTCanada  MaSa
Mar 2Mar 2Blazing Series: Reality March 2020$013Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  RexTaiwan  ExpecT
Mar 1Mar 1Alpha Scrims 10$81.504 OnlineUnited States  starkillerFrance  Uzikoti
Feb 28Feb 28Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #8$4210Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  Pocholo
Feb 23Feb 23FreeStar Cup 2020 February$010Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  CreamCake
Feb 22Feb 22Nordic StarCraft League, February 2020$2014Europe OnlineFinland  ZhuGeLiangFinland  Alluton
Feb 16Feb 16King of CIS: February 2020$23616CIS OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Nerazim
Feb 10Feb 10Blazing Series: Reality February 2020$00Taiwan OnlineTaiwan  RexHong Kong  GogojOey
Feb 8Feb 22Alpha X Junior Championships Season 3$61.108World OnlineRussia  YoungYakovGermany  Ghosti
Feb 4Feb 4OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: January 2020$50011South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  soO
Feb 1Feb 1Alpha X MVP Cup #13$26026 OnlineCanada  MaSaPoland  ArT
Jan 26Jan 26FreeStar Cup 2020 January$09Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  CreamCake
Jan 18Jan 18Nordic StarCraft League, January 2020$3013Europe OnlineFinland  AllutonFinland  Mixu
Jan 13Apr 20Alpha X Apprentice Season 3$7014World OnlineFrance  FireFoXFrance  Arrogfire
Jan 12Jan 12Alpha Scrims 9$804 OnlineCanada  MaSaPoland  ArT
Jan 11Jan 25Alpha X Junior Championships Season 2$1008World OnlineRussia  ExostrikerItaly  Mirtillo
Jan 7Jan 7OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: December 2019$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Dear
Jan 3Jan 3Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #7$5010Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  Rider


Dec 28Dec 28Alpha X MVP Cup #12$35024 OnlineUnited States  AstreaUnited States  Vindicta
Dec 28Dec 28The Gemini Korean Invitational December: Holiday Special$3508South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  Bunny
Dec 22Dec 22King of CIS: December 2019$64421CIS OnlineRussia  RailRussia  Basset
Dec 12Dec 15Alpha X Younglings Tourney$1008World OnlineGermany  GhostiFrance  Arrogfire
Dec 7Dec 20OSC Elite SC2 Cup #1$12020 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  MaNa
Nov 30Nov 30Alpha X MVP Cup #11$34026 OnlineUnited States  AstreaCanada  MaSa
Nov 30Nov 30FreeStar Cup 2019 November$1096Norway OnlineNorway  CreamCakeNorway  Triaz
Nov 29Nov 29Krystianer Cup #6$23033Europe OnlineMexico  SpeCialGermany  InZaNe
Nov 29Nov 30Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #6$5013Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  Rider
Nov 26Nov 26OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: November 2019$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Trap
Nov 24Nov 24King of CIS: November 2019$23516CIS OnlineRussia  VanyaUkraine  Awers
Nov 17Nov 17Diamond Heroes IV$5016 OnlineEgypt  MagnathSingapore  ToonDragon
Nov 16Nov 16Platinum Heroes IV$5016 OnlineBelgium  GamepantsGreece  Expax
Nov 11, 2019Jan 11, 2020Alpha X Apprentice Season 2$7016North America OnlinePoland  ToconCanada  KingSlayer
Oct 29Oct 29OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: October 2019$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Zoun
Oct 28Nov 11Underdogs Season 59$50012France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  Denver
Oct 27Oct 27Alpha X MVP Cup #10$28024 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Astrea
Oct 26Oct 27FreeStar Cup 2019 October$10912Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  Darroweve
Oct 25Oct 26Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #5$5020Cuba OnlineCuba  CubanShieldCuba  Dari
Oct 16Oct 16Krystianer Cup #5$23032Europe OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  MaNa
Oct 12Oct 12Alpha Scrims 8$754 OnlineChina  AsunaMexico  Sinner
Oct 11Oct 11Alpha Nights #3$254 OnlineChile  DazHPeru  Underground
Oct 8Nov 2Alpha X Apprentice Season 1$7512North America OnlineChina  AsunaPoland  Tocon
Oct 1Oct 1OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: September 2019$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Impact
Sep 29Sep 29King of CIS: September 2019$23316CIS OnlineUkraine  Bly
Sep 28Sep 28Alpha X MVP Cup #9$26025 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Vindicta
Sep 28Sep 29FreeStar Cup 2019 September$11011Norway OnlineNorway  StekepaNNeNorway  Scythe
Sep 23Oct 14Underdogs Season 58$50012France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  Denver
Sep 22Sep 22Afreeca Starcraft Tournament #48$958Thailand OnlineThailand TBDThailand TBD
Sep 20Sep 21Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #4$5014Cuba OnlineCuba  YOYICuba  Rider
Sep 15Sep 15Diamond Heroes III$5014 OnlineFrance  HarrokuUnited States  garrett
