oGs.AL is the name of a partnership between teams Old Generations and Absolute Legends, as well as gaming peripherals sponsor Razer, which allows for the sponsorship of oGs' Korean players in the foreign scene, while the oGs house may serve for room and board while the AbsoluteLegends players participate in Korea. While participating in Korea, the players retain the tag oGs.AL, but while in foreign events, AL.oGs.[1] The partnership was initially between oGs and eSahara, but after the merger between the latter and Absolute Legends, the terms of the partnership were transferred over to AL.[2]

Head Manager of oGs, Spunky, stated that this partnership didn't affect the one between oGs and Team Liquid. "...oGs and TL are more like family... Our partnership with eSahara is more like what we had with SK Gaming during 2011."[1]

Teams involved in this agreement[edit]