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Noumena's Dual Warp Prism Harass (vs. Zerg)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]Noumena's Dual Warp Prism Harass (vs. Zerg)
Strategy Information
Fast Expand/Aggressive
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The idea of this build is very simple: open with a FFE (Forge Fast Expand), have complete dominance of the game with lots of aggression and a quick 3rd/4th. Since the opening gives you adequate scouting knowledge, and possibly serious economic pressure, you are able to adapt to what your opponent is doing to transition more seamlessly into the lategame. The build is very versatile, allowing you to easily accomplish any necessary transition. However, the build requires somewhat significant multi-tasking, and as such may not be suitable for lower league players.


  • Take quick 3rd and 4th base while still being aggressive.
  • Trade cost efficiently with Zerg by using an upgrade intensive Zealot heavy strategy.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Noumena's Dual Warp Prism Harass (vs. Zerg)
  • 9 Pylon ** AT YOUR NATURAL ** (SCOUT)
  • 13 Forge (This is the safest timing)
  • 15 Nexus **IF SAFE**
  • 16 Forge **IF YOU DID NOT 13 FORGE**
  • 16 Pylon
  • 18 Assimilator
  • Cannon[1]
  • Gateway
  • First 100gas: +1 Weapons Upgrade (Chrono Boost this 2-3 Times)
  • 2nd Gate
  • Zealot (Chrono Boost when possible)
  • Core
  • Zealot x3 (ATTACK) -- Continue to make Zealots[2]
  • Warpgate
  • Robotics Facility
  • 2nd Gas
  • +1 Armor
  • 3rd/4th Gate as soon as possible
  • Twilight Council
  1. This is where I don't have the exact numbers down, as the order is more important than the supply.
  2. This is the first attack timing, it does not need to do damage, but can. The push is primarily used for scouting Zerg tech.


  • You can also go 13 Forge if you do not like Nexus first versus Zerg. The Nexus is built at 17 food at this point. Cannon, Assimilator, then Pylon in that order if you want to player safer. Pools before 14 however will still have lings arrive before the cannon is up, so its imperative to delay them with your probe at their natural by denying their expo for as long as possible.
  • This build focuses on Warp Prism harass and the mobility of Protoss units. Although most are slow, the ability to warp anywhere on the map is amazing. Upgraded Protoss units can be very difficult for Zerg players to deal with. Take your third once you feel comfortable, and do not stop harassing until you know you have done enough damage.


  • Roaches or Roach Warren
Throw up a second or third cannon immediately. If he counter attacks and you only have Zealots, you will outright lose. Since you already have a good economy, this will not affect you as much. Roaches are a good sign, considering you already have a Robotics Facility and can easily make Immortals.
  • Lots o' Lings
An even better sign! If he is on two base and has a plethora of Zerglings waiting for your Zealots, this usually means he will be doing 2 base Infestor play. And since you got that +1 Weapons Upgrade early on, your Zealots will be 2-shotting his lings. I will go into what to transition into in the next section.
  • Fast Third
You will pretty much deny his 3rd. Typically the Zerg won't have enough Lings to hold off the 3/4 Zealots AND take a fast 3rd. Stick close to the mineral line, and positioning is key.
  • Fast Mutalisks
Generally Zerg will try to steer away from 2 base Mutalisk play, but it is a possibility. This may be a bit tough to deal with, but you should continue to get out the Warp Prism, but switch into Blink Stalkers/Archons instead of Zealots. Try your best to snipe the Spire. Add Cannons into your mineral line as you see fit.


Now, you should have attacked at roughly the 6:20-7:00minute mark. This is generally when the Zerg has made obvious tech structures, or a fast third expansion. if your opponent has not predicted your attack, then you will be able to do severe damage, scout, or deny his third. Also, +1 Weapons should finish before, right as you attack, or even during the attack. Zealots will be two shotting lings with this upgrade. If the Zerg has prepared for your attack, do not worry, as you will still be able to scout what he is doing.


This is the part of the build that I love the most. It is incredibly versatile, and whatever unit composition you want to use will most likely work, as long as it counters what the Zerg is doing (ex: cannot go mass Zealots vs Mutas...) However, there is one unit you must get for this build to be optimal. The Warp Prism. You should make roughly 2-3 of these wonderful units, and have them spread out over the Zerg's base. (ex: one in the corner of their main, one at his natural, one in front of his natural etc.)

  • Execution of the Warp Prism harass
It usually works best if it is paired with a frontal push. Zealots work best in tight corners when facing Lings, and there is no better place than a mineral line. Your 4 Gates should be in Warp Gate mode at this time as well. Load up 4 Zealots before going to the Zerg base, drop them in the mineral line and immediately enter Phase Mode (for warp-ins). Warp in nothing but Zealots at this point. If you want to get fancy and decide to transition into High Templar, throw in a couple of Archons. Continue harassing as long as it is close to cost-efficient.

The scouting information that you receive from the Warp Prism harass will help you choose your army composition. Since you have all the ground Tier 2 paths covered at this point, it should be fairly easy. Make sure you are constantly upgrading as well.

  • Colossus + Blink Stalker
Fairly cookie cutter, but works well. Personally I don't enjoy Colossus just like Sentries, but everyone has their own flavor of the day.
  • Chargelot + Archon + Immortal
This transition is my absolute favorite. It works exceptionally well vs Roach/Infestor compositions. Feel free to add in High Templar to Feedback any Infestors. Archon Warp Prism drops also work wonders. If you just see Ling/Infestor, then add additional Gateways and remove the Immortal from the mix.


  • Drops with Sentries/Zealots
After the initial Zealot attack. You can drop with Sentries instead of only Zealots. However you need to prepare well ahead of time to get the necessary gas, by taking a second geyser after you build your first Gateway. You will not make Sentries before your first 3 Zealots, which allows you to store up minerals to build the Robotics Facility and Warp Prisms. (You trade the extra minerals the probes could have been mining for gas and gas intensive units). However, it is extremely important not to lose those Sentries in the drop and to retreat with them at some point. You will be able to tech just as fast as the Zealot heavier style, but a direct engagement is less ideal. Nevertheless, it allows you to get more Drone kills if you use the Force Fields to trap Drones and prevent the Zerg from attacking your Sentries and Zealots simultaneously. The best approach is to warp more Zealots into the battle while using the gas to tech.
  • There are no replays of this variation however.


Pro features[edit]

Maps that are good for Forge FE builds, also the ability to wall off your natural makes defending counterattacks much easier.

  • Tal'Darim Altar
  • Shakuras Plateau
  • Antiga Shipyard
  • Entombed Valley

Con features[edit]

  • Metalopolis
  • Xel'Naga Caverns


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