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Team Information
Chivu "FrozENDruiD" Valentin
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Team NewRoSoft, also simply known as NrS is a Romanian team based in Bucharest. The team is entirely sponsored by the software design company of the same name. The team was founded in early 2011, establishing a team house in Bucharest near the building of the company for their local and international players to practice from. The organization also hosted squads for other competitive titles, including League of Legends, but StarCraft II seems to be the main focus.


  • January 5, Vesa "Welmu" Hovinen signs with Team NewRoSoft.[6]
  • March 12, After the disbandment of LighT eSports, RaNgeD re-joins the team.[7]
  • April 26, Team NewRoSoft and Remigiusz "Romson" Liana parts ways.[8]
  • June 20, Team NewRoSoft and Alexander "kauP" Hahn ended the collaboration.[9]
  • July 7, RaNgeD announces that he has been retired from StarCraft II since November 2012.[10]
  • November 1, UkraineStar parts ways with NrS.[Citation needed]


Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SpainAlaStOrEnrique Moreno2012-01-072012-04-13 x6tence
Viet NamClavieChen Tianning201?-??-??2012-11-19
RomaniafishlipsTodea Bogdan2011-05-10201?-??-?? Retirement
Korea (South)HunterKang Jin-Ho2014-04-072015-07-08
GermanykauPAlexander Hahn2012-05-012013-06-19 Team ALTERNATE
GermanyKrasSAndreas Ullrich2012-11-102015-02-26 Redbloods
Romanian0iseNiculescu Liviu2011-05-13201?-??-?? Retirement
RomaniaNightEnDSilviu Lazar2014-02-042016-01-09 Invasion eSport
United States of AmericaRaNgeDAustin King2011-03-092012-11-19 Retirement
United States of AmericaReSpOnSeJonathan Layman2011-05-10201?-??-?? Retirement
PolandRomsonRemigiusz Liana2012-11-192013-04-25 Vega Squadron
GermanyroofMarvin Gebhart2012-08-292016-04-18 IsIMBA
RomaniaRykoKirali Paul2011-05-13201?-??-?? Retirement
SwedenSealaErik Ramquist2012-01-07201?-??-?? Retirement
United States of AmericasLeEpyJustin Peterson2011-03-09201?-??-?? LaG Gaming
United States of AmericaSonicWen Jin2012-06-26201?-??-?? Under Rated
Russian FederationTurukKonstantin Argavitin2011-09-062011-11-29
UkraineUkraineStarIgor Kobylansky2012-02-022013-10-31 ReG GaminG
UkraineUnderdarkAleksandr Golyk2012-06-182014-08-16
FinlandWelmuVesa Hovinen2013-01-042015-01-29 Imaginary Gaming
UkraineWhiteStepan Yerichuk2012-01-302014-05-18 Monolith team


ID Name Position
Romania ZeroSkill Andrei Gireada Team Owner
Romania FrozENDruiD Chivu Valentin General Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2014-02-08 5 - 8th A3Minor RaidCall ESL Euro Series Winter 2013 0 : 3 $0
2013-11-08 1st A3Minor The Gathering 2013 Team Battle 3 : 1 $800.86
2013-10-04 9 - 12th A3Minor RaidCall ESL Euro Series Summer 2013 1/2 Grp. S. $0
2013-06-21 9 - 12th A3Minor RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 1/2 Grp. S. $0
2013-03-19 5 - 8th A3Minor Cascade1xbet Clan League Season 4 0 : 4 $0






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