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Mothership Core (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this unit. For another version see Mothership Core (Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h]Protoss Mothership Core
Unit Information
Air Unit
Built From:
 100  100  21  2
Attack 1
8 (+1)
13.1 (+1.64)
Unit stats
130 60 1 (+1)
50 / 200


The Mothership Core was a flying support caster for the Protoss that could be built from the Nexus once the Cybernetics Core is finished. Its primary roles were base defence and army support. Like the Mothership, the Mothership Core was a unique unit that a player can only have one of at any time. It could be upgraded to a Mothership once the Fleet Beacon has been built.

It was removed from Multiplayer in Patch 4.0.0.


Upgrade To Mothership
Hotkey: U
Upgrades into the Mothership. Can use Photon Overcharge, Mass Recall and Time Warp. Cloaks nearby units and structures.


Hotkey: F
Has to be cast on a Pylon. It grants the Pylon the ability to attack air and ground units and buildings for 30 damage and a range of 7 with a weapon speed of 0.714.
Radius: 6.5
Hotkey: R
Teleports the Mothership Core or Mothership and all the nearby units (within a 6.5 radius) owned by the player to the targeted Nexus.
Caster: Mothership
Radius: 3.5
Hotkey: T
After a 1.79 second delay, warps spacetime within the target area for 7 seconds. Enemy units and structures within the field will have attack and movement speeds reduced by 50%.

Competitive Use[edit]

  • The Mothership Core was occasionally used in All-Ins and 4-Gates.
  • Time Warp gives Protoss more opportunity to attack and retreat from more mobile armies, like the Marauder's Concussive Shells ability. Previously Protoss did not have any straight forward abilities or spells to choose engagements beyond simple micro, but this and the Mothership Core's Mass Recall simplifies this task for Protoss in Heart of the Swarm.
  • In early game PvP, the ability to use Photon Overcharge on the defending player's Pylons effectively means that the defender's advantage now exists in the early game of this match-up, which wasn't the case in Wings of Liberty because of the ability for the attacking player to warp in units inside (or very close to) the defender's base through the use of Pylons. Additionally, since Heart of the Swarm, the defender's advantage provided by High Ground is partially negated by the attacker's own Mothership Core, since the unit can see up cliffs.
  • In later game, the Mass Recall ability can be useful to quickly move the army to an attacked base or expansion or to escape from an unfavorable engagement.
  • The Mothership Core is useful against Terran also in the early game and allows players to be much greedier, as Marine/SCV ground aggression and Widow Mine, Hellbat/Hellion or Marine/Marauder drops can both be defended quite well with the Photon Overcharge ability.
  • Against Zerg the Mothership Core can be effective in early game defense as all Zerg tier 1 units (Zerglings, Roaches and Banelings) cannot attack air, and so the Mothership Core can attack such units with impunity. Queens are effective against the Mothership Core however they are very unlikely and impractical to use in early game aggression.



Patch Changes[edit]


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