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[e][h] Ostojiy
Player Information
Christopher Ostojic
November 23, 1992 (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
GoSu.Ostojiy, sixjax.NrG.Ostojiy, Quantic.ostojiy
Total Earnings:
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
2011-06-15 — 2013-02-01
2013-02-01 — 2014-01-01
Recent Matches
ostojiy 1:2 Inkarnate19
October 5, 2021 - 11:13 UTC

Christopher "Ostojiy" Ostojic (born November 23, 1992) is a retired Canadian Zerg player.


Ostojiy attended the University of Western Ontario for his undergraduate degree and played for their CSL team. He is currently attending New York University for his masters and he's playing for NYU's CSL team.

In Beta[edit]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

On July 28, 2011 it was announced that Ostojiy has been invited to participate in the 2011 North American Invitational to be held on August 12–13, 2011.[1] He did not have a great showing since he was defeated by HuK in the first round and then lost to TT1 in the loser's bracket.

He had his next remarkable appereance at the 2012 MLG Winter Championship, where he made it through the Open Winners Bracket over notable players like Golden and PuMa.[2] He therefore secured a spot in pool play, but there he only won against HayprO and took last place in Pool B. After that he was quickly knocked out of the Championship Bracket by Polt.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Canada Nationals[edit]

From July 14 to July 15, 2012, Ostojiy participated in the World Championship Series Nationals: Canada. Ostojiy defeated Ryze and Dime before falling to the losers bracket after facing Scarlett. After falling to the losers bracket, Ostojiy overcame TubbyTheFat, Attero, and dde. In the finals bracket, Ostojiy took down TT1 and DdoRo to face Scarlett again in the finals but ended up getting second place with a score of 0-2.

2012 WCS North American Championship[edit]

Having qualified for the WCS North American Championship from his performance in the WCS Canada Nationals Ostojiy would suffer a first round defeat 2:0 to HuK. Knocked into the losers bracket he would make his way to round 5, defeating TT1, Hawk, RaNgeD and Fitzyhere on the way. He would then lose 2:0 to MajOr, finishing 7th/8th and qualifying for the WCS World Championship Finals. Ostojiy would concede his place in the finals, citing a desire to focus on his studies instead.[3]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

On February 1, 2013, Ostojiy was acquired by Quantic Gaming after the team reformed by merging with It's Gosu and 4Not.[4]


  • Guest appearance on Kings of Tin on August 15, 2011.


In A3Minor tournaments
2012-07-152nd2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Canada NationalsIt's Gosu eSportsIt's Gosu eSports0 : 2 Scarlett$2,250
In A4Basic tournaments
2012-01-131stPlayhem NA Daily 120It's Gosu eSportsIt's Gosu eSports Nortac$60
2012-01-051stThe Rundown Cup 5It's Gosu eSportsIt's Gosu eSports3 : 0 goswser$100
2011-11-261stPlayhem NA Daily 72It's Gosu eSportsIt's Gosu eSports Heart$60
2011-05-151stGo4SC2 NA Cup 56ZZZZZ3 : 0 LuckyFool$50
Complete Results in any Tournament

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  • 2011 NA Invitational

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