Sep 14Sep 14Platinum Heroes III$509 OnlineFinland  HeyBuddieFrance  Bouriquet
Sep 13Sep 13Krystianer Cup #4$30029Europe OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  PAPI
Sep 3Sep 3Alpha Scrims 7$754 OnlineUnited States  AntisFrance  Uzikoti
Sep 3Sep 3OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: August 2019$7005South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Cure
Aug 31Aug 31King of CIS: August 2019$22516CIS OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Vanya
Aug 26Aug 26Alpha X MVP Cup #8$25026 OnlineSouth Korea  DynaMiteFrance  Uzikoti
Aug 25Aug 25FreeStar Cup 2019 August$11114Norway OnlineNorway  StekepaNNeNorway  Darroweve
Aug 23Aug 23Alpha Nights #2$254 OnlinePeru  HiTPeru  Shellbee
Aug 20Aug 20Krystianer Cup #3$30046World OnlineFrance  DenverNetherlands  uThermal
Aug 19Sep 2Underdogs Season 57$50012France OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  PtitDrogo
Aug 18Aug 18Afreeca Starcraft Tournament #47$939 OnlineThailand  keetasizemThailand  KomCorx
Aug 11Sep 18Masters Cup 120$85024 OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  aLive
Aug 10Aug 10Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #3$5016Cuba OnlineCuba  YOYICuba  Dari
Aug 6Aug 6OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: July 2019$7007South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Rogue
Jul 31Jul 31Alpha X MVP Cup #7$22521 OnlinePoland  ArTSouth Korea  DynaMite
Jul 28Jul 28King of CIS: July 2019$23816CIS OnlineRussia  Basset
Jul 25Jul 25Alpha Scrims 6$754 OnlineUnited States  CuddlebearCanada  Bioice
Jul 25Jul 25Alpha Nights #1$334 OnlineMexico  thunderflyEl Salvador  AcmeHero
Jul 25Jul 25The Gemini Korean Invitational: July$1284South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Armani
Jul 24Jul 24Krystianer Cup #2$12529Europe OnlineFrance  DnSUkraine  Bly
Jul 21Jul 21Afreeca Starcraft Tournament #46$937 OnlineThailand  keetasizemThailand  mooyong
Jul 17Jul 17Alpha Scrims 5$754 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Vindicta
Jul 8Aug 5Underdogs Season 56$50012France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  Clem
Jul 2Jul 2OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: June 2019$7008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Zest
Jun 30Jun 30FreeStar Cup 2019 June$1178Norway OnlineNorway  StekepaNNeNorway  zUP
Jun 29Jun 29Ice Moon Cup #8$1538China OnlineBrazil  ErikCanada  DisK
Jun 29Jun 30Diamond Heroes II$5018 OnlineBelgium  DassemUltorUnited States  Eleven
Jun 29Jun 30Platinum Heroes II$5018 OnlineIndonesia  ChrisPBaconCanada  Vibrant
Jun 29Jun 29Alpha X MVP Cup #6$20021 OnlineMexico  SinnerUnited States  Vindicta
Jun 29Jun 29King of CIS: June 2019$25417CIS OnlineUkraine  BlyUkraine  Awers
Jun 26Jul 7Masters Cup 119$85024 OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Armani
Jun 23Jun 23Alpha Scrims 4$754 OnlinePoland  RodzynFrance  Uzikoti
Jun 23Jun 23The Gemini Korean Invitational: June$1644South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  herO
Jun 19Jun 19Krystianer Cup #1$12525Poland OnlineSweden  SortOfUkraine  Bly
May 28May 28OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: May 2019$7007South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  GuMiho
May 26May 26Alpha X MVP Cup #5$20018 OnlineUnited States  AstreaPoland  ArT
May 26May 26Xelnaga Open Cup #1$15023 OnlineSpain  AqueroNSpain  SouLeer
May 26May 26FreeStar Cup 2019 May$12213Norway OnlineNorway  ScytheNorway  StekepaNNe
May 25May 25Ice Moon Cup #7$14412China OnlineBrazil  ErikUnited States  Raze
May 20May 20Alpha Scrims 3$754 OnlineUnited States  starkillerMexico  Sinner
May 20Jun 10Underdogs Season 55$50012France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  MarineLorD
May 18May 19Diamond Heroes I$10012 OnlineSingapore  CheoklateSingapore  ToonDragon
May 18May 19Platinum Heroes I$10018 OnlineGermany  iFailPoland  Badylek
May 14May 14The Gemini Korean Invitational: May$1404South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Trap
May 12May 12King of CIS: May 2019$23016CIS OnlineRussia  CouguarRussia  Arctur
May 11May 11Alpha X Howling StarCraft Open Cup #7$15016Europe OnlineBrazil  KelazhurCroatia  goblin
Apr 30Apr 30OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: April 2019$70010South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Patience
Apr 28Apr 28Alpha X MVP Cup #4$20718 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Astrea
Apr 28Apr 28FreeStar Cup 2019 April$12217Norway OnlineNorway  SkruffyNorway  zUP
Apr 27Apr 27Ice Moon Cup #6$1449China OnlineUnited States  AstreaRussia  Vanya
Apr 26Apr 26Masters Cup 118$2508 OnlineUkraine  BlySouth Korea  RagnaroK
Apr 8Apr 29Underdogs Season 54$50012France OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  MarineLorD
