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O'Gaming TV

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[e][h]O'Gaming TV
Company Information
Parent company:
Paris, France
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O'Gaming TV is a french company created on December 05, 2011, located in Paris and specialized in e-sports contents broadcasting and more globally media production. They broadcast 7 days a week on their StarCraft II Twitch channel. In addition to shoutcasting most of the biggest StarCraft II tournaments (GSL, WCS, ...) for the French-speaking audience, they produce and organize some international big events like IronSquid and Nation Wars.

On May 24, 2018 O'Gaming TV announced to have signed a contract with the South Korean player INnoVation that ended at the beginning of December. On October 26, 2018 O'Gaming TV announced the return of MarineLorD on the StarCraft II scene (he switched on Overwatch early 2017), as well as his recruitment in the team.

Player Roster[edit]


Active SquadActive Squad
IDNameJoin Date
France  YoGo
Pierre-Marie Humeau
Join Date: 


Former SquadFormer Squad
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South Korea  INnoVation
Lee Shin Hyung
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Team ReciprocityTeam Reciprocity Team Reciprocity
France  MarineLorD
Alexis Eusebio
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Koka Authentique PépiteKoka Authentique Pépite Koka Authentique Pépite



Nation Wars is a premier competition sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment (since the 4th edition) between several nations around the world which are represented by a team of three players. The players of each countries are elected by the StarCraft II community during a voting phase that precedes the tournament. The first edition allowed 8 nations for the tournament and began on January 17, 2014. The fifth edition has been completed on April 22, 2018, where 16 nations fought in the main event (29 fought in the qualifier).

Teamleague Date Teams Winner Runner-Ups Score
NationWars I 2014-01-17 - 2014-01-19 8 NorwayNorway Norway RussiaRussia Russia 4-1
NationWars II 2014-05-07 - 2014-07-26 16 NorwayNorway Norway MexicoMexico Mexico 4-2
NationWars II Norway vs Korea 2014-09-07 2 South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea NorwayNorway Norway 5-3
NationWars III 2015-11-19 - 2016-01-03 16 FranceFrance France South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea 5-0
StarCraft II: NationWars IV 2016-12-21 - 2017-01-21 16 South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea PolandPoland Poland 5-4
StarCraft II: NationWars V 2018-03-21 - 2018-04-22 16 South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 5-3


Iron Squid is a premier international and offline tournament organized by O'Gaming TV. The first edition gathered 20 players in the main event including 12 Koreans and the second edition gathered 32 players including 21 Koreans.

Starleague Date Winner Runner-Up TL Articles
Iron Squid – Chapter I 2012-02-19 – 2012-05-05 South Korea  MMA South Korea  Symbol Announcement
Iron Squid – Chapter II 2012-11-28 – 2013-01-26 South Korea  Life South Korea  DongRaeGu Announcement


Underdogs is a monthly offline tournament reserved to Francophone players. The first season began on September 30 2013 and the series is still going on since.


Topdogs was a additional tournament to Underdogs that allowed the three best players of the last Underdogs season to compete against the 5 best Francophone players. The last edition was played on December 12, 2016 when a change in the format was decided.


Current casters[edit]

  • Alexandre "Pomf" Noci
  • Alexandre "FunKa" Verrier
  • Pierre-Marie "YoGo" Humeau
  • Thibault "Koka" Le Gall
  • Rémi "TKL" Hibon
  • Anton "Algost" Bodin Marty

Former casters[edit]

  • Anoss
  • Hadrien "Thud" Noci
  • Imre
  • MoMaN
  • Pouilleux


O'Gaming TV has also other channels on different games: mainly League of Legends, Overwatch and Battle Royale, as well as a partnership with GamersOrigin for Hearthstone.