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League Information
South Korea
South Korea South Korea
Single-elimination bracket
Prize Pool:
$200 USD
Series Total Prize:
≃ $94,594 USD
Start Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

OlimoLeague is a crowd-funded weekly Korean online tournament for StarCraft II players produced by Olimoley. Initially hosted every Saturday night, OlimoLeague is a single elimination, best of 1 format until the round of 16. The round of 16 is best of 3 format with the finals being a best of 5.

In addition to the weekly tournaments, a monthly final is hosted at the end of each month with the top contestants from the weekly tournaments.

Players of any region can participate in the tournament, but the default server is KR server.

It also had a spin-off, played on Legacy of the Void, called Legacy of the OlimoLeague, which was not replacing OlimoLeague: this spin-off ended when OlimoLeague itself started to be played on Legacy of the Void.

Starting with OlimoLeague #38, all OlimoLeagues were played on Legacy of the Void Beta.[1]

Starting with OlimoLeague #44, all OlimoLeagues are being played on Legacy of the Void.

On July 7, 2016 a partnership with Twitch Korea was announced: along with a raise in the weekly and monthly prizes (now in KRW) and a Korean live broadcast of the series, it was announced that the monthly finals would be played live from the VSL Studio in Seoul, South Korea.[2]


  • Weekly tournaments:
    • Best of one single elimination format until the round of 16.
    • Round of 16 to semifinals are best of three.
    • Finals are best of five.
  • Monthly tournaments:
    • The top 8 players from the weekly events are seeded into a single-elimination bracket.
      • The 8th player (if tied with 9th) will be chosen by how many points they received with less participation.
      • If there is more than one player with the same points and participation there will be a decider match (or group if needed) played.
    • Round of 8 are best of three.
    • Semifinals are best of 5.
    • Finals are best of 7.
  • Default server: KR
    • If Player 1 is in EU and Player 2 is in KR, default server is NA (#1 - #4).
    • If Player 1 is in EU and Player 2 is in KR, default server is KR (Starting #5).[3]
    • If Player 1 is in EU and Player 2 is in EU, default server is EU.
    • If Player 1 is in NA and Player 2 is in NA, default server is NA.
    • If Player 1 is in NA and Player 2 is in KR, default server is KR.
    • Should KR server be offline/broken during the tournament, default server is NA.
  • Map pool picked by admin from the Ladder Season Map Pool.


Prize Pools[edit]


Weeklies #1 - #16:

Place Prize (USD) Points
1st $50 5
2nd $30 3
3rd-4th $10 2
5th-8th $0 1

Weeklies #17 - #19:

Place Prize (USD) Points
1st $100 5
2nd $50 3
3rd-4th $25 2
5th-8th $0 1

Weeklies #20 - #63:

Place Prize (USD) Points
1st $75 5
2nd $45 3
3rd-4th $15 2
5th-8th $0 1

Weeklies #64 - #75:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD) Points
1st ₩150,000 $130 5
2nd ₩80,000 $70 3
3rd-4th ₩40,000 $35 2
5th-8th - - 1

Since Weekly #76:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD) Points
1st ₩120,000 $100 5
2nd ₩60,000 $50 3
3rd-4th ₩30,000 $25 2
5th-8th - - 1


Monthlies August 2014 - June 2016:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $250
2nd $150
3rd-4th $50

Monthlies July 2016 - 2016 Grand Final:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD)
1st ₩500,000 $430
2nd ₩250,000 $215
3rd-4th ₩100,000 $85
5th-8th ₩50,000 $45

Monthlies January 2017 - March 2017:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD)
1st ₩410,000 $350
2nd ₩235,000 $200
3rd-4th ₩88,000 $75

Since April 2017:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $250
2nd $150
3rd-4th $50

Weekly Results[edit]


