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[e][h] OpTiKzErO
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Karl Angeles
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2010-12-11 - 2012-??-??

Karl "OpTiKzErO" Angeles is a Canadian Protoss player formerly playing for FXOpen e-Sports.


Not well known from previous games, OpTiKzErO is a relatively new contender in the SC2 scene.


His Protoss versus Zerg match-up is very noticeable. He will usually Forge fast expand, but if he sees his opponent is not ready for it, he will sometimes Cannon Rush to throw off his opponent since he will already have his Forge up and running. OpTiKzErO is known to be a very smart player, not taking huge risks and only applying strategies that he knows he has a backup plan with.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

OpTiKzErO has performed in a few small to medium tournaments. He made his Starcraft intentions clear from the start as he toppled Tyler to reach the finals of the BattleDex TL Open #3. Despite falling 2-3 in the finals he followed this up with a victory in CraftCup #14.

He went with FXO to compete in the GSTL Season 1. OpTiKzErO played in their week three match against HoSeo, though he fell to jjakji.

Apart from these rather brief appearances, OpTiKzErO still awaits his breakout tournament in StarCraft II.

In October 2012, OpTiKzErO was announced as "in an indefinite break" from his team FXO.[1]


  • Part of FXO since the team's inception.
  • Pokémon TCG Western Canadian Regional champion in 2010.[2]
  • His streaming and playing are limited due to his job.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2011-04-182ndAfter the Clash2 : 3 Perfect$125
2010-11-132ndBattle Dex TL Open #32 : 3 Mihai$50
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