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Nuit Blanche

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[e][h]Nuit Blanche
Team Information
Antoine "AlepH" Berranger
Yan "io" C.
Laurent "Lloyd" Dauvergne
Team Earnings:
$157 USD
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2016-10-04 - ShaDoWn leaves
2016-01-23 - JonnyREcco joins
2014-08-10 - The whole Clan Runby joins the team
2015-06-29 - PtitDrogo leaves
2015-11-16 - BsK joins
Recent Matches
nB 1:5 NxG
November 8, 2020 - 0:00 UTC

Nuit Blanche is one of the oldest eSports multi-gaming teams, having had a StarCraft II division since launch. The team's goal is to promote their vision of eSports, where result and performances are not the main objective, but the result of a good and fun atmosphere mixed with a serious organization for official tournaments.


Nuit Blanche was created in winter 1996 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, a city in the north of France. It was first a gathering of "irl" friends, organizing homemade LANs in their flats. They played a number of casual games, but actually became successful at Quake winning many offline tournaments, especially playing Capture The Flag.

Upon the release of StarCraft was release, some members started to play it. In 3 years, the team grew from being a totally unknown team to a 4-time French champion with many good players like SarenS, KymZen, FremAN, AureS and others.

After 2008, players went inactive on the RTS scene. Its players had children, played RPGs and chilled. But in summer 2010 with the release of StarCraft II, Nuit Blanche is trying to build, once again, its history.

Nuit Blanche is now a multigaming, sponsored team, but its goal is still, and will always be to promote fun and fair play and to grow as a team in a friendly and motivating atmosphere.


  • May 28, following Elroye, the second Pro Team member, Laukyo, is recruited.[8]
  • May 28, the third Pro Team recruit is former MYM Academy German Terran, teNu.[9]
  • June 24, AureS returns to Nuit Blanche to play casually.[10]
  • July 10, Laukyo leaves for Vega, but he is replaced on the pro team roster by Loki and with former young French talent Lilbow from team TRQ.[11]
  • September 3, nB restructures, and Snitchables is recruited.[12]
  • October 2, nB recruits funkay and PtitDrogo.[13]
  • December 17, nB recruits Indy.[14]

Player Roster[edit]

Pro Team[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date201720182019
FranceMouLou CaptainAlexandre Delyon201?-??-??---
FranceXeNoXavier Morel201?-??-??---
FranceZBelinThierry Albaret201?-??-??---

B Team[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date201420152016201720182019
FranceAnySoSexNicolas Lion------
FranceAureSAurélien Sannier2013-06-2449 - 64th 2014 DreamHack Open: Valencia49 - 64th 2015 DreamHack Open: Valencia----
FranceImreBenoit Jugnon-49 - 64th 2015 DreamHack Open: Tours----
FranceMekTyproPierre-Henri Dauvergne-49 - 64th 2015 DreamHack Open: Valencia----
FrancetomveThomas Vérité2014-09-30------


Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date2019

Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
FranceAbbadonQuentin Denizot2016-10-122017-??-?? DuSt Gaming
PolandArTTymoteusz Makaran201?-??-??2016-09-22 IsIMBA
PolandBasiorGrzegorz Basista201?-??-??2016-06-01
FranceBsKJérémy Duez2015-11-162018-03-19 Iron Chain
SwitzerlandElroyeEloi Quach201?-??-??2014-09-07 Dead Pixels
SwitzerlandFunKRomain Altenbach201?-??-??2014-01-30 Romandy Gaming
FrancehinORobin Carrière201?-??-??2017-11-24 ReG GaminG
FrancehinORobin Carrière2018-02-012018-09-01 Psionic Aftermath
PolandIndyIgor Kaczmarek2013-12-172014-03-?? GdA-Team
United KingdomJonnyREccoPaul Whyte2016-01-232017-??-?? Infinity Gaming
FranceLaukyoLaurent Chung2013-05-282013-07-10 Vega Squadron
FranceLilbowDavid Moschetto2013-07-102014-01-22 XMG
FranceLindThibault Poiret2017-??-??2019-03-01 Gamers League
SwedenMonstRAlexander Nilsson201?-??-??2018-03-15 Exist Gaming
FrancePtitDrogoThéo Freydière2013-10-022015-06-29 mYinsanity
FranceSatsukiKevin Saunier201?-??-??2018-03-15 Iron Chain
FranceShaDoWnThomas Labrousse201?-??-??2016-10-04 mYinsanity
RussiaSKillousNikita Gurevich2015-10-022016-07-26 Cray Squad
NorwaySnitchablesRuben Drange2013-09-032014-06-06 Team BX3
FranceSoulSpiritAlexy Duviler2016-10-122017-??-?? DuSt Gaming
RussiaSpellSingerPetr Sergeevich201?-??-??2017-02-02 Houkago Tea Team


ID Name Position
France BenkroBen Magnon Head Manager
France GoSuMoneYWilliam Delvaux Manager
Austria MeisterEder Coach
France MekTyproPierre-Henri Dauvergne Manager
France AlephAntoine Berranger Accounting
France SativaJérémy President

Team Achievements[edit]

2015-11-16DA4thA3MinorRU SC2 Team League Season 9: First DivRU SC2 Team League Season 9: First Div1 : 5$0
2015-06-30BA2ndA9UndefinedRussian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 8Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 83 : 5$108
2015-03-05CA3rdA9UndefinedRussian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 7Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 75 : 2$49
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1v1 Medal Statistics

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