#12014-08-02South Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  eMotionUnited States  NathaniasSouth Korea  Symbol
#22014-08-09South Korea  AliciaSouth Korea  PenguiNSouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  Seed
#32014-08-16South Korea  CranKSouth Korea  YongHwaSouth Korea  ChoyaSouth Korea  Revival
#42014-08-23South Korea  JourneySouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  NeigeSouth Korea  Impact
#52014-09-06South Korea  JourneySouth Korea  RevivalSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Symbol
#62014-09-15South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  ArthurSouth Korea  SuperNova
#72014-09-20South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  SuperNova
#82014-10-04South Korea  FanTaSySouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  YongHwa
#92014-10-11South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  Arthur
#102014-10-18South Korea  JourneySouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  Alicia
#112014-11-03South Korea  SalvatioNSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Impact
#122014-11-11South Korea  MyuNgSiKSouth Korea  SolarUnited States  StateSouth Korea  Symbol
#132014-11-17South Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  RevivalSouth Korea  MyuNgSiK
#142014-12-04South Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  eMotion
#152014-12-18South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Alicia
#162014-12-22South Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  KeeN


#172015-01-04South Korea  HydraSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Nado
#182015-01-10South Korea  HerOSouth Korea  SalvatioNSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  GuMiho
#192015-01-17South Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  ChoyaSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  HerO
#202015-02-07South Korea  TRUESouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  Impact
#212015-02-15South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Journey
#222015-02-21South Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  SacsriSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  GuMiho
#232015-03-07South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  MarineKing
#242015-03-17South Korea  CenterSouth Korea  SacsriSouth Korea  AliciaSouth Korea  SalvatioN
#252015-03-22South Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  YongHwaSouth Korea  HerO
#262015-04-04South Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ArthurSouth Korea  Center
#272015-04-09South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  AliciaSouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  HerO
#282015-04-18South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  SolarIndia  DemiLove
#292015-05-05South Korea  RealitySouth Korea  SeedSouth Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  Journey
#302015-05-16South Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  horror
#312015-05-23South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  TANGTANGSouth Korea  Patience
#322015-06-06South Korea  CenterSouth Korea  eMotionSouth Korea  AliciaSouth Korea  Spear
#332015-06-13South Korea  ShineSouth Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  SalvatioNSouth Korea  Solar
#342015-06-20South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  AliciaSouth Korea  eMotionSouth Korea  Apocalypse
#352015-07-11South Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Hurricane
#362015-07-25South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  BlazeSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  KeeN
#372015-07-27South Korea  SeedSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  Spear
#382015-09-05South Korea  TOPSouth Korea  TRUERussia  DmCSouth Korea  Mamuri
#392015-09-12South Korea  RyungSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  Losira
#402015-09-19South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  RyungUkraine  Bly
#412015-10-09United States  NeebSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  ArthurSouth Korea  Ryung
#422015-10-17South Korea  MyuNgSiKSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  HeartSouth Korea  ByuN
#432015-10-24South Korea  RealitySouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Losira
#442015-11-19South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  aLive
#452015-11-24South Korea  MaruSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  ForteSouth Korea  Ryung
#462015-11-30South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  FanTaSy
#472015-12-05South Korea  TRUESouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
#482015-12-12South Korea  TRUESouth Korea  RealitySouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  aLive
#492015-12-19South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  SoulkeyUnited States  QualiaSouth Korea  Mysticism


#502016-01-10South Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  horrorSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Mamuri
#512016-01-16South Korea  RealitySouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  horror
#522016-01-24South Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Forte
#532016-02-06South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  LabyRinthSouth Korea  Hurricane
#542016-02-13South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  horrorSouth Korea  LabyRinthSouth Korea  Patience
#552016-02-20South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  LabyRinthSouth Korea  BlazeSouth Korea  Patience
#562016-03-06South Korea  DePartureSouth Korea  SleepSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Soulkey
#572016-03-19South Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  SleepSouth Korea  BalloonSouth Korea  Pet
#582016-04-02South Korea  RealitySouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  TANGTANG
#592016-04-09South Korea  TRUESouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  SeedSouth Korea  horror
#602016-04-15South Korea  HydraSouth Korea  TRUECanada  ScarlettSouth Korea  Soulkey
#612016-06-05South Korea  BillowyCanada  ScarlettSouth Korea  SoloistSouth Korea  Super
#622016-06-11South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  LabyRinthSouth Korea  Soulkey
#632016-06-21South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  GuMihoKazakhstan  PiLiPiLi
#642016-07-19South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  NaTuRalSouth Korea  aLive
#652016-07-26South Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  ForteSouth Korea  KeeN
#662016-08-02South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  Solar
#672016-08-16South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  SymbolSouth Korea  NaTuRalSouth Korea  Armani
#682016-08-23South Korea  ByuNUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Symbol
#692016-08-30United States  NeebSouth Korea  RealitySouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  ByuN
#702016-09-13South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  ChanKiMSouth Korea  GuMiho
#712016-09-20South Korea  GuMihoUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Stork
#722016-09-27South Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Super
#732016-10-11South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Leenock
#742016-10-18South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Losira
#752016-10-25South Korea  soOSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Creator


