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Newbee is a Chinese gaming club with teams in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, though it is best known for success in its original game: Dota 2. Founded during a Chinese Dota reshuffle in early 2014, its original members were xiao8, Mu, Hao, KingJ and ZSMJ, with the first three of those five also being part of the Newbee team that won The International 2014 and a first prize worth $5 million.


  • August 3 - The team formally established RTS Division, and TIME joins the club as the first player.
  • November 11th, Scarlett joins.[1]
  • March 9 - Top and Shana are announced as members of the Heroes of the Storm team of Newbee.[2]
  • March 28 - Top plays in GPL with the Newbee tag.[3]
  • July 20 - Top leaves. [4]

Player Roster[edit]

Canada  Scarlett
Sasha Hostyn
China  TIME
Li Peinan
ID Name 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
caCanada z Scarlett Sasha Hostyn 9 - 16th 2012 World Championship 2nd ASUS ROG NorthCon 2013 3 - 4thHomeStory Cup IX 17 - 32nd 2015 DreamHack Open: Tours HomeStory Cup XII 2nd HomeStory Cup XIII 5 - 8th World Electronic Sports Games 2016HomeStory Cup XVI 1st IEM Season XII - PyeongChang A8aRo8 2019 WCS Winter Americas
cnChina t TIME Li Peinan(李培楠) - - - - Challenger League 3rd GPL_2015/Grand_Finals 9 - 16th 2017 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 3 - 4th 2018_WCS_Montreal B6aRo16 2019 WCS Winter Americas


ID Name New Team
ChinaChina p Top Hu Tao (胡滔) Heroes of the Storm
ChinaChina t Shana Wang Yu lun (王雨伦) X-Team