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Norwegian SC2 scene

History of the Norwegian SC2 scene[edit]

Background: Pre-beta times[edit]

Although Brood War received quite a lot of attention in Norway with the television documentary about Slayer's win at KBK in 2000, Norwegians were quick in moving on to newer games. That being said, there was a Brood War tournament held at The Gathering, Norway's largest LAN party, up until the year 2008. It was announced that it was going to be last BW tournament held at the event, seeing as SC2 would soon be out.

After that, the Norwegian StarCraft community did not disappear, but continued on (albeit as a small community) generally through international sites, but also through the Norwegian site The YouTube user wowlightshadow also did a number of Norwegian commentaries for Korean professional matches.

Meanwhile, World of Warcraft gained an enormous popularity in Norway, with 70,000 players, which is roughly 1.44% of its population and among the highest percentages in the world, giving many Norwegians a relationship to Blizzard.


The first unofficial SC2 tournament was held at The Gathering (March 31 – April 4), and arranged by two beta participants, with about 20 players and it was won by RiCHy (Results).

The first Norwegian Beta tournament organized by a site was held by 16.04.2010. It featured 32 players in a 1v1 Bo3 single-elimination format and was won by Skruf (Results). The second tournament, held 03.04.2010 doubled its participants to 64 and was won by StyGGeN (Results). A third tournament, also with 64 players, was held 06.06.2010 and was won by RiCHy (Results). The finals were streamed with Norwegian commentary.

The first Norwegian beta tournament with cash prizes was organized by deCibel and called deCibel #1 Champions League tour. It was an invitational with open spots through qualification rounds. It ran from May 7 to May 22 and organizing happened through's forums. It was won by Drunkenbobby with Skruf placing 2nd. The finals were streamed with Norwegian commentary by Kjartan.

There was also a showmatch planned, between the top Norwegian BW players and the top Norwegian WC3 players, but it was postponed due to lag and instability and wasn't played before the end of phase 1 of the beta.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

In August 2011 arranged a 32 player tournament named Lefdal Cup #1 sponsored by Lefdal and SteelSeries with over 30 000 NOK (~€3800, ~$5000) in prizes, split for three cups. It featured 8 invited players and 24 who had to qualify. It was won by Kare, with Chi taking second and Skruf third. It was also streamed and commentated by Kjartan and deac.

In September a Norwegian branch of the International e-Sports Foundation was established. Its first goal was to send two Norwegian players to compete in WC3 in The Grand Finals in Daegu, South Korea, to which it sent TargA (who then still played WC3) and Creo, but after that their focus has been on Counter-Strike 1.6.

October saw's Lefdal Cup #2, which was won by Knutzi, with Kare placed second and Seriously third (Brackets). Lefdal Cup #3 was held in December, this time won by Seriously, with Kare placing second and Metalon third (Brackets).

Also, during autumn 2010, student organizations for promoting e-Sports started popping up several places in the country.

In February 2011, the Norwegian clan Team GamersLeague entered into a one-year deal with Coca-Cola Norway,[1] which made it possible for them to send a team to Italy and win the Redbyte 2v2 Tournament.[2] In May, Team GamersLeague signed linZEY, a female gamer, possibly making her the first female player in Norwegian gaming history to be sponsored. Team GamersLeague, however, planned to have a girls team for SC2 and several others followed.

24 June 2011, Coca-Cola and arranged Gamer's Paradise, a tournament for several games, including StarCraft II. The finals were held at Jernbanetorget by Oslo Central Station for anyone to come and watch for free and were won by Snute, with Knutzi taking 2nd place and Seriously taking 3rd.[3]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

During this expansion, no official updates were done on this site. There were multiple tournaments held in Norway, but there currently is no data to put here yet. Once information is gathered, this site will be updated.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

The 8th of September, 2018, Snute announced his retirement and wish to focus on his studies and university. He started his studies in 2019 but remains an active part of the Starcraft 2 scene through streaming and attending events. He is, however, retired from doing Starcraft full time.