#762017-01-03South Korea  ByuLSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  SuperSouth Korea  aLive
#772017-01-10South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  herO
#782017-01-17South Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  herO
#792017-02-07South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  soO
#802017-02-14South Korea  ByuLSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  aLive
#812017-02-21South Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  aLive
#822017-03-01South Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  SuperSouth Korea  Billowy
#832017-03-07South Korea  DearSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  aLive
#842017-03-14South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  HushSouth Korea  herO
#852017-04-04South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Stats
#862017-04-11South Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  Impact
#872017-04-18South Korea  herOSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  GuMiho
#882017-05-02South Korea  soOSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  INnoVation
#892017-05-09South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  PenguiNSouth Korea  aLive
#902017-05-16South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Classic
#912017-06-06South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  Zest
#922017-06-13South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Classic
#932017-06-20South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Stats
#942017-07-11South Korea  herOSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  Cure
#952017-07-18South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  KeeN
#962017-07-25South Korea  jjakjiSouth Korea  MyuNgSiKPoland  NerchioSouth Korea  Creator
#972017-08-08United States  NeebSouth Korea  SolarPoland  NerchioSouth Korea  Ryung
#982017-08-15South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  aLive
#992017-08-22South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  GuMihoUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  soO
#1002017-09-05South Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Zest
#1012017-09-12South Korea  herOSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  INnoVation
#1022017-09-19South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  NaTuRalSouth Korea  Billowy
#1032017-10-03South Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  Impact
#1042017-10-10South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  TYPoland  ElazerSouth Korea  Trap
#1052017-10-17South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Trap
#1062017-11-14South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Solar
#1072017-11-21South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  Trap
#1082017-11-28South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Dear


#1092018-01-09South Korea  herOSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  NaTuRalSouth Korea  Creator
#1102018-01-15South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  aLive
#1112018-01-23South Korea  herOSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  MMA
#1122018-02-13South Korea  GuMihoPoland  ElazerSouth Korea  DearMexico  SpeCial
#1132018-02-20South Korea  herOSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Ryung
#1142018-03-06South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ByuN
#1152018-03-20South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  Rogue
#1162018-03-27South Korea  BunnySouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Impact
#1172018-04-03South Korea  TYSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  GuMiho
#1182018-04-17South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Bunny
#1192018-04-24South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#1202018-05-01South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  SolarChina  Jieshi
#1212018-05-15South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Dark
#1222018-05-22South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  GuMiho
#1232018-05-29South Korea  DearSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  Ryung
#1242018-06-12South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  Ryung
#1252018-06-19South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Arthur
#1262018-06-26South Korea  CureSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  aLive
#1272018-07-17South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  FanTaSy
#1282018-07-24South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  Cure
#1292018-07-31South Korea  soOSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Zest
#1302018-08-14South Korea  CureSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  KeeN
#1312018-08-21South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Cure
#1322018-08-28South Korea  CureSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  Dear
#1332018-09-11South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Cure
#1342018-09-18South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  aLive
#1352018-09-25South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  KeeNMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  aLive
#1362018-10-09South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  KeeN
#1372018-10-16South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Bunny
#1382018-10-23South Korea  CureSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Trap
#1392018-11-06South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  TYTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  TaeJa
#1402018-11-13South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  aLive
#1412018-11-20South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  TRUE
#1422018-12-04South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  ZestTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  INnoVation
#1432018-12-11South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  INnoVationChina  TIME
#1442018-12-18South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Impact


