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Newkirk Precinct

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[e][h]Newkirk Precinct
Map Information
(HotS) Korhal City
Spawn Positions:
2 at 5, 7
Competition Span:
November 2012 – August 2013
November 2016 - Present
1v1 Ladder:
2016-11-22 — 2017-05-02

Newkirk Precinct is a two-player symmetric map that was released in the 2.01 patch update for Heart of the Swarm Beta.[1] During the Beta it was called Newkirk City.

Official Map Description[edit]

This is a tournament map reviewed by Ongamenet and KeSPA. Choosing which expansion to take will greatly depend on your strategy. As you expand, you can make use of Rock Towers to defend your bases.

Notable Features[edit]

  • There are two Xel'Naga Towers located on the map, one at 6 and the other at 12.
  • Destructible rock has to be destroyed to take the fourth expansion.
  • Collapsible rock can be destroyed to deny access to the fourth expansion locations.

Newkirk Redevelopment Precinct/Newkirk Precinct TE[edit]

LSPrime made a modified version of the map for use in the KeSPA 2012-2013 Proleague, and later included in the ladder map pool with the name Newkirk Precinct TE. Changes include:

  • Added extra terrain next to the south Xel'Naga Tower.
  • Added an extra ramp entrance to the forward bottom expansions.
  • Smaller main base, and moved the minerals and gas to the center.
  • Changed the position of the Collapsible Towers in the bottom expansions.
  • Slight change in ramp and base size for the 4th bases.
  • At the beginning of round 5 of the 2012-2013 Proleague, the middle Xel'naga Towers have been removed.



vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Newkirk Precinct287070839331555.5%72431341143.2%61329731648.5%252288285

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