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Online Sports Championships

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[e][h]Online Sports Championships
Series Information
World World
Start Date:
Yearly Online
Cumulative Prize Pool:
$ 0
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The OSC (Online Sports Championships) StarCraft II League is an online global league comprised of 500+ tournaments run over the year (season). The OSC World Rankings represent the data and results from all those tournaments (along with other bonuses and competitions), and are updated regularly throughout the year for players, teams and fans to follow.

At the end of the yearly season, the top 40 Ranked OSC Elite Rewards Club Members from the World Rankings, and the next top 8 Ranked OSC Elite Rewards Club Members from each Challenger Region (Europe, Americas, Korea and Asia) are invited to play in the revered OSC Championship, where we determine our yearly champion! Past champions and record holders can be viewed in the OSC Hall of Fame.

The annual Championship format rewards players who finish highly in the World Rankings (Top 20 seeded directly into the Championship Bracket), as they have shown a combination of results and regular participation throughout the year. There is also a pathway for those less active to qualify, as well as guaranteed regional representation through the 4 Challenger Leagues, all starting earlier in the Championship format.


The league first started on the 16th December 2012, and was originally titled SCS (SEA Championship Series). It’s goal was to unite online SEA tournaments together to improve seeding, regulations, participation and create new opportunities for the players in the target region. A player ranking system (OSC Points) was developed to increase competition and give players something extra to aim for other than cash prizes when participating in partnered tournaments. These core value of working together, rewarding players and providing incentives, has seen the OSC league post impressive annual growth every season since its inception! We have since expanded our focus to include the Americas and China. Many of our events are open to everyone worldwide, so our European and Korean friends have access and pathways to participate.

On the 20th August 2017, OSC has re-branded to Online Sports Championships.[1]

We aim to help support YOU play the game we all love! GLHF.

Home Site: SC2 ONLINE
- The best place to find info on all OSC events, results and statistics!
- Stay up to date with latest news and original content!
- Community forum section for OSC community.


SEA Championship Series Season 1 Finals2013-11-23 - 2013-11-24$1,925.5132Southeast Asia Southeast AsiaAustralia Zerg PiGSouth Korea Protoss Arthur2 - 3
OSC Championship Season 22013-12-16 - 2014-12-21$2,725.8332World WorldSouth Korea Terran GuMihoSouth Korea Zerg Solar2 - 1
OSC Championship Season 32016-01-08 - 2016-01-10$3,70032World WorldSouth Korea Zerg SolarSouth Korea Terran ByuN3 - 1
OSC Championship Season 42017-01-01 - 2017-01-08$10,00050Oceania OceaniaSouth Korea Terran ByuNSouth Korea Terran KeeN4 - 2
OSC Championship Season 52018-01-04 - 2018-01-14$10,00050Oceania OceaniaUnited States Protoss NeebCanada Zerg Scarlett4 - 1
OSC Championship Season 62019-01-03 - 2019-01-13$4,00050World WorldSouth Korea Zerg SolarSouth Korea Terran GuMiho4 - 2
OSC Championship Season 72020-01-03 - 2020-01-19$6,00046World WorldSouth Korea Terran CureFrance Zerg Denver4 - 0
OSC Championship Season 82021-01-02 - 2021-01-11$5,73544World WorldFrance Terran ClemGermany Protoss ShoWTimE4 - 1
OSC Championship Season 92022-01-06 - 2022-01-25$5,21041World WorldSouth Korea Protoss ZestSouth Korea Terran ByuN4 - 2
OSC Championship Season 102023-01-05 - 2023-01-22$5,35032World WorldDenmark Protoss MaxPaxSouth Korea Terran ByuN4 - 0
OSC Championship Season 112024-01-10 - 2024-02-05$4,245.7432World WorldSouth Korea Zerg DarkSouth Korea Protoss herO4 - 1

Team Event[edit]

Event 1st 2nd 3rd
OSC Team Championship 2017 Prophecy E-sportsProphecy E-sports Prophecy E-sports PSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming PSISTORM Gaming Rival GamingRival Gaming Rival Gaming
OSC Team Championship 2018 Alpha XAlpha X Alpha X MkersMkers Mkers PSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming PSISTORM Gaming

OSC Partnered Tournaments[edit]

  • OSC SEA Weekly
  • OSC CN Weekly
  • SEA Masters Cup
  • SC2 ONLINE Community Open
  • OSC Melee
  • OSC All Stars
  • Blacer Open
  • Blizzard ANZ WCS Qualifiers
  • ESL ANZ Cup
  • Sunday Heroes Open
  • Filthy NA Cup Weekly
  • Ultralisk Star League
  • Proxy Teampest Open
  • Proxy Teampest Open EU
  • OSC Showmatches
  • +Other intermittent events.


  • We have a bounty system, where if you defeat a player who has an active bounty on them in a Bo3+ Series in any partnered tournament, you can claim the $’s/reward! (Walkover don’t count.)
  • Bounties can only be claimed by Oceanic, SEA, Chinese, Taiwanese, North American and Latin American citizens/permanent residents.
  • Bounties can only be claimed on the target once per person. No repeat bounties. Claimed Bounties remains active for all other eligible players.
  • Some players are ineligible for certain bounties if they have a record of defeating that person once or more in tournaments recent times.
  • The player with the bounty on them must have played their main race throughout the series. (No off racing bounties)


OSC is managed by the following people:

ID Name Position Contact
OSC League Managment
Australia Eddie Andrew "Eddie" Edwards Founder & Executive Director Twitter
Chile Bryjolf Félix Pérez Márquez Database + Operations Manager Twitter
Cuba ToXavieR Javier Vidal Hearthstone Admin Twitter
Senior Tournament Admins
Poland Kashim Adrian Główczyk Starcraft 2 Admin Twitter
Mexico DARKING José Eduardo García Tavitas Starcraft 2 Admin Twitter
Web Team
Australia Meteor Michael Ziersch Web Designer Twitter Website

Player Representatives[edit]

In 2016 the OSC league created Regional Player Representatives to communicate with players of their regions, bring any concerns/suggestions back to the OSC team, and advocate for their region in discussions/future planning. This structure also serves to reduce the work load of OSC Management who spend a lot of time running events, overseeing the league, overseeing payments, and maintaining the World Rankings database and results. Please feel to contact those applicable to you and have your thoughts heard!

ID Contact
ANZ Representatives
Australia PiG Twitter
Australia Peppy Twitter
Australia ChadMann Twitter
North American Representatives
United States starkiller Twitter
SEA Representatives
Vietnam Ceres Twitter
Latin America Representatives
Mexico JimRising Twitter
Mexico DARKING Twitter
European Representatives
Netherlands Marsman Twitter
Chinese Representatives
China digmouse Twitter
China YSMS
Korean Representatives
South Korea Solar Twitter

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