#1452019-02-05South Korea  TYSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  INnoVation
#1462019-02-12South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  FarmY
#1472019-02-19South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Creator
#1482019-03-12South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Creator
#1492019-03-19South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  FanTaSySouth Korea  Leenock
#1502019-03-26South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Patience
#1512019-04-09South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  INnoVation
#1522019-04-16South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  FanTaSySouth Korea  INnoVation
#1532019-04-23South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  INnoVation
#1542019-05-07South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Impact
#1552019-05-14South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  FanTaSySouth Korea  Cure
#1562019-05-21South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  GuMiho
#1572019-06-04South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Stats
#1582019-06-18South Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Cure
#1592019-06-25South Korea  soOSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#1602019-07-09South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  Trap
#1612019-07-22South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  KeeN
#1622019-07-30South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Rogue
#1632019-08-13South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Cure
#1642019-08-20South Korea  CureSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  FanTaSy
#1652019-08-27South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Impact
#1662019-09-10South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  FanTaSy
#1672019-09-17South Korea  DreamSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Creator
#1682019-09-24South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Bunny
#1692019-10-08South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  GuMiho
#1702019-10-15South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  SuperNova
#1712019-10-22South Korea  CureSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  CreatorChina  Cyan
#1722019-11-05South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Zoun
#1732019-11-12South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Bunny
#1742019-11-19South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RogueChina  CyanSouth Korea  Dream
#1752019-12-03South Korea  DreamSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  sOs
#1762019-12-10South Korea  CureSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  DynaMite
#1772019-12-17South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  PatienceChina  Cyan


#1782020-01-14South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DynaMiteSouth Korea  Dream
#1792020-01-21South Korea  soOSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  ChanceSouth Korea  Armani
#1802020-01-28South Korea  SolarUnited States  AstreaSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#1812020-02-11South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  soO
#1822020-02-18South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  DynaMiteSouth Korea  Chance
#1832020-03-03South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DynaMite
#1842020-03-17South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#1852020-03-24South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Percival
#1862020-03-31South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  TOPSouth Korea  Percival
#1872020-04-14South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
#1882020-04-21South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DreamTaiwan  Nice
#1892020-04-28South Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Creator
#1902020-05-12South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Dream
#1912020-05-19South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  TaeJa
#1922020-05-26South Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  Bunny
#1932020-06-09South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DongRaeGuChina  TIMESouth Korea  Zest
#1942020-06-16South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  DongRaeGuChina  TIMESouth Korea  Dream
#1952020-06-23South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Cure
#1962020-07-07South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  Creator
#1972020-07-14South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  Chance
#1982020-07-21South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  PatienceChina  FireflySouth Korea  Creator
#1992020-08-04China  TIMESouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  Creator
#2002020-08-11South Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  gyulzzingChina  Silky
#2012020-08-18South Korea  HurricaneChina  FireflySouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Spear
#2022020-09-01South Korea  CureSouth Korea  PrinceSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Solar
#2032020-09-08South Korea  SolarChina  FireflyChina  CyanTaiwan  Nice
#2042020-09-15South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  Armani
#2052020-10-06South Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  PatienceChina  FireflySouth Korea  Solar
#2062020-10-13South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Solar
#2072020-10-20South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Hurricane
#2082020-11-03South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Stats
#2092020-11-10South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  ByuN
#2102020-11-17South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Solar
#2112020-12-01South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Stats
#2122020-12-15South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  DreamChina  MacSed
#2132020-12-22South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  Rogue


#2202021-03-09South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  gyulzzingSouth Korea  FarmY
#2212021-03-16South Korea  ZestChina  MacSedSouth Korea  TAiLSTaiwan  Nice
#2222021-03-23South Korea  TrapChina  TIMESouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Zest
#2232021-04-06South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Ryung
#2242021-04-13South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Percival
#2262021-05-11South Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  ViViDSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Percival
#2272021-05-18South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  PercivalSouth Korea  KeeNTaiwan  Nice
#2282021-05-25South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  PercivalRussia  Bee

Monthly Results[edit]


