North American Star League Season 4

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[e][h]North American Star League Season 4
League Information
North America
USA Long Beach
Group Stage online
Single-elimination playoff offline
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea  HerO
South Korea  viOLet
South Korea  Polt
Sweden  SortOf
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


The North American Star League, often abbreviated as NASL, was a competitive StarCraft 2 league that was introduced in February 2011. The North American Star League Season 4 was the fourth season of the North American Star League. 45 players compete for a $60,000 prize pool over a three-month season. four players qualified from the Season 3 open tournament, four players qualified from the Season 4 qualifiers, four players were invited, and the remaining 32 players qualified from their placement in Season 3.


  • Long Beach, California
  • Center Theater


The fourth season was composed of several stages:

Map Pool[edit]

To keep the season fresh, NASL announced that the Season 4 map pool would be reviewed after the 4th and 9th weeks of competition for potential revisions based on player feedback and internal analysis.[1]

Initial maps:

After the Review Muspelheim was removed from the pool in Week 7 and it was replaced by Abyssal City

Prize Pool[edit]

$60,000 was spread among the players as seen below:


Protoss Protoss (14) Terran Terran (15) Zerg Zerg (16)
Seeded through Season 3 (35)
South Korea Alicia
South Korea PuMa
France Stephano
South Korea MC
South Korea aLive
Netherlands Ret
South Korea HerO
South Korea Ryung
Taiwan Sen
Canada HuK
Serbia Beastyqt
South Korea Galaxy
Canada TT1
United Kingdom DeMusliM
South Korea Zenio
Germany HasuObs
South Korea GanZi
Belarus LoWeLy
Romania NightEnD
Sweden ThorZaIN
Ukraine DIMAGA
Poland MaNa
Ukraine Strelok
Sweden MorroW
South Korea HwangSin
South Korea Polt
Germany TLO
South Korea finale
South Korea SeleCT
USA Sheth
Italy ClouD
Norway TargA
USA qxc
Canada MaSa
Qualified (4)
Sweden Bischu
South Korea Dark
South Korea Arthur
South Korea HyuN
Invited via NASL Leaderboard (6)
Sweden NaNiwa *
South Korea TaeJa
South Korea DongRaeGu
South Korea Oz **
South Korea MMA
South Korea viOLet

*NaNiwa replaced CrazymoviNG who was unable to attend due to personal reasons.[2]
**Oz replaced Puzzle who was unable to attend due to personal reasons. Oz was selected as the next highest ranking Protoss on the NASL Leaderboard.


Divisions Overview[edit]

  • The winner of each division advanced to the main event bracket
  • The standings were by match score, then by total points. So a 2-0 win gives a player 2 points, a 2-1 win gives a player 1 point, a 1-2 loss gives a player -1 point, and a 0-2 loss gives a player -2 points.
  • Of the second place finishers in each division, the three with the best record advanced to the main event bracket
  • Players ranked 9-22 (14 players) in the league were placed into a wildcard playoff with the top two of the open tournament to determine the remaining 8 spots in the offline finals
  • Players ranked 23-33 (11 players) in the league were eliminated but would be invited to return next season
  • Players ranked 34-45 (bottom 12) in the league were eliminated and did not return