Apr 3Apr 3Red Hot Cup #3$23323Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  Bee
Apr 2Apr 2OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: March 2019$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Patience
Mar 31Mar 31Alpha X MVP Cup #3$21523 OnlinePoland  ArTUnited States  Astrea
Mar 31TBDCosta Rica Open #1$2518Costa Rica OnlineTBDTBD
Mar 31Mar 31King of CIS: March 2019$23116CIS OnlineUkraine  Bly
Mar 30Mar 30Alpha Scrims 2$754 OnlinePoland  RodzynFrance  hinO
Mar 30Mar 30Ice Moon Cup #5$14414China OnlineUnited States  AstreaTaiwan  Nice
Mar 24Mar 24FreeStar Cup 2019 March$12216Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  Eiki
Mar 22Mar 22Masters Cup 117$2508 OnlineFrance  ClemPoland  Nerchio
Mar 17Mar 17BeAsT Cup Monthly Finals #2$11615Europe OnlineSweden  NamsharPoland  Rodzyn
Mar 10Mar 10Alpha X MVC Cup #2$456 OnlineUkraine  BuRningFrance  Kunamatata
Mar 9Mar 9Alpha X Howling StarCraft Open Cup #6$12526Europe OnlineNetherlands  uThermalPoland  Nerchio
Mar 5Mar 5OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: February 2019$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  TY
Feb 24Feb 24Alpha Scrims 1$754 OnlineFrance  UzikotiUnited States  starkiller
Feb 24Feb 24FreeStar Cup 2019 February$12219Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  HeltEn
Feb 23Feb 23Ice Moon Cup #4$14414China OnlineSouth Korea  SpearUnited States  Future
Feb 23Feb 23Alpha X MVP Cup #2$14713 OnlineSwitzerland  MambaFrance  Uzikoti
Feb 20Feb 20Red Hot Cup #2$17230Russia OnlineRussia  SKillousRussia  Vanya
Feb 18Apr 1Underdogs Season 53$50012France OnlineFrance  DenverFrance  Clem
Feb 16Feb 16DuSt Gaming Open #1$10017United States OnlineBrazil  ErikPoland  ArT
Feb 10Feb 10Alpha X MVC Cup #1$5011 OnlineUkraine  BuRningCanada  KingSlayer
Feb 10Feb 10King of CIS: February 2019$22816CIS OnlineRussia  VanyaRussia  Brat_OK
Feb 2Feb 2Alpha Howling StarCraft Open Cup #5$15025Europe OnlinePoland  GuruCroatia  goblin
Jan 30Jan 30Red Hot Cup #1$8025Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  Vanya
Jan 29Jan 29WardiTV Arena January$3005Europe OnlineUkraine  BlyNetherlands  Harstem
Jan 27Jan 27EU Ladder Heroes December 2018$1,00012 OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEFrance  Denver
Jan 26Jan 26Ice Moon Cup #3$14413China OnlineUnited States  FutureUnited States  starkiller
Jan 26Jan 26Alpha X MVP Cup #1$15615 OnlineUnited States  AstreaRomania  Light
Jan 26Jan 26NA Ladder Heroes December 2018$1,00012 OnlineCanada  ScarlettUnited States  Astrea
Jan 21Feb 4Underdogs Season 52$50012France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  MarineLorD
Jan 13Jan 13NA Ladder Heroes November 2018$1,00011 OnlineUnited States  NeebMexico  Cham
Jan 12Jan 12NA Ladder Heroes October 2018$1,00012 OnlineUnited States  JonSnowUnited States  Astrea
Jan 8Jan 8OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: December 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  INnoVation
Jan 7Jan 27FreeStar Cup 2019 January$12215Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  StekepaNNe
Jan 6Jan 6EU Ladder Heroes November 2018$1,00012 OnlineFrance  DenverRussia  Rail
Jan 5Jan 5EU Ladder Heroes October 2018$1,00012 OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEFrance  Denver
Jan 5Jan 5Alpha Howling StarCraft Open Cup #4$20030Europe OnlineNetherlands  uThermalUkraine  Bly


Dec 29Dec 29Ice Moon Cup #2$14721China OnlineUnited States  AstreaCanada  DisK
Dec 29Dec 29King of CIS: December 2018$57621CIS OnlineUkraine  KasUkraine  Bly
Dec 24Dec 24BlazingSeries:May #30$2667 OnlineSouth Korea  DearChina  MacSed
Dec 22Dec 22PsiX MVP Cup #15$30019 OnlineUnited States  AstreaRomania  Light
Dec 15Dec 15Howling StarCraft Open Cup #3$4317Europe OnlineGermany  InZaNeRussia  GrimReaper
Nov 29Nov 29Masters Cup 116$2508 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Guru
Nov 27Nov 27OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: November 2018$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TY
Nov 25Nov 25King of CIS: November 2018$22816CIS OnlineRussia  Brat_OKRussia  SKillous
Nov 24Nov 24Ice Moon Cup #1$15122China OnlineSouth Korea  SpearPoland  ArT
Nov 24Nov 24PsiX MVP Cup #14$10014 OnlineRomania  LightMexico  Pacomike
Nov 19Dec 10Underdogs Season 51$50012France OnlineFrance  ShaDoWnFrance  MarineLorD
Nov 19Nov 19BlazingSeries:May #25$2667 OnlineTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  FanTaSy
Nov 17Nov 17Howling StarCraft Open Cup #2$5016Europe OnlineRomania  LightPoland  BluE
Nov 5Nov 30FreeStar Cup 2018 November$12216Norway OnlineNorway  PrebsNorway  Diffe
Nov 4Nov 4PsiX MVP Cup #13$11519 OnlineUnited States  starkillerMexico  Pacomike
