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[e][h] Nettie
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Jun Yung Soo
September 22, 1987 (1987-09-22) (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
ChonsonyoPrime, LotzePrime, AngelGirlPrime, NettiePrime, Netti, Only.NaBi, T.3)NaBi, nabang[3.33]
Total Earnings:
2010-??-?? - 201?-??-??

Jun "Nettie" Yung Soo is a Protoss player from South Korea, who is currently teamless.


Wings Of Liberty[edit]

Nettie took part in the 2010 TG Sambo Intel Starcraft II Open Season 1 under the name Lotze. He defeated BrEEzE 2-1 in the Round of 64, and faced IdrA, one of the tournament favorites, in the Round of 32. During the cast of that round Artosis said that IdrA had studied Nettie's replays and was confident he could predict his builds. Nettie ended up using deceptive strategies including proxy Void Rays and hidden expansions, and defeated IdrA 2-1. In the Round of 16, Nettie faced LiveForever, and lost to him 0-2.

Nettie qualified for the 2011 GSL January Code A, this time under the name AngelGirl, but lost to Lyn in the Round of 32, 0-2.