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Orbital Command Opening

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Two Reactors
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The Orbital Command opening is a standard opening for any match-up. Timing everything as minerals allow, this opening reveals very little information to scouting workers, as any choice of tech transition is still available.

This basic opening is used in virtually every standard build and goal that a Terran can pursue.


The overall goal of the Orbital Command Opening is to effectively open the game with a fast Orbital Command to provide MULEs while simultaneously taking a gas geyser and making a Barracks. This allows the player the economy and infrastructure to transition into absolutely any style of play available to the Terran race.

Basic Build Order[edit]


Once your Barracks has finished construction, there are multiple transition paths available to you. Adding a Factory, more Barracks, or Fast Expanding are all common.

  • You should constantly deploy MULEs to optimize your economy.


It is common that the Terran player sends out their initial scouting SCV after their first Supply Depot has finished. You should send your first scout out at least before your Barracks finishes construction.


Execution of the Orbital Command Opening is very simplistic, but there is one point that you should keep in mind:

Due to changes in patch 1.4.0, in which the Barracks construction time was increased from 60 to 65 game seconds, this opener will experience a slight moment of "clumsiness" in which the player will have to remember to forego building an SCV for several seconds in order to start the Orbital Command upgrade on time.


Nearly every standard build in the Terran arsenal is constructed around the Orbital Command Opening. You will be able to transition neatly into any style you wish. It is impractical to list every possible Adaptation available to the Terran player to list each one. Look for more builds in the Terran Strategy section for builds.

  • General pointers are taking both Refineries for Factory or Starport units; only one for Barracks tech.
  • Add two more Barracks and a few Bunkers if lacking army size and worried about the size of the enemy army.


  • 12 Gas 13 Rax - 16 OC/Fac Opening

This variation of the OC Opening requires that you take your first gas before you begin construction on your Barracks. This makes it economically possible to begin building a Factory the instant that your Barracks finishes completion. This is particularly common in the TvT Match-up when a player is aiming to play a Mech Style midgame.

  • 15 Ref, 19 CC, 22 Factory - Delayed Gas Factory FE Opening

This variation allows the construction of a very fast Command Center before beginning construction of your first Factory. ST.Bomber uses this opening for a delayed Reactor Hellion Opening that allows for a fast Triple Orbital Command

  • 13 Rax - Gasless Expand Opening

This variation is purely for timing the second Supply Depot after Command Center (2) and transitions better into gasless builds like Triple OC opening and 4-5 Barracks-Marine pressure.

  • 14 CC

Instead of a 15 CC build, Either is fine but 14 would be a little quicker for Barracks (1) (2) and Marine (1) that makes defence easier.