Oct 24Oct 24OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: October 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  RagnaroK
Oct 22Nov 5Underdogs Season 50$50012France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  PtitDrogo
Oct 21Oct 21King of CIS: October 2018$22916CIS OnlineUkraine  AwersUkraine  Bly
Oct 20Oct 21FreeStar Cup 2018 October$12216Norway OnlineNorway  ScytheNorway  Diffe
Oct 20Oct 20Howling StarCraft Open Cup #1$8618Europe OnlinePoland  RodzynRussia  Bee
Oct 19Oct 19OSC All Stars #62$2508 OnlineSweden  NamsharUkraine  Bly
Oct 18Oct 18Masters Cup 115$2508 OnlineItaly  ReynorPoland  Guru
Oct 15Oct 15BlazingSeries:May #20$07 OnlineSouth Korea  BunnyChina  Cyan
Oct 14Oct 14BeAsT Cup Monthly Finals #1$11622Europe OnlinePoland  ArTGermany  ShimOon
Oct 14Oct 14NA Ladder Heroes September 2018$1,00012 OnlineMexico  JimRisingMexico  Cham
Oct 14Oct 14EU Ladder Heroes September 2018$1,00012 OnlineSweden  NamsharMexico  Cham
Oct 13Oct 13EsportWorks Cup #3$13022Poland OnlinePoland  GuruPoland  ArT
Oct 8Oct 8PsiX MVP Cup #12$1189 OnlineRomania  LightUnited States  starkiller
Oct 2Oct 2OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: September 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Zest
Sep 29Sep 29NA Ladder Heroes August 2018$1,00012 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Astrea
Sep 29Sep 29EU Ladder Heroes August 2018$1,00010 OnlineItaly  ReynorSweden  Namshar
Sep 24Oct 8Underdogs Season 49$50012France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  Clem
Sep 23Sep 23King of CIS: September 2018$22516CIS OnlineRussia  VanyaUkraine  Bly
Sep 21Sep 21EsportWorks Cup #2$13022Poland OnlinePoland  GuruBulgaria  Nitix
Sep 17Sep 17BlazingSeries:May #9$012 OnlineSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Hurricane
Sep 15Sep 16FreeStar Cup 2018 September$12219Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  Diffe
Sep 14Sep 14OSC All Stars #61$2508 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Creator
Sep 13Sep 13Masters Cup 114$2508 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Guru
Sep 4Sep 4OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: August 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  GuMiho
Aug 31Aug 31PsiX MVP Cup #11$10015 OnlineUnited States  starkillerFrance  hinO
Aug 28Aug 28HOTBIGCUP #4$5011 OnlineIndia  DemiHong Kong  GogojOey
Aug 26Aug 26King of CIS: August 2018$22216CIS OnlineRussia  DreynarenUkraine  Awers
Aug 21Aug 21HOTBIGCUP #3$505 OnlineIndia  DemiAustralia  Vivid
Aug 20Sep 3Underdogs Season 48$50712France OnlineFrance  ShaDoWnFrance  Shino
Aug 15Aug 15EsportWorks Cup #1$17632Poland OnlinePoland  GuruPoland  Rodzyn
Aug 11Aug 11Zeratul Cup Monthly #1$1508China OnlineSouth Korea  FanTaSySouth Korea  Leenock
Aug 7Aug 7OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: July 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  GuMiho
Aug 3Aug 3OSC All Stars 60$2508 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarItaly  Reynor
Aug 2Aug 2Masters Cup 113$2508 OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEPoland  MaNa
Jul 31Jul 31HOTBIGCUP #2$506 OnlineIndia  DemiSweden  Winter
Jul 29Jul 29King of CIS: July 2018$23816CIS OnlineUkraine  Bly
Jul 28Jul 28PsiX MVP Cup #10$16018 OnlineUnited States  starkillerRomania  Light
Jul 28Jul 28BlazingSeries:May #8$08 OnlineSouth Korea  RagnaroKTaiwan  Has
Jul 27Jul 271stcav Cup 2018 July$5425Poland OnlinePoland  GuruPoland  Gerald
Jul 23Aug 6Underdogs Season 47$51312France OnlineFrance  DenverFrance  ShaDoWn
Jul 17Jul 17HOTBIGCUP #1$10012 OnlineIndia  DemiHong Kong  GogojOey
Jul 8Jul 8Midwest Cup 16$1505United States OnlineUnited States  puCKUnited States  GAMETIME
Jul 3Jul 3OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: June 2018$5007South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  GuMiho
Jun 29Jun 29PsiX MVP Cup #9$2021 OnlineUnited States  PsychCanada  FireZerg
Jun 25Jul 9Underdogs Season 46$25612France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  Clem
Jun 24Jun 24King of CIS: June 2018$23816CIS OnlineUkraine  KasUkraine  DIMAGA
Jun 6Jun 30FreeStar Cup 2018 June$12818Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  Darroweve
Jun 5Jun 5OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: May 2018$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Dark
May 25May 25PsiX MVP Cup #8$2014 OnlineUnited States  JardozerFrance  Kunamatata
May 21Jun 11Underdogs Season 45$61612France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  Denver
May 20May 20King of CIS: May 2018$24116CIS OnlineRussia  Couguar
May 18Jun 291stcav Cup 2018 May$158Poland OnlinePoland  RodzynPoland  Ziggy
May 15May 15Go4SC2 April 2018$20016 France  DnSNorway  Snute
May 10May 20Masters Cup 112$1,00024 OnlinePoland  souLTaiwan  Nice
