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Nydus Network (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this building. For another version see Nydus Network (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h] Nydus Network
Building Information
 150  150  36
V → N
Unlocked Tech:


The Nydus Network is a tier-two Zerg building that is used to move units quickly around the map. It requires a Lair to build and can create Nydus Worms. A Nydus Worm can be built anywhere one has vision, without need for Creep or a Drone. The worm takes 14 seconds to set up before emerging from the ground and settling into position. During this set up phase it has 3 armor. Once in position, it acts as the exit to the Nydus Network, allowing the player to transfer units from the network to the worm almost instantly. Once the worm is finished moving it cannot be re-moved and will act as a building. You cannot (simultaneously) build multiple Nydus Worms from a single network, but you can build another Nydus Worm after the first worm is done spawning. All worms and networks are connected to each other. Units in the Nydus Network will die only if all worms and networks on the map are destroyed.


Hotkey: L
The Nydus Worms and Nydus Networks can load a maximum of 255 ground units into a shared underground network.


  • Nydus Worms act as both entrances and exits; units can safely retreat back into the Nydus they came from and will take no harm should the Nydus Worm get destroyed "behind" them, nor will the Nydus Network unlike its predecessor in SC:BW. However, if there are units that remain in the Nydus Network when all canals and Network are destroyed, the units are lost.
  • The maximum number of units that a Nydus Network can hold is 255, and the maximum cargo space that a Nydus Worm has is 1020 - which is, considering the maximum amount of supply is 200, an unlimited capacity (at least for 1v1).
  • Units take .25s to enter the Nydus Worm and .5s to exit it. This can be done with a rally point.
  • Drones can be rallied directly onto mineral patches and - with the help of the Shift key - back to the Nydus. The same can be done on the other side to a Hatchery. Alas, the unloading has to be ordered manually for each instance.
  • Spine Crawlers and Spore Crawlers are considered buildings and cannot be transferred.
  • Non permanent units such as those under control of Neural Parasite, Changelings, and Infested Terrans cannot enter the Nydus Network.

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