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Old Generations

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[e][h]Old Generations
Team Information
Park "TheWinD" Sang Ik
Kim "Gon" Seong Gon
Hwang "Spunky" Kyu Hoon
Park "TheWinD" Sang Ik
Kim "Cezanne" Jung Hwan
Team Earnings:
Solo Achievements
2010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 32011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Global StarCraft II League March: Code S

Old Generations was a top Korean StarCraft II pro-team. They viewed themselves as more of a close-knit group of players than a typical pro-team, and the name comes from the fact that most of the members of oGs are former SC1 progamers or coaches.

For the first GSL sponsored league (GSL 4), oGs had 8 Code S players, the most of any team. The Code S players were InCa, NaDa, MC, Ensnare, Zenio, TheWinD (also a coach), jookTo, and Hyperdub. Zenio, Hyperdub, MC, and NaDa made it through to the round of 16. Out of all the teams, oGs had by far the most advancing players to Ro16. TheWind, jookTo, Ensnare, and InCa have been eliminated.

For GSL 5, oGs had 8 Code S players - InCa, NaDa, MC, Ensnare, Zenio, TheWinD, Hyperdub, and TOP. jookTo dropped to Code A when he was defeated 2-0 by BanBans and TOP has moved up to Code S after winning Code A and defeating LegalMind

In GSL 6, oGs continue to have 8 Code S players - InCa, NaDa, MC, Ensnare, Zenio, TheWinD, TOP, and SuperNova. Hyperdub was defeated 2-0 by Rain in the Up and Down matches and SuperNova narrowly entered Code S after losing to Polt 0-2 but defeated TheBest 2-0.

In GSL 7, oGs experienced their first season of only having 7 Code S players - InCa, NaDa, MC, Ensnare, Zenio, TOP, and SuperNova. TheWinD was defeated by Kyrix 2-1 in the Up and Down matches. However, MC intentionally picked TheWinD in his group for GSL 6 so he can try to knock him down to Code A and force him to focus more on his coaching.

In GSL 8, oGs lost another Code S player, leaving them with 6 - NaDa, MC, Ensnare, Zenio, TOP, and SuperNova. InCa placed 3rd in his Up and Down match going 1-2, winning against Leenock but losing to aLive and KeeN. Since he didn't place in the top 2 of this group, he was knocked down to Code A. In the Code A tournament, InCa was defeated in the first round and dropped out of Code A. In the Code S tournament, MC got 4th in his group, playing in Up and Down and getting knocked down to Code A

GSL 9 saw MC drop out of Code A, losing in the first round. They began the season with 5 Code S members: NaDa, Ensnare, Zenio, TOP, and SuperNova. Zenio and TOP went 4th in their groups, forcing them to play in the Up and Down matches.

At MLG Orlando 2011 MC regained his Code S status after reaching the Finals and placing second, due to the GSL-MLG Exchange Program. However, Zenio and TOP both placed last in their Up and Down groups, landing them in Code A. oGs will start GSL November with only 4 Code S players: NaDa, MC, Ensnare, and SuperNova.

Early in May 2012, rumors of oGs disbanding surfaced. This was confirmed on May 16th.[1] Financial difficulty was cited as a major reason for the team's disbandment, as well as the limited number of highly successful players on oGs; their superstar MC had recently transferred to SK Gaming.



  • January 13th, the oGs.SK partnership ends, with MC leaving oGs to join SK.[2]
  • February 3rd, a partnership between Old Generations, eSahara and Razer is announced.[3]
  • February 7th, NaDa leaves the team.[4]
  • March, Lure joins the team.[5]
  • May 15, the team disbands.[6]
  • July 15th, a partnership between SK Gaming and oGs is made, allowing for MC and NaDa to play for SK at international events, while playing for oGs with SK badges in Korea.[7]
  • August 10th, HerO leaves oGs and joins Team Liquid [8]
  • September 29th, Former Brood War Terran pro ForGG joins oGs. [9]
  • October 28th, Zenio leaves the team [10]
  • November 15th, JongMi, a female ex-BW progamer joins the team.[11]
  • August 13th, Team Liquid joins the oGs house in Korea for the GOMTV Global StarCraft II League, creating a partnership between the two teams for practice purposes.
  • August 23rd, sSKS and Cool decide to quit the oGs team. [12] They announce themselves to be joining the new team Team SCV Life.
  • October 8th, NaDa is confirmed to have joined the team.
  • October 16th, oGs wins the Brainbox Team Invitational that is held during the GSL off-season. In the finals they beat WeRRa, with JangMinChul scoring a 3-kill.

Player Roster[edit]

Roster at time of Disbandment[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South KoreaAriAByun Jeong Geun2012-04-152012-05-15 Prime
South KoreaBerraPark Jin Kun2012-05-15
South KoreaCezanne CaptainKim Jung Hwan2012-05-15 8th Team
South KoreaEnsnareKim Sang Cheol2012-05-15
South KoreaFinPark Ji Soo2011-??-??2012-05-15 Millenium
South KoreaGonKim Seong Gon2012-05-15
South KoreaIllusionJo Jae Won2012-05-15 It's Gosu eSports
South KoreaInCaSong Joon Hyuk2010-??-??2012-05-15 apeX eSports
South KoreaJongMiLee Jong Mi2011-11-152012-05-15
South KoreajookToCho Man Hyuk2012-05-15 apeX eSports
South KoreaLureKim Do Kyung2012-03-??2012-05-15 MVP
South KoreaLuvsicJo Chang Ho2012-05-15 Fnatic
South KoreaRicgoonGang Min Chul2012-05-15 Dream Team Gaming
South KoreaSpunkyHwang Kyu Hoon2012-05-15
South KoreaSuperNovaKim Young Jin2012-05-15 mTw
South KoreaTheStCChoi Yun Sik2010-05-012012-05-15 Quantic Gaming
South KoreaTheWinDPark Sang Ik2012-05-15
South KoreaTOPKim Jung Hoon2010-??-??2012-05-15 apeX eSports
South KoreaVINESLee Sang Hun2010-??-??2012-05-15 Team Empire


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South KoreaCarmelKim Tae Young New Star HoSeo
South KoreaFruitDealerKim Won Gi2010-08-24 Team SCV Life
South KoreaHerOSong Hyeon Deok2011-08-10 Team Liquid
South KoreaHyperdubKim Yoo Jung2011-08-01 Retirement
South KoreaJunwiPark Gyung Lak Incredible Miracle
South KoreaLittleBoyHwang Kyu Hoon Retirement
South KoreaMCJang Min Chul2010-08-??2012-01-13 SK Gaming
South KoreaNaDaLee Yoon Yeol2010-10-092012-02-16 compLexity Gaming
South KoreaRainBOwKim Sung Je2010-??-??2010-09-?? StarTale
South KoreasSKSSeo Ki Soo2010-05-012010-08-23 Team SCV Life
South KoreaZenioChoi Jung Min2010-??-??2011-10-28 Team Liquid

Team Achievements[edit]

2012-07-28LA12thA1Premier2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 22012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 20-2Grp S.$0
2012-03-09CA3rdA2MajorIPL Team Arena Challenge 2IPL Team Arena Challenge 22 : 5$3,000
2011-05-19CA3 - 4thA1PremierGlobal Starcraft II Team League MayGlobal Starcraft II Team League May2 : 4$0
2011-03-24EC5 - 8thA1PremierGlobal Starcraft II Team League MarchGlobal Starcraft II Team League March3 : 4$0
2011-02-10EC5 - 8thA1Premier2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb1 : 4$0
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