Nordic Championship 2017

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The official Nordic Championship tournament in 2017 for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland organized by DreamHack in association with Assembly.


The Nordic Championship tournament gathers the best StarCraft II players in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland to compete for the title of Nordic Champion 2017. In 2017 the tournament has grown into two seasons, Summer and Winter. The summer season starts in June and concludes in offline finals in Helsinki, Finland at Assembly Summer 2017 on August 5. The winter season kicks off in October and has its finals at DreamHack Winter 2017 in Jönköping, Sweden on November 30. The event will feature twelwe players, three from each included country. The players are chocen with online qualifiers or with official national championship tournaments. The tournament seasons are played online except the season finals are offline and played in front of a live audience at Assembly Summer and DreamHack Winter.[1]

Each season will provide 50 000 SEK (approx. $5,720.84 USD*) in prize money shared to the tor four players.

*Converted prizes calculated on 2017-06-22 - 09:49 UTC: 1 SEK = 0.114417 USD according to


Event Date Winner Runner-Up TL Articles
Summer 2017 2017-06-29 – 2017-08-05 Norway  Snute Sweden  Namshar
Winter 2017 2017-10-14 – 2017-11-30 Finland  Serral Sweden  Namshar

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