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NonY's 2 Base Colossus All-In (vs. Terrran)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]ProtossNonY's 2 Base Colossus All-In (vs. Terran)
Strategy Information
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This build is an aggressive transition that can be used after opening with the extremely safe 2 Gate Fast Obs opening. It centres around a 2 Colossi Push at around 12 minutes with 1/1 upgrades completed, although it is possible to delay the push (and add additional Colossi) if you need to defend against Terran medivac drops before moving out. This build can be characterised as an all-in as you will be reinforcing your attack from 8 Gateways with no intention of taking a third base.

Because the build is heavily dependent on Colossi dealing with Terran bio, it is important that your micro is good enough to prevent the Colossi from being sniped by making good use of kiting and Force Fields. It is also important that your micro is good enough to protect the Colossi from Vikings by using Stalkers to snipe the Vikings.

Basic Build Order[edit]

NonY's 2 Base Colossus All-In (vs. Terran)
  • 9 Pylon[1]
  • 13 Gate
  • 15 Assimilator
  • 16 Pylon
  • 18 Cybernetics Core
  • 19 Zealot
  • 21 Assimilator (2)
  • @100% Cybernetics Core: Stalker, Warpgate Research[2]
  • @100% Stalker: Sentry
  • @100 Gas: Robotics Facility
  • @150 Minerals: Gateway
  • @100% Sentry: Sentry
  • @100% Robotics Facility: Observer[3]
  • @400 Minerals: Nexus
  • @100% Observer: Observer (2)
  • @100% Warpgate Research: Sentry x2
  • @150 Minerals: Forge
  • @100% Forge: +1 Armour
  • @100% Nexus: Assimilator x2 (3)(4)
  • @200 Gas: Robotics Bay
  • @100% Robotics Bay: Colossus, Extended Thermal Lance, 2x Gateway (3)(4)
  • @100% +1 Armour: +1 Weapons
  • @100% Colossus: Colossus (2)
  • 4x Gateway (5)(6)(7)(8)
  • @100% Colossus (2): Colossus (3)
  1. Chrono Boost Probes three times once this completes.
  2. Chrono Boost three times.
  3. Chrono Boost this Observer and send it straight to the opponent's base.


  • An alternative opening is to go Zealot, Sentry, Zealot, Sentry out of your initial Gateway, building the Robotics Facility between the first Sentry and the second Zealot. This gives you a Forcefield to use earlier in the game, but leaves you weak to Reaper openings (which are incredibly rare).
  • Another alternative opening is to open with two Assimilators on 15 Supply, with each Assimilator being mined with only 2 Probes initially. This allows you to go Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, Sentry from your Gateway much more smoothly. Once there are 16 Probes mining minerals, rally the next two Probes into the Assimilators so that there are 3 mining from each. The rest of the build operates just the same.
  • Given how safe this opening is and given how quickly you're getting an Observer, you do not really need to Probe scout other than to check for proxy Barracks/Factories/Starports on maps with only 2 spawn locations and to check for your opponent's spawn location on maps with >2 spawn locations. Neither of these require a super-early scout. For example, NonY will often delay scouting until placing down his Cybernetics Core.
  • Getting +1 Armour from the Forge before getting +1 Weapons is safer against a variety of Terran 2 base all-ins and pushes. This is because +1 Weapons only really become relevant once you have Colossi out on the field, which you will not have when your first upgrade finishes.
  • You should have approximately enough gas for +1 Weapons, Colossus Range and a Colossus when the Robotics Bay finishes.
  • Make mostly Stalkers from your Warpgates after starting your first Colossus. Make mostly Zealot/Sentry before this point.
  • After starting your second Colossus and making 4 more Gateways, make a proxy Pylon out on the map.
  • Depending on how safe you feel, either move out as your second Colossi is finishing up or move out after your first 8 Gateway warp-in has taken place (which should be a warp-in of mostly Stalkers). If the Terran is still hanging around your natural as part of their Medivac pressure, it can often be a good idea to wait for the 3rd Colossus before moving out on the map.

Further Strategies[edit]