After a period of inactivity in the Norwegian scene, a group of people decided to revive the Norwegian scene by creating a league for Norwegian players called FreeStar Cup. This league was initially hosted by Mutacrux, Sjanvei and Ariiba in 2018. It was a great success, and players gradually returned, as well as new players joining a Discord channel they set up to more easily connect with the audience and the players. In march 2019, people gathering in the Discord grouped together to create Starcraft Norge, a non-profit organization, that functions as the official Starcraft organization in Norway. This way, they plan on keeping the scene alive longer, and there are plans for 2020 that will pave way for a larger Norwegian tournament as well as additional minor ones across the country.


The Gathering Easter 2011 The Gathering 2012 The Gathering 2014 The Gathering 2015 The Gathering 2016
Sweden  SjoW
Sweden  SaSe
Romania  NightEnD     Sweden  Mover
Spain  LucifroN
Russia  Brat_OK
Sweden  ThorZaIN     Netherlands  Grubby
Norway  SolO
Norway  Poseidon
Norway  Kolbein     Norway  Civi
Norway  Adrian
Norway  Kolbein
Norway  Evire
Norway  HeltEn
Norway  Poseidon     Norway  Civi

Notable Players[edit]

ID Name Team Crowning Achievement
noNorway z KinG Tom-Andre Lærum Team Apple Shark OVK Autumn Tournament 2018
noNorway t Scythe Stian Johnsen Scythe Esports OVK Autumn Tournament 2017
noNorway t HeltEn Torbjørn Næristorp Team Cladocera OVK Easter Tournament 2018
noNorway z Prebs Preben Johnsen Komplett_Barcraft_Experience
noNorway p Diffe Øyvinn Kastnes FreeStar Cup/2018/September
noNorway z NaiveZerg Kenneth Solstad Team Apple Shark FreeStar Cup/2018/May
noNorway p Flowerboy Cato Solstad Team Apple Shark FreeStar Cup/2018/May

Retired Players[edit]

ID Name Last Team Crowning Achievement
noNorway z Snute Jens Aasgaard Team Liquid WCS Copa Intercontinental
noNorway z TargA Kristoffer Marthinsen Imaginary Gaming Dreamhack 2012 Open Valenica
noNorway z zUP Erlend Nygård Team GamersLeague Nemean LAN 2012
noNorway z SolO Tobias Glenne ROOT Gaming The Gathering 2014
noNorway p Evire Eirik Stensbøl Team Cladocera Telenorligaen v2016
noNorway z Snitchables Ruben Drange Mistral eSport 2014 Gigacon
noNorway p Eiki Eik Johannes Nysted Grødem Karnage eSports NM SpillExpo 2013
noNorway p Noticimus Nicolai Christian Jacobsen Team GamersLeague 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Norway Nationals
noNorway z Civi Simon Barane Almost Perfect eSports Club OVK Easter Tournament 2017
noNorway z Skruffy Vegard Tenold Team Apple Shark Social Gaming
noNorway t CreamCake Tin Trung Duong Team BX3 ByLan 2012



Team Cladocera

Norway  erL ()
Norway  PurpleStain
Norway  Evire
Norway  HeltEn
Norway  Phaqui
United Kingdom  Jamesykins
Norway  KhalDrogo
Norway  Shard
Norway  Sheppard
Norway  Play
Norway  Why
Norway  Kappekoff
United Kingdom  Grant
Norway  HydraulixXD
Team Apple Shark

Norway  Colt ()
Norway  Araneae ()
Norway  KinG
Norway  Celadan
Norway  Skruffy
Norway  NaiveZerg
Norway  Temu
Norway  Flowerboy
Norway  Heggy

Disbanded Teams[edit]

Team BX3

Norway  fubb ()
Norway  Creamcake
Norway  Northbrute
Norway  Phaqui
Norway  Kolbein
Sweden  ZergLife
Expert Gaming

Norway  Civi
Norway  HeltEn
Norway  Adrian
Norway  Darroweve
Norway  Äelith
Norway  erL
Portugal  Eery

Team Manager
Norway  Snow
Norway  Icho
Norway  Hurricane
Sweden  HaMa

Norwegian VODs[edit]

  • [1] VODs from the finals of deCibel CL and tournament #3.
  • [2] VODs from Lefdal Cup #1.

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