May 8May 8OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: April 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Impact
May 2May 31FreeStar Cup 2018 May$12819Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  NaiveZerg
Apr 28Apr 28PsiX MVP Cup #7$206 OnlineCanada  KingSlayerUnited States  Jardozer
Apr 28Apr 28King of CIS: April 2018$24016CIS OnlineRussia  CouguarRussia  Arctur
Apr 20Apr 29Masters Cup 111$1,00024 OnlineItaly  ReynorSouth Korea  Hurricane
Apr 17Apr 17Go4SC2 March 2018$20016 France  DnSPoland  MaNa
Apr 16May 7Underdogs Season 44$54512France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  Denver
Apr 15Apr 15Midwest Cup 15$10014United States OnlineUnited States  McMonroeUnited States  PandaBearMe
Apr 13May 81stcav Cup 2018 April$309Poland OnlinePoland  ArTPoland  Rodzyn
Apr 10Apr 10OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: March 2018$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RagnaroK
Apr 4May 13FreeStar Cup 2018 April$12816Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  Skruffy
Mar 31Mar 31PsiX MVP Cup #6$6011 OnlineCanada  FireZergCanada  KingSlayer
Mar 27Apr 1Masters Cup 110$1,00024 OnlineNetherlands  uThermalPoland  souL
Mar 25Mar 25King of CIS: March 2018$28017CIS OnlineRussia  Brat_OK
Mar 13Mar 18Masters Cup 109$1,00024 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMiho
Mar 13Mar 13Go4SC2 February 2018$20016 France  ClemPoland  MaNa
Mar 13Mar 13OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: February 2018$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroK
Mar 12Mar 26Underdogs Season 43$55012France OnlineFrance  ShaDoWnFrance  Clem
Mar 10Mar 10PsiX MVP Cup #5$4014 OnlineFrance  hinORomania  Chris
Mar 10Apr 31stcav Cup 2018 March$1512Poland OnlinePoland  ZiggyPoland  Maniek
Mar 7Mar 28FreeStar Cup 2018 March$12823Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  Emperor
Mar 1Mar 31Starcraft Amazing Race 2018: March$1520Vietnam OnlineTBDTBD
Feb 18Feb 18Midwest Cup 14$10010United States OnlineUnited States  PandaBearMeUnited States  Hunta
Feb 13Feb 13Go4SC2 January 2018$20016 Poland  NerchioGermany  Lambo
Feb 11Feb 11King of CIS: February 2018$25716CIS OnlineRussia  RailRussia  Brat_OK
Feb 7Feb 28FreeStar Cup 2018 February$12812Norway OnlineNorway  HeltEnNorway  Skruffy
Feb 3Feb 3PsiX MVP Cup #4$65 OnlineUnited States  JardozerUnited States  Psych
Feb 1Feb 28Starcraft Amazing Race 2018: February$1520Vietnam OnlineVietnam  JusticeSimonVietnam  KGB
Jan 30Jan 30OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: January 2018$5009South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  INnoVation
Jan 29Feb 12Underdogs Season 42$50012France OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  ShaDoWn
Jan 20Feb 241stcav Cup 2018 February$08Poland OnlinePoland  RomsonPoland  Snoxtar
Jan 19Jan 19Go4SC2 December 2017$20016 Italy  ReynorNorway  Snute
Jan 13Jan 13NA Ladder Heroes December 2017$1,00012 OnlineMexico  ChamCanada  Semper
Jan 13Jan 13EU Ladder Heroes December 2017$1,00012 OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEPoland  Nerchio
Jan 10Jan 28FreeStar Cup 2018 January$12812Norway OnlineNorway  SolONorway  HeltEn
Jan 1Jan 31Starcraft Amazing Race 2018: January$1520Vietnam OnlineVietnam  KGBVietnam  JusticeSimon


Dec 31Dec 31PsiX MVP Cup #3$4028 OnlineUnited States  GuitarcheeseUnited States  Jinn
Dec 19Dec 19Go4SC2 November 2017$20016 Poland  NerchioPoland  souL
Dec 17Dec 21Masters Cup 108$1,00024 OnlinePoland  MaNaNetherlands  uThermal
Dec 17Dec 17EU Ladder Heroes November 2017$1,00012 OnlinePoland  souLItaly  Reynor
Dec 16Dec 16NA Ladder Heroes November 2017$1,00011 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  GAMETIME
Dec 12, 2017Jan 15, 2018Underdogs Season 41$5419France OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  Denver
Dec 5Dec 5OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: November 2017$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  GuMiho
Dec 4, 2017Jan 2, 2018Corsair Cup Season 12 Special$1,00016 OnlinePoland  NerchioUnited States  Neeb
Nov 30Nov 30Corsair Cup Season 11 Finals$36012 OnlineUnited States  NeebGermany  TLO
Nov 28Dec 10Masters Cup 107$1,00024 OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoPoland  Nerchio
Nov 27Dec 2Probe Starcraft League: November Edition$15616Australia OnlineIndia  DemiAustralia  Frustration
Nov 21Nov 26Masters Cup 106$1,00024 OnlinePoland  souLNorway  Snute
Nov 21Nov 21Ultralisk Star League #6$6011 OnlineUnited States  RhizerMexico  Cham
Nov 20Dec 11Underdogs Season 40$51510France OnlineFrance  DnSFrance  Clem
Nov 19Nov 19EU Ladder Heroes October 2017$1,00012 OnlineGermany  TLONetherlands  Harstem
Nov 19Nov 19NA Ladder Heroes October 2017$1,00012 OnlineMexico  ChamCanada  Semper
Nov 18Nov 18SHOUTcraft Kings November 2017$10,00021World MonthlySouth Korea  INnoVation
