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The Iron Lady is a series of tournaments for women only, run by National ESL on the North American server co-founded by the Head Admin pHaRSiDe and Team FemFX founder Yui. The aim of the organization is to give an opportunity for the top female gamers to break out into the scene and network with other female gamers they may not have even know existed and to every month have a series of tournaments for all skill levels that run for hundreds of dollars in various prizes.[1] Iron Lady did however go on an almost two-month hiatus between Champion Cup #4 and Champion Cup #5 and an even longer one after the Leetgion Tournament.


  • Double-elimination bracket.
  • Best of 3 in all matches until grand finals
  • Best of 7 in grand finals


Iron Lady usually run different prizes for different tournaments. All of the Champion Cups have had a 175 USD prize pool with 100 USD to the winner, 50 USD to second place and 25 USD to third place.[2] The bunny cups have featured a 2 pound chocolate bunny for the winner and the MousePAD Challenges have had a special Iron Lady mousepad at stake.[3] With the co-operation of a sponsor in the Leetgion cup tournament, the prize pool was stepped up to 350 USD, with 200 USD to the winner, 100 USD to second place and 50 USD to third place.[4]


Tournaments with cash prize pool[edit]

Iron Lady Champion Cup[edit]

Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD)
1Cup 1 2011-06-25 USA  AuRora2 : 1Mexico  Sylvanas$175
2Cup 2 2011-07-16 USA  AuRora4 : 0USA  flo$175
3Cup 3 2011-08-13 Canada  DaSakura2 : 1Taiwan  luway$175
4Cup 4 2011-09-17 Canada  Scarlett3 : 1Canada  DaSakura$175
5Cup 5 2011-11-12 Canada  Scarlett2 : 0USA  AuRora$175
6Cup 6 2012-01-07 South Korea  Aphrodite4 : 1Canada  DaSakura$175
7Cup 7 2012-02-18 Sweden  MaddeLisk2 : 1United Kingdom  CadenZa$175

Iron Lady Leetgion Tournament[edit]

Tournament Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD)
1Tournament 1 2012-04-28 Canada  Scarlett2 : 0South Korea  Aphrodite$350

Other tournaments[edit]

Bunny Cup[edit]

Prize: 2-pound chocolate bunny

# Date Name #Players
#1 2011-07-09 Iron Lady Bunny Cup #1 USA  flo Sweden Nattkatt Singapore Polaris 9
#2 2011-08-06 Iron Lady Bunny Cup #2 Canada  DaSakura France ChiXi Sweden Nattkatt 9
#3 2011-09-10 Iron Lady Bunny Cup #3 Canada  DaSakura USA KTdonut Sweden  MaddeLisk 8

MousePAD Challenge Diamond to Platinum[edit]

Prize: special Iron Lady mouse pad

# Date Name #Players
#1 2011-08-14 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge Diamond to Platinum Sweden  MaddeLisk Singapore Polaris Sweden Nattkatt 4
#2 2011-09-11 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge 2 Diamond to Platinum Singapore Polaris Sweden  MaddeLisk USA SaltNVinegar 4
#3 2012-01-21 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge 3 Diamond to Platinum USA Pandii Canada Sunlily USA Silvare 4
#4 2012-04-07 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge 4 Diamond to Platinum Canada justBunneh Ireland Chicks USA LittleAtari 6

MousePAD Challenge Bronze to Gold[edit]

Prize: special Iron Lady mouse pad

# Date Name #Players
#1 2011-08-14 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge Bronze to Gold Canada Karen USA ladyinsanity USA NyxRose 3
#2 2011-09-11 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge 2 Bronze to Gold Canceled 0
#3 2012-01-14 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge 3 Bronze to Gold USA ladyinsanity France S4KuR4 Canada  Livinpink 6
#4 2012-04-07 Iron Lady MousePAD Challenge 4 Bronze to Gold USA Lox Germany Schnappi Sweden Guilly 5

Hall of Fame[edit]

The Iron Lady Hall of Fame documents all the top 3 place finishers at each tournament. It keeps statistics on player rankings as well as race and country rankings. and is all organized by the amount of medals won.

View Hall of Fame page at

Medals won per player[edit]

Excluding the MousePAD challenges


 -  Canada  DaSakura  -  Canada  Scarlett
 -  USA  AuRora
 -  USA  flo  -  South Korea  Aphrodite  -  Sweden  MaddeLisk


 -  Canada  DaSakura
 -  Mexico Sylvanas  -  Sweden Nattkatt  -  USA  flo  -  France ChiXi  -  Taiwan  luway  -  USA KTdonut  -  USA  AuRora  -  United Kingdom  CadenZa  -  South Korea  Aphrodite


 -  Sweden  MaddeLisk  -  USA  AuRora  -  USA KTdonut
 -  Singapore Polaris  -  Singapore  kellyMILKIES  -  Sweden Nattkatt  -  United Kingdom  CadenZa  -  South Korea  Eve

4th Place[edit]

 -  Sweden  MaddeLisk  -  USA  flo
 -  United Kingdom  CadenZa  -  Sweden  Laejten  -  Sweden Nattkatt  -  USA  Navi  -  Singapore Polaris  -  Canada  MsSpyte  -  Czech Republic Dzejna


January 19, it was announced that Iron Lady would be setting up showmatches of special interest.[5]

The list of showmatches are:

# Date Players
#1 2012-01-28 Aphrodite vs Flo South Korea  Aphrodite USA  flo


Iron Lady also has a series of interviews, called spotlights, with the winners of their tournaments. Since the participants in Iron Lady are not as well known outside the female scene, these spotlights double as a way to introduce the players to the community.

The list of spotlights done are:


The European part of ESL tried running monthly female-only tournaments after the launch of StarCraft II, and the North American division (National ESL) tried running weekly tournaments, but interest was too low, and consequently the projects were put on hiatus at the end of 2010. The results can be found on this page.

Before the launch of the NESL Iron Lady, the National ESL had already organised a series of weekly female-only tournaments, the StarCraft II 1v1 Ladies Night Cup:

# Date #Players
#1 2010-11-15 USA Navi USA AuRora South Korea Awesome 23
#2 2010-11-22 South Korea Awesome USA PsychonautQQ USA Not determined 10
#3 2010-11-29 USA PsychonautQQ Canada DaSakura Canada Not determined 6
#4 2010-12-06 Cup was canceled - (6)
#5 2010-12-13 Cup was canceled - (2)

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