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Company Information
Tournaments Organization
Poland Poland
Key people:
Ryceszzz (CEO)
Zedd (Caster)
Kashim (Admin)
dbm (Graphic designer)
pabulon (Graphic designer)
Various Tournaments, Showmatches

Netwars is a Polish Gaming Community since 1998. Mostly focused on StarCraft and StarCraft II.

1v1 Tournaments[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
NETWARS HOTS CUP/1 2013-04-19 – 2013-04-19 Poland  Zazu Poland  pal
NETWARS HOTS CUP/2 2013-07-12 – 2013-07-12 Poland  Tefel Poland  funkay
Super Turniej K***o 2016-02-21 – 2016-06-08 Poland  ArT Poland  Tefel
Netwars Christmas Cup 2016-12-03 – 2016-12-03 Poland  Elazer Poland  ArT
Super Turniej K***o 2 2016-09-17 – 2017-03-18 Poland  souL Poland  Basior
STK 3 2017-05-06 – 2017-11-18 Poland  Guru Poland  Indy
Diamonds Are Not Forever Invitational 2018-04-05 – 2018-05-31 Poland  Misato Poland  bleidd
STK 4 2018-05-05 – 2019-05-11 Poland  MaNa Poland  Guru

Team Tournaments[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
Turniej Województw 2017-01-26 – 2017-04-06 Poland Pomorze Poland Śląsk
Turniej Województw 2018 2018-01-11 – 2018-03-22 Poland Mazowsze Poland Wallin Wschodni
NW ProLeague - Prolog 2018-07-26 – 2018-11-10 Life is Life PSI PSI PSI

SC2 Tournaments Staff[edit]

ID Position
Poland Ryceszzz CEO
Poland Zedd Caster
Poland Kashim Admin
Poland dbm Graphic designer
Poland pabulon Graphic designer


ID Position Note
Poland Dembski Admin Super Turniej K***o Q1-Q3


ID Position Note
Poland Legho Admin TW 2017, TW 2018, NW ProLeague - Prolog

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