Nov 15Nov 15BaseTradeTV Star League Season 7 Finals$40010 OnlineSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Stats
Nov 14Nov 14Go4SC2 October 2017$20016 France  DnSSouth Korea  KeeN
Nov 13Nov 13Corsair Cup Season 10 Finals$3609 OnlineUkraine  BlyFrance  Clem
Nov 7Nov 12Masters Cup 105$1,00024 OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  KeeN
Oct 29Oct 29Masters Cup 104$10020 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarCanada  Scarlett
Oct 27Oct 27PsiX MVP Cup #2$407 OnlineUnited States  GuitarcheeseUnited States  Flume
Oct 24Oct 24OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: October 2017$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Ryung
Oct 23Oct 29Probe Starcraft League: October Edition$15616Australia OnlineIndia  DemiSweden  Winter
Oct 18Oct 18Ultralisk Star League #5$607 OnlineMexico  ChamPeru  BLord
Oct 16Nov 6Underdogs Season 39$57710France OnlineFrance  DenverFrance  Clem
Oct 15Oct 15Masters Cup 103$10021 OnlineMexico  ChamVietnam  MeomaikA
Oct 10Oct 10Go4SC2 September 2017$20016 France  DnSSouth Korea  KeeN
Oct 8Oct 8EU Ladder Heroes September 2017$1,00011 OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoPoland  souL
Oct 2Oct 4Probe Starcraft League: September Edition$151.1216Australia OnlineIndia  DemiLoveNew Zealand  MightyKiwi
Oct 1Oct 1Masters Cup 102$10022 OnlineIndia  DemiLoveUnited States  starkiller
Oct 1Oct 1NA Ladder Heroes September 2017$1,00012 OnlineUnited States  JonSnowUnited States  puCK
Sep 30Sep 30SHOUTcraft Kings September 2017$11,00023World MonthlySouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  INnoVation
Sep 26Sep 26OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: September 2017$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Impact
Sep 25Sep 25Corsair Cup Season 9 Finals$3608 OnlinePoland  MaNaPoland  Nerchio
Sep 22Sep 22PsiX MVP Cup #1$408 OnlineCanada  FireZergRomania  Chris
Sep 16Sep 16Masters Cup 101$10024 OnlineTaiwan  NiceVietnam  MeomaikA
Sep 12Sep 12Go4SC2 August 2017$20016 Norway  SnuteUkraine  Kas
Sep 12Sep 12Ultralisk Star League #4$6015 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  GAMETIME
Sep 11Oct 9Underdogs Season 38$1,0708France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  Denver
Sep 4Sep 4EU Ladder Heroes July 2017$1,00012 OnlineItaly  ReynorGermany  TLO
Sep 3Sep 3EU Ladder Heroes August 2017$1,00012 OnlineNetherlands  uThermalPoland  Elazer
Aug 30Aug 30Corsair Cup Season 8 Finals$3608 OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinESweden  SortOf
Aug 29Aug 29OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: August 2017$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  GuMiho
Aug 27Aug 27NA Ladder Heroes August 2017$1,00012 OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEUnited States  JonSnow
Aug 21Sep 2Probe Starcraft League: August Edition$151.1216Australia OnlineAustralia  SeitherAustralia  Azure
Aug 20Sep 4Masters Cup 100$1,00024 OnlineUnited States  NeebPoland  Elazer
Aug 15Aug 15Ultralisk Star League #3$6022 OnlineMexico  ChamPoland  Gerald
Aug 13Aug 13SHOUTcraft Kings August 2017$10,00021 MonthlySouth Korea  RogueUnited States  Neeb
Aug 12Aug 12EU Ladder Heroes June 2017$1,00012 OnlineFinland  SerralGermany  ShoWTimE
Aug 12Aug 12NA Ladder Heroes July 2017$1,00012 OnlineSweden  NamsharUnited States  puCK
Aug 8Aug 8Go4SC2 July 2017$20016 Poland  NerchioSweden  Namshar
Aug 7Aug 24Underdogs Season 37$1,0708France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoCanada  Semper
Aug 6Aug 6NA Ladder Heroes June 2017$1,00012 OnlineCanada  MaSaKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Aug 1Aug 1OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: July 2017$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Cure
Jul 30Jul 30Masters Cup 99$10016 OnlineCanada  JigMexico  JimRising
Jul 30Jul 30Corsair Cup Season 7 Finals$3608 OnlineGermany  HeRoMaRinESouth Korea  KeeN
Jul 24Jul 29Probe Starcraft League: July Edition$151.1216Australia OnlineAustralia  iaguzAustralia  Seither
Jul 19Jul 19BaseTradeTV Star League Season 6 Finals$4508 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Cure
Jul 16Jul 16Masters Cup 98$10028 OnlineCanada  SemperUnited States  FuturE
Jul 11Jul 11Go4SC2 June 2017$20016 Norway  SnutePoland  Gerald
Jul 11Jul 11Ultralisk Star League #2$6022 OnlineKazakhstan  PiLiPiLiColombia  eGGz
Jul 4Jul 4NA Ladder Heroes May 2017$1,00012 OnlineNetherlands  OptimusSouth Korea  TAiLS
Jul 4Jul 4OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: June 2017$5008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Zest
Jul 3Aug 2Underdogs Season 36$1,0708France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  DnS
Jul 3Jul 3EU Ladder Heroes May 2017$1,00012 OnlineFinland  SerralPoland  Nerchio
