Next Gaming

See Next Gaming for the Italian team with the same name.

[e][h]Next Gaming
Team Information
ChileAbraham "IDra" Rivera
ArgentinaIgnacio "Naand" Andreatta
Team Captain:
ArgentinaIgnacio "Naand" Andreatta
Mexico Juan "Dysix" Cortes Jimenez
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

Next Gaming is a Latin American team with rosters in League of Legends, Heroes of The Storm and Starcraft 2. Was founded in May of the year 2014.

The project began as a gaming community, with the passage of time, good players were discovered and determined to create competitive teams in order to emerge in Latin American competitive scene.



  • February 17, TPX.MX started sponsoring Next Gaming [1]
  • February 17, DarK enters Next Gaming. [2]
  • April 1, 1UP.CL started sponsoring Next Gaming [3]
  • April 1, SaiNT and SeBacK entered the team Manager Section, helping on the Starcraft 2 Division. [4][5]
  • February 25, LsEbA enters Next Gaming. [6]
  • May 15, Founded by Spectrum with the help of: xsir, wyolf, dmondoid and Abraham "IDra" Rivera founded the first team of Starcraft 2, being a total of 7 players.
  • May 15, Spectrum leaves Next Gaming.
  • November 23, SoldieR enters Next Gaming. [7]
  • November 30, eGGz enters Next Gaming. [8]
  • August 22, Razza enters Next Gaming

Player Roster[edit]

Premier Roster[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date2016201720182019
ColombiaAsusWingAndres García2018-02-02----
PeruXionSMichael Gonzales Villafuerte2018-02-02----


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
MexicoBliTzOscar Romero2016-11-??2017-03-?? Endless Gaming
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)ByRadaAlexander Valbuena2017-08-012019-02-23 Alpha X Latam
PeruCealeRCesar Gonzales Aquije2015-08-182019-02-23 Alpha X Latam
BoliviaDarKBruno Barrios2013-??-??2019-02-23 Alpha X Latam
BoliviaDarkUnnamedEson Añawaya2017-03-062019-02-23 Alpha X Latam
ChileDastanMatias Robles2017-03-242019-02-23 Alpha X Latam
UruguayDominiCKevin Texeira201?-??-??2016-09-07 DuSt Gaming
ColombiaeGGzSebastian Latorre2017-02-072017-05-?? Meliora Esports
United States of AmericaElectroboyzTommy Weiss2017-02-192017-03-06
PeruFerLordFernando Alexia201?-??-??2018-02-02 OIGE
ChileLsEbASebastián Martínez2015-02-25201?-??-?? TSØP
MexicoPacomikeFrancisco Rodriguez2017-03-122018-04-14 Dark Society Gaming
BrazilPereiraAndré Pereira201?-??-??201?-??-?? Black Night
United States of AmericaSasoriGeorge Pavlis2017-02-262017-03-12
ChileSoldieRNicolás Jimenez2014-11-232017-02-15 FØX Gaming
HondurasSpectrumBobby Marshall2014-05-15201?-??-?? BrawL eSports
BrazilTheZergLordGabriel Costa2017-08-012018-05-?? Black Night
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)ThuNdeRJorge Zambrano2017-03-082018-02-02
MexicoXsirKevin Lejía201?-??-??201?-??-??


- ID Name Position
Mexico Dysix Juan Cortes Jimenez CEO - Captain - Streamer
Mexico ScoredLocket Adrian Sinhue Pallares Cedillo Editor - Streamer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2019-02-16 2nd A3Minor Road To Masters 2018 1 : 3 $150
2018-06-17 1st A3Minor Clan Wars Cup 4 : 1 $56.78
2018-03-31 5 - 8th A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 AM - : W $0


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