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The OSC (Online Sports Championships) StarCraft II League is an online global league comprised of 500+ tournaments run over the year (season). The OSC World Rankings represent the data and results from all those tournaments (along with other bonuses and competitions), and are updated regularly throughout the year for players, teams and fans to follow.

At the end of the yearly season, the top 40 Ranked OSC Elite Rewards Club Members from the World Rankings, and the next top 8 Ranked OSC Elite Rewards Club Members from each Challenger Region (Europe, Americas, Korea and Asia) are invited to play in the revered OSC Championship, where we determine our yearly champion! Past champions and record holders can be viewed in the OSC Hall of Fame.

The annual Championship format rewards players who finish highly in the World Rankings (Top 20 seeded directly into the Championship Bracket), as they have shown a combination of results and regular participation throughout the year. There is also a pathway for those less active to qualify, as well as guaranteed regional representation through the 4 Challenger Leagues, all starting earlier in the Championship format.


  • Season ends on December 23, 2019 - 10:01am KST.
  • The season 7 finals takea place from January 3 to January 19.

Top 72 Ranked OSC Elite Club Rewards Members will be invited.

  • In the event of a tie on points, the player with the most scalp points will be awarded the higher seed.
  • Group Format
    • Ranks 21-40 are seeded into 4 Round Robin Bo3 groups.
    • Top 2 from each group advance to the Championship Bracket.
    • The players who place third, fourth and fifth in their groups drop down to the Challenger Playoff Stage.
  • Challenger Playoffs Format
    • Challenger Playoffs will consist of a mixing of the 8 highest ranked regional players not

qualified for the Championship Bracket or Championship Group Stage

    • Upper Bracket are Bo3
    • Lower Bracket are Bo1 until 2nd/3rd place series, which is Bo3
  • Championship Bracket
    • Ranks 1st-12th are seeded in Winner's Bracket according to their ranking
    • Ranks 13th-20th are seeded in First Round of Winner's Bracket

Map Pool[edit]

Casters, Hosts and Observer[edit]

  • Commentator:

Prize Pool[edit]

$5,000 USD are spread as follows:


Championship Bracket[edit]

Winners Bracket

Round 1 (Bo3)
Round 2 (Bo5)
Round 3 (Bo5)
Round 4 (Bo5)
Round 5 (Bo5)

Losers Bracket

Losers Round 1 (Bo5)
Losers Round 2 (Bo5)
Losers Round 3 (Bo5)
Losers Round 4 (Bo5)
Losers Round 5 (Bo5)
Losers Round 6 (Bo5)
Losers Round 7 (Bo5)

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket (Bo5)
From Losers Bracket (Bo5)
Losers Final (Bo5)
Grand Finals (Bo7)

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