Jul 1Jul 1Masters Cup 97$10018 OnlineCanada  SemperMexico  Cham
Jun 27Jul 2Probe Starcraft League: June Edition$151.1216Australia OnlineAustralia  SeitherIndia  DemiLove
Jun 24Jun 24SHOUTcraft Kings June 2017$5,00021 MonthlyPoland  NerchioSouth Korea  aLive
Jun 17Jun 17Masters Cup 96$10015 OnlineChina  ShanaUnited States  Silky
Jun 14Jun 14Ultralisk Star League #1$6025 OnlineSweden  NamsharNorway  Snute
Jun 13Jun 13Go4SC2 May 2017$20016 Poland  ElazerPoland  souL
Jun 12Jul 3Corsair Cup 2017 June$7008 OnlinePoland  NerchioNorway  Snute
Jun 11Jun 11NA Ladder Heroes April 2017$1,0008 OnlineCanada  MaSaSouth Korea  TRUE
Jun 11Jun 11EU Ladder Heroes April 2017$1,00012 OnlineFinland  SerralGermany  TLO
Jun 9Jul 7BaseTradeTV Star League 2017 June$7008 OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoCanada  Scarlett
Jun 7Jun 7Corsair Cup Season 5 Finals$4008 OnlinePoland  NerchioGermany  ShoWTimE
Jun 5Jun 26Underdogs Season 35$1,0708France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  ShaDoWn
Jun 3Jun 3Masters Cup 95$10038 OnlineCanada  MaSaNorway  Snute
Jun 1Jun 1BaseTradeTV Star League Season 4 Finals$5008 OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  herO
May 26Jun 4Probe Starcraft League: May Edition$151.1216Australia OnlineAustralia  SeitherAustralia  iaguz
May 23May 23OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: May 2017$5008South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  herO
May 21May 21Masters Cup 94$10019 OnlineUnited States  NeebNorway  Snute
May 15May 29Underdogs Season 34$1,0708France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  Denver
May 9May 9Go4SC2 April 2017$20016 Norway  SnuteUkraine  Bly
May 6May 6Masters Cup 93$10029 OnlineSouth Korea  PenguiNSweden  Namshar
May 4May 4Corsair Cup Season 4 Finals$4008 OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEUnited States  Neeb
May 3May 3BaseTradeTV Star League Season 3 Finals$5008 OnlineSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Solar
Apr 25Apr 25OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: April 2017$5008South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Hurricane
Apr 23Apr 23Masters Cup 92$10020 OnlineBrazil  KelazhurVietnam  MeomaikA
Apr 11Apr 11Go4SC2 March 2017$20016 Norway  SnutePoland  Nerchio
Apr 10May 8Underdogs Season 33$1,0708France OnlineCanada  SemperFrance  PtitDrogo
Apr 9Apr 9Masters Cup 91$10021 OnlineUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  TRUE
Apr 9Apr 9NA Ladder Heroes March 2017$1,00012 OnlineCanada  MaSaSweden  Namshar
Apr 9Apr 9EU Ladder Heroes March 2017$1,00011 OnlineNorway  SnuteFinland  Serral
Mar 29Mar 29Corsair Cup Season 3 Finals$4008 OnlineGermany  ShoWTimENorway  Snute
Mar 28Mar 28OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: March 2017$7008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Classic
Mar 26Mar 26Masters Cup 90$10015 OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEUnited States  Voltz
Mar 21Mar 21OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: February 2017$7008South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  ByuLSouth Korea  ByuN
Mar 19Mar 19BaseTradeTV Star League Season 2 Finals$4008 OnlineSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Patience
Mar 18Mar 18SHOUTcraft Kings March 2017$7,50021 MonthlySouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  herO
Mar 18Mar 18NA Ladder Heroes February 2017$1,00012 OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Mar 18Mar 18EU Ladder Heroes February 2017$1,00012 OnlinePoland  NerchioNorway  Snute
Mar 17Apr 23Probe's Starcraft League: April Edition$151.1216Australia OnlineAustralia  iaguzAustralia  Seither
Mar 14Mar 14Go4SC2 February 2017$20016 Poland  NerchioSouth Korea  Hush
Mar 13Mar 17Underdogs Season 32$1,0708France OnlineFrance  ShaDoWnFrance  PtitDrogo
Mar 13Mar 13Corsair Cup Season 2 Finals$4008 OnlineGermany  ShoWTimEPoland  Nerchio
Mar 12Mar 12Masters Cup 89$10018 OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNUnited States  PandaBearMe
Feb 26Feb 26Masters Cup 88$10017 OnlineUnited States  NeebBrazil  Kelazhur
Feb 19Feb 19EU Ladder Heroes January 2017$1,00012 OnlineNorway  SnutePoland  Elazer
Feb 14Feb 14Go4SC2 January 2017$20016 Norway  SnuteUkraine  Kas
Feb 13Mar 9Underdogs Season 31$1,0708France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  DnS
Feb 11Feb 11Masters Cup 87$10022 OnlineSouth Korea  herOUnited States  Silky
Jan 30Jan 30Corsair Cup Season 1 Finals$4008 OnlineUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  KeeN
Jan 29Jan 29EU Ladder Heroes December 2016$1,00012 OnlineNorway  SnutePoland  Elazer
Jan 28Jan 28SHOUTcraft Kings January 2017$7,50021 MonthlySouth Korea  ByuLSouth Korea  soO
