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[e][h] Nogard
Player Information
Giuliano Gregori
February 7, 1993 (1993-02-07) (age 27)
Alternate IDs:
Nogard, Zium
Total Earnings:
2012-02-22 2013-02-06
2013-02-06 2014-03-06
2014-03-06 - 2014-06-18
2014-06-10 - 2014-04-23

Giuliano "Nogard" Gregori is a Zerg player from Italy who is currently teamless.


Nogard, known as Zium in the past, started playing Starcraft II during 2010. At the beginning he played Protoss, but then he switched to Zerg during the Hots beta and after few season he finally reached the Grand Master league.


Italian Events[edit]

The Game Championship[edit]

On 2012-11-02 Nogard ended 2° at The Game Championship losing the final against the Italian zerg player ZyM.

1st Next SC2 Tournament 2013[edit]

On 2013-12-15 Nogard arrived 2° at 1st Next SC2 Tournament losing in final 3-1 against Stareagle.


Nogard won The Games Week Starcraft 2 event and also won Esl Latenight Cup 103.

Vasacast Invitational[edit]

Vasacast Invitational 2013[edit]

Between 19 and 20 January 2013 Nogard qualified for the final stage of Vasacast Invitational 2013 defeating several opponents in Vasacast Invitational 2013 qualifiers. In the final Nogard met ZyM and successful defeated him 3-0 with 3 strong 7 Gate Immortal All-In (vs. Zerg). After that Nogard lost 0-2 against Snute. Anyways his performance has been appreciated by the community.

Vasacast Invitational 2014[edit]

Between 22 and 23 March 2014 Nogard took part in Vasacast Invitational 2014 playing against Minigun in RO16.


DreamHack Bucharest 2014[edit]

Nogard took part to DreamHack Bucharest 2014, along with other Italian players sucha as Narcotic and Stareagle. He managed to pass Group Stage #1 beating DaZe by 2-0. He lost to Patience in Group Stage #2 and clashed against SaltTheWound during the loser's match. After leading the series on a 1-0 result, he ultimately lost with a score of 1-2 and has been eliminated from the tournament.


  • Used to be a high level chess player before he began to play Starcraft 2.[Citation needed] He also loves juggling.[Citation needed]
  • Has been ranked GrandMaster since the beginning of 2014.[Citation needed]
  • On his stream, he usually do speedrun of some old platform games like Crash Bandicoot, Croc, Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse e co.[Citation needed]
  • Achieved GrandMaster with Random during 2015.[Citation needed]


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2013-12-152nd1st Next SC2 Tournament1 : 3 StarEagle$0
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