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[e][h] NajzMajs
Player Information
Marcus Fogelström
November 6, 1999 (1999-11-06) (age 19)[1]
Alternate IDs:
Najzmajs, ATNajzmajs
Total Earnings:
2012-08-24 - 2013-09-09
2013-09-09 - Present

Marcus "NajzMajs" Fogelström is a young Swedish Zerg player, currently playing for ROOT Gaming's academy. He is currently Masters.


Wings Of Liberty[edit]

DreamHack Open 2012[edit]

At the 2012 DreamHack Open Stockholm tournament on April 21, 2012, Najzmajs made it through the first group stage after falling to SaSe 2-0, but taking a 2-1 win against Hokke. He was knocked out in the second group stage after losing to SjoW, Turuk and Eeel.

At the 2012 DreamHack Open Valencia tournament on September 22, 2012, Najzmajs dropped out of the tournament in the first group stage after losing to Cloud 0-2, HerO 0-2, and NaRa 1-2.

At the 2012 DreamHack Open Winter tournament on November 22, 2012, Najzmajs dropped out of the tournament after losing to fellow Swede Bobson in the Round of 32 of the BYOC Qualifier Bracket 2.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In the 11th DSCL Individual League 2013 Qualifier, Najzmajs made it to the RO8 after beating Zelkia, AmandaGS and inCognitO in best of ones, and losing 1-2 against a barcode player in a Bo3.

At the 2013 DreamHack Open Summer on June 15, 2013, Najzmajs started off losing to Poyo 1-2 in three very close games. He proceeded to lose against Sting 0-2. He was able to defeat Katniss 2-0, however his performance was not enough to advance and consequently he was eliminated in the first group stage.

On September 9, 2013, He was announced as a member of ROOT Gaming's academy.[2]


  • He has been coached by CatZ. VODs are available on YouTube.
  • Made GrandMaster league November 1, 2013.


HoTS Matches[edit]