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Multitask: Creep or Die

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If you are searching for the old version, take look at Multitask: Creep or Die (HOTS) please.

[e][h]Creep or die (LOTV)
Map Information
Mix of Aiur Temple
Spawn Positions:
2 at 4, 10

It's recommended you read the main article "Multitasking Trainer" first.


All good Zerg players have some kind of Mental Checklist or "Macro-Cycle":

However you want to train your Injects or ability to spread Creep, the map "Creep or die" will help you.

In the spirit of the old Macro or Die! maps I've decided to create a series (or at least one) Creep or Die! map. The focus of this map is to help mechanically challenged Zerg players focus on spreading that creep! How does the map help them focus on that task you ask? Simple, spread creep or your drones will die!
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To inject rapidly you might want to check out Backspace Method or other techniques.

Notable Features[edit]

Creep or Die is a Zerg Macro Mechanics map focused on improving Creep spread. Select an appropriate difficulty level and depending on your selection will have a certain "grace period" to Macro before you are required to start building Creep Tumors. After that, you will be required to continue creating Creep Tumors before the time expires. The AI will attack if the timer expires.

Ruins of Seras "Creep or die": Objectives, Nuke, Timer


  • Supports some steps of Day9's Mental Checklist. E.g. watching the Minimap and check how far your creep is developed.
  • Supports LotV (units & upgrades) in the latest version.
  • The map punishes bad Creep spread.

Not supported but important for every Zerg is checking Injects (progress bar above the Hatch) and Saturation - 16/16 or 18/16 and so on. How many Drones you should use for your minerals is a big question - some say 16, 18 or even 20 in lower leagues. Whatever you choose for yourself, take a look at your drone count on every inject.

Widow Mines[edit]

Ruins of Seras "Creep or die": Widow Mines

Widow Mines are moving into your Mineral Line and will burrow there. Or they will try to block your expansions.

Cloaked Banshees[edit]

If you fail to spread your Creep properly, cloaked Banshees will attack your base and do a little bit of Micro.


Work in progress ...


Take a look at the Mental Checklist, if you want to train a complete "Macro-Cycle" for Zerg. The following example is using one Queen only for Creep:

  • Assign your "Creep-Queen" to 0
  • Assign a single Hatch to 3
  • Assign all Hatches to 4
  • Assign all Queens to 5

Depending on your chosen Hotkey layout, you should change those numbers (Control Groups).

Note: It is possible to assign a second key like "^" to 0, if you want to use "1" for your main army and "^" for your "Creep-Queen".

Every time you build a unit, take a look at the Minimap and your money (Minerals/Gas). Take a look at Day9's videos for further information.

Difficulty and settings[edit]

Ruins of Seras "Creep or die": Cloaked Banshees

A Creep Tumor needs some time to finish. If you choose difficulty "Master" you have 45 seconds to build a new Creep Tumor. E.g. the first one is finished, you have 45 seconds to start the next.

Very Easy
Work in progress ... No attack waves
Work in progress ...
Work in progress ...
Work in progress ...
Work in progress ...
Work in progress ...
Work in progress ...

You have to choose one. The difficulty will remain the same the whole game.

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