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NEO Star League

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The NEO Star League (NSL) is a tournament hosted by Chinese Esports broadcasting company NeoTV. It was the first Chinese e-sport tournament broadcast on television and the Internet. It was NeoTV who first applied online/offline format to their tournament in China. Previous NSLs features StarCraft: Brood War and WarCraft III.
In 2011, NeoTV held 2 seasons of NSTL (Neo StarCraft II Team League), which is played online and features clans consist of amateur players mostly.[1][2]
The first NSL StarCraft II tournament was held in 2012, which also gave seeds to WCG 2012 China Finals.
In 2013, NeoTV started NEO Star League 2013 which they claimed to be the first professional tournament featuring Heart of the Swarm since its release in China.
After one year's slience, in 2015, NeoTV organized StarCraft League, a brand new StarCraft II team league. At the finals of SL 2015, it was announced that NSL is back.[3]


Individual Tournament[edit]

Event Dates Winner Runner-Up Third Place Fourth Place
NEO Star League 2012 Season 1 2012-03-22 – 2012-04-15 China Protoss LoveCD China Terran Loner China Zerg TooDming China Zerg F91
NEO Star League 2012 Season 2 2012-12-24 – 2013-01-18 South Korea Protoss Lure China Zerg XiGua South Korea Terran dreamertt China Protoss MacSed
NEO Star League 2013 2013-08-19 – 2013-09-24 China Zerg TooDming China Protoss Jim China Zerg Courage China Terran XY
Event Dates Winner Runner-Up Semifinalist Semifinalist
NEO Star League 2016 International 2016-08-01 – 2016-08-07 Norway Zerg Snute China Protoss Cyan Netherlands Terran uThermal Canada Zerg Scarlett

Team Tournament[edit]

Teamleague Date Winner Runner-Ups Score
NEO Star League 2016 2016-03-27 – 2017-06-04 Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming Invictus Gaming SCBoySCBoy SCBoy 3-2
NEO Star League 2017 2017-07-01 – 2017-12-30 Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming Invictus Gaming Dawn RaidDawn Raid Dawn Raid 3-1

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