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Open Wolf Cup


The Open Wolf Cup (OWC) was a weekly tournament run by Wolf. Anyone could enter, with a few reserved spots for contest winners and former champions. The prize pool was around $50 each week, starting with the second cup, when Ipp donated $50 to further hype the tournament. Sponsor "Dr. X" provided more prize money, with OWC10 having $100, and OWC11 sporting $200.

The idea for the Open Wolf Cup came when Wolf wanted to have events to cast. Wolf stumbled upon TeamLiquid, and found it to be a great resource for finding great people to play in tournaments. The first cup occurred right before phase one of the beta ended, with no prize pool, and no notable players.

After the great success of the first two cups, Wolf decided a weekly tournament would be a great way for good players to get their names out there, as player nEAnS had done in the first cup.

The Open Wolf Cups happen at 3:00 PM EDT every Sunday. For now, the tournaments take place only on the US server. There are plans for EU and Asia server OWCs, or worldwide OWCs if Blizzard decides to open up cross-realm play.


  • There are sixty-four player slots
  • The tournament is run in Single-elimination "best of one" (Bo1) format until the semifinals, with maps determined by the tournament administration. Both players eliminate maps until there is one remaining. That map is used. Higher seed player eliminates first.
  • The semifinals will be played in “best of three” (Bo3) format. The first map in a Bo3 match is determined by the players' eliminations (see above). Then the loser chooses one of the remaining maps. The loser of the first map starts to vote.
  • The Finals are played in a "best of five" (Bo5) format. The first map is decided by elimination, while the rest are losers choice.


The current OWC maps are as follows:

Winners of Former OWCs[edit]

Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) PsReplays
1Cup 1 2010-06-06 Canada  nEAnS3 : 1USA  iEchoic-64
2Cup 2 2010-07-11 Sweden  MorroW3 : 0Canada  HuK$5064Replay Packs from: Ipp (MorroW) / Siraz / GosuGamers
3Cup 3 2010-08-01 USA  KawaiiRice3 : 0Canada  Sinatra$7564Replay Packs from: Kawaii / Sinatra / Siraz
4Cup 4 2010-08-08 Canada  HuK3 : 1Argentina  Capoch$5064Replay Packs from: Capoch / Antimage / iEchoic / Siraz
5Cup 5 2010-08-22 USA  KawaiiRice3 : 0USA  Suppy$5064See recap thread
6Cup 6 2010-08-29 Sweden  MorroW3 : 0USA  KawaiiRice$5064Wolf's Replay Pack
7Cup 7 2010-09-05 Peru  Fenix3 : 1Sweden  MorroW$5064Wolf's Replay Pack / Fisher's Replay Pack
8Cup 8 2010-09-12 Sweden  MorroW3 : 1USA  KawaiiRice$5064Wolf's Finals Pack
9 (EU)Cup 9 (EU) 2010-09-26 Sweden  MorroW3 : 0Sweden  Jimpo$5064Wolf's Finals Pack
10Cup 10 2010-10-03 Peru  Fenix3 : 1USA  KawaiiRice$10064Wolf's Finals Pack
11Cup 11 2010-10-10 USA  Zelniq3 : 2Canada  DdoRo$20064Wolf's Finals/Semifinals Pack
12Cup 12 2010-10-24 Canada  TT13 : 2Brazil  Levin$25064Wolf's Replay Pack
13Cup 13 2010-10-31 Peru  Fenix3 : 2Canada  TT1$25064Wolf's Replay Pack
14Cup 14 2010-11-07 Brazil  Levin3 : 1Canada  Stalife$25064Ipp's Replay Pack