Jan 27Jan 27BaseTradeTV Star League Season 1 Finals$4008 OnlineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  herO
Jan 24Jan 24OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: January 2017$7008South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  aLive
Jan 21Jan 21Masters Cup 86$10025 OnlineUnited States  NeebKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Jan 21Jan 21NA Ladder Heroes December 2016$1,00012 OnlineSouth Korea  RyungMexico  MajOr
Jan 10Jan 10Go4SC2 December 2016$20016 Ukraine  BlySouth Korea  Hush


Dec 18Dec 18EU Ladder Heroes November 2016$1,00012 OnlinePoland  ElazerGermany  Chabby
Dec 17Dec 17Masters Cup 85$25030 OnlinePoland  NerchioUnited States  PandaBearMe
Dec 16Dec 16EURONICS Gaming Cup #9$107.17635Germany onlineNetherlands  uThermalUkraine  Bly
Dec 13Dec 13Go4SC2 November 2016$60016 Poland  NerchioUkraine  Bly
Dec 11Dec 12Topdogs Season 9$1,3398France OnlineFrance  MarineLorDFrance  Dayshi
Dec 10Dec 10NA Ladder Heroes November 2016$1,00012 OnlineMexico  ChamKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Dec 10Dec 10SHOUTcraft Kings December 2016$5,00021 MonthlySouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  INnoVation
Dec 5Dec 9Underdogs Season 30$4408France OnlineFrance  ShaDoWnFrance  Rotab
Dec 4Dec 4Masters Cup 84$15019 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  aLive
Nov 27Nov 28Topdogs Season 8$1,3398France OnlineFrance  PtitDrogoFrance  MarineLorD
Nov 26Nov 26NA Ladder Heroes October 2016$1,00011 OnlineNorway  SnuteKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Nov 25Nov 25EURONICS Gaming Cup #8$109.6848Germany onlineUkraine  KasSweden  Namshar
Nov 19Nov 19Masters Cup 83$10014 OnlineKazakhstan  PiLiPiLiUnited States  puCK
Nov 12Nov 12EU Ladder Heroes October 2016$1,00012 OnlinePoland  ElazerSweden  Namshar
Nov 8Nov 8Go4SC2 October 2016$60016 Poland  NerchioRussia  Strange
Nov 7Nov 21Underdogs Season 29$4408France OnlineFrance  ShaDoWnFrance  hinO
Nov 6Nov 6Masters Cup 82$10017 OnlineMexico  ChamIndia  DemiLove
Nov 4Nov 4SHOUTcraft Kings November 2016$7,0008United States AnaheimSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Hydra
Nov 1Nov 1OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: October 2016$1,0508South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  herO
Oct 23Oct 23Masters Cup 81$10023 OnlineUnited States  JonSnowKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Oct 23Oct 31Topdogs Season 7$2,2328France Online/OfflineFrance  MarineLorDFrance  DnS
Oct 23Oct 23NA Ladder Heroes September 2016$1,00012 OnlineUnited States  puCKRussia  Strange
Oct 22Oct 22EU Ladder Heroes September 2016$1,00011 OnlineNetherlands  uThermalNorway  Snute
Oct 17Oct 19Underdogs Season 28$4408France OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  ShaDoWn
Oct 15Oct 15SHOUTcraft Kings October 2016$5,00021 MonthlySouth Korea  ByuN
Oct 14Oct 14EURONICS Gaming Cup #7$112.2642Germany onlinePoland  ElazerPoland  ArT
Oct 11Oct 11Go4SC2 September 2016$60016 Norway  SnutePoland  Guru
Oct 8Oct 8Masters Cup 80$10020 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarMexico  JimRising
Oct 4Oct 4OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: September 2016$1,0508South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  ByuN
Oct 2Oct 2FizBen Cup 2016 October$4016 OnlineSouth Korea  ArthurPoland  Ziggy
Sep 26Oct 4Topdogs Season 6$1,3398France OnlineFrance  DayshiFrance  DnS
Sep 25Sep 25Masters Cup 79$15033 OnlineMexico  ChamKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
Sep 17Sep 17EU Ladder Heroes August 2016$1,00012 OnlinePoland  NerchioNorway  Snute
Sep 17Sep 17SHOUTcraft Kings September 2016$5,00021 MonthlySouth Korea  ByuNPoland  Nerchio
Sep 16Sep 16EURONICS Gaming Cup #6$111.5539Germany onlineSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  aLive
Sep 13Sep 13Go4SC2 August 2016$60016 Norway  SnuteUkraine  Bly
Sep 6Sep 6OlimoLeague Monthly Finals: August 2016$8508South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Reality
Sep 5Sep 19Underdogs Season 27$4508France OnlineCanada  SemperFrance  ShaDoWn
Sep 4Sep 4FizBen Cup 2016 September$4010 OnlineUnited States  TowelieDenmark  PappiJoe
Sep 4Sep 4NA Ladder Heroes August 2016$1,00012 OnlineSouth Korea  TRUEUnited States  puCK
Aug 31Aug 31Masters Cup 78$15028 OnlinePoland  GuruNetherlands  Optimus
Aug 28Aug 28EU Ladder Heroes July 2016$1,00012 OnlineFinland  WelmuPoland  Nerchio
Aug 27Aug 27NA Ladder Heroes July 2016$1,00012 OnlineCanada  MaSaUnited States  Bails
Aug 27Aug 27SHOUTcraft Kings August 2016$5,00021 MonthlySouth Korea  INnoVation
Aug 26Aug 26EURONICS Gaming Cup #5$111.6138Germany onlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Guru
Aug 25Aug 28Topdogs Season 5$1,3398France OnlineFrance  MarineLorDFrance  PtitDrogo
Aug 21Aug 21