#12014-08-30South Korea  YongHwaSouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  SuperNovaSouth Korea  Ryung
#22014-09-29South Korea  CenterSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  JourneySouth Korea  SuperNova
#32014-10-28South Korea  TRUESouth Korea  YongHwaSouth Korea  FanTaSySouth Korea  Impact
#42014-12-13South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Impact
#52014-12-27South Korea  eMotionSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Impact


#62015-01-24South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  SalvatioN
#72015-02-28South Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  CenterSouth Korea  Journey
#82015-04-16South Korea  SacsriSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  SalvatioN
#92015-04-25South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Center
#102015-05-30South Korea  JourneySouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  Reality
#112015-07-24South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  AliciaSouth Korea  SpearSouth Korea  Losira
#122015-08-04South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  KeeN
#132015-10-03South Korea  TRUESouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  MamuriUkraine  Bly
#142015-10-31South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  RealitySouth Korea  LosiraSouth Korea  Ryung
#152015-12-28South Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Solar


#162016-01-30South Korea  RealitySouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  Forte
#172016-02-27South Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  horrorSouth Korea  LabyRinth
#182016-03-26South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Soulkeyno Semifinalists
#192016-04-20South Korea  RealitySouth Korea  HydraSouth Korea  SeedSouth Korea  Armani
#202016-06-27South Korea  SuperSouth Korea  KeeNKazakhstan  PiLiPiLiSouth Korea  Soulkey
#212016-08-09South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  NaTuRal
#222016-09-06South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  RealitySouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Symbol
#232016-10-04South Korea  RyungSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Stork
#242016-11-01South Korea  soOSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Creator


#252017-01-24South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  BillowySouth Korea  herO
#262017-03-21South Korea  ByuLSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  Leenock
#272017-03-28South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Dear
#282017-04-25South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  Patience
#292017-05-23South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Bunny
#302017-07-04South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  INnoVation
#312017-08-01South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  MyuNgSiKSouth Korea  Ryung
#322017-08-29South Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  GuMihoUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  Ryung
#332017-09-26South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
#342017-10-24South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Solar
#352017-12-05South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  Stats


#362018-01-30South Korea  herOSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  Cure
#372018-03-13South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  GuMiho
#382018-04-10South Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
#392018-05-08South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  KeeN
#402018-06-05South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  Zest
#412018-07-03South Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  Impact
#422018-08-07South Korea  soOSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Leenock
#432018-09-04South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  KeeN
#442018-10-02South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  ZestMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  Solar
#452018-10-24South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Trap
#462018-11-27South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  aLive
#472019-01-08South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Zest


#482019-03-05South Korea  herOSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Zest
#492019-04-02South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  FanTaSy
#502019-04-30South Korea  herOSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Cure
#512019-05-28South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Zest
#522019-07-02South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  KeeN
#532019-08-06South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Cure
#542019-09-03South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  GuMiho
#552019-10-01South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ImpactSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  FanTaSy
#562019-10-29South Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Impact
#572019-11-26South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Dream
#582020-01-07South Korea  CureSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Impact


#592020-02-04South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Armani
#602020-03-10South Korea  soOSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Trap
#612020-04-07South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Stats
#622020-05-05South Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
#632020-06-02South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Bunny
#642020-06-30South Korea  soOSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Solar
#652020-07-28South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  SolarChina  Firefly
#662020-08-25South Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  CreatorChina  TIME
#672020-09-22South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  SolarChina  FireflySouth Korea  Armani
#682020-10-27South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Patience
#692020-11-24South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#702020-12-29South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Dream


#712021-01-26South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Patience
#722021-03-02South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  ByuN
#732021-03-30South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestChina  MacSedSouth Korea  Solar
#742021-05-04South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  Percival
#752021-06-01South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  KeeNSouth Korea  Percival

Invitationals Results[edit]


#12021-07-06South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#32021-08-03South Korea  PartinGFrance  ClemSouth Korea  Solar

Medal Counts[edit]

Weekly Cups[edit]

Medals won per Player[edit]

Medals won per Race[edit]


Medals won per Country[edit]

Medals won per Team[edit]

Note: Medals won per Team shows the team that a player was
on when